His Stunning Ex-wife
img img His Stunning Ex-wife img Chapter 1 Let's Divorce
Chapter 11 You Probably Forgot My Last Name img
Chapter 12 Caroline Looks Glamorous img
Chapter 13 Mr. Mayson, Nice To Meet You img
Chapter 14 Uncultured img
Chapter 15 Don't Run Around By Your Injured Feet img
Chapter 16 The Truth img
Chapter 17 Getting On Her Nerves img
Chapter 18 The Man Behind The Post img
Chapter 19 You Are Asking For An Exorbitant Price img
Chapter 20 Be Careful img
Chapter 21 I Need An Explanation img
Chapter 22 He Really Loves Her Very Much img
Chapter 23 To Be Fair img
Chapter 24 Have Grudges Against Each Other img
Chapter 25 Clues img
Chapter 26 None Of Your Business img
Chapter 27 Eloquent img
Chapter 28 Your Daddy And Mommy Are Waiting For You img
Chapter 29 The Midwife img
Chapter 30 Follow The Clues img
Chapter 31 I Will Be Your Family In The Future img
Chapter 32 Real Mother Or Not img
Chapter 33 She Seems To Have Changed img
Chapter 34 She Has Totally Changed img
Chapter 35 I Really Like Caroline img
Chapter 36 They Are From Two Different Worlds img
Chapter 37 I Want To See Damian img
Chapter 38 Pretend Not To Care About Him img
Chapter 39 You Can See Each Other Once A Month img
Chapter 40 A Big Mistake img
Chapter 41 I Don't Like Her img
Chapter 42 He Will Be Back Soon img
Chapter 43 She Looks A Lot Like You img
Chapter 44 The Auction img
Chapter 45 Caroline Is Still Unwilling To Forgive Me img
Chapter 46 Did Mr. Mayson Forget It img
Chapter 47 She Is Rich Now img
Chapter 48 Megan's Scolding img
Chapter 49 Keep Pestering Damian img
Chapter 50 Damian's Mother img
Chapter 51 You're Mistaken img
Chapter 52 I Will Never Remarry Damian img
Chapter 53 Caroline's Reaction img
Chapter 54 A Bad Feeling img
Chapter 55 Have You Ever Loved Me img
Chapter 56 Copy It img
Chapter 57 The Wedding Dress Show img
Chapter 58 Hook Up With Another Man img
Chapter 59 Pearl img
Chapter 60 It's Not Too Late To Know Her img
Chapter 61 You Don't Have To Worry About Me img
Chapter 62 A Figure Hiding In The Dark img
Chapter 63 His First True Love img
Chapter 64 See It Through But Say Nothing img
Chapter 65 He Looks Very Jealous img
Chapter 66 Something Happened img
Chapter 67 Ximena Again img
Chapter 68 You Investigated Me img
Chapter 69 Victim img
Chapter 70 I Will Forgive Her img
Chapter 71 Making The Wedding Dress img
Chapter 72 Do You Admit That You Plagiarized img
Chapter 73 Let's Meet In The Court img
Chapter 74 Don't Mess With Caroline Anymore img
Chapter 75 I Will Never Fall In Love With Her img
Chapter 76 You Shouldn't Push Her Too Hard img
Chapter 77 Most Likely, Amira Did It img
Chapter 78 I Can Wait For Her img
Chapter 79 Vincent Sneaks Out Again img
Chapter 80 Vent His Anger On Vincent img
Chapter 81 I Will Keep Our Promise img
Chapter 82 You Can Only Sleep In The Living Room img
Chapter 83 Make Trouble For Her img
Chapter 84 She Will Attend img
Chapter 85 Review Failed img
Chapter 86 Catch Him img
Chapter 87 The Hero Saves The Beauty img
Chapter 88 You Make Me Feel Disgusted img
Chapter 89 Back To The Manor img
Chapter 90 The New Servant img
Chapter 91 Amanda's Feelings For Travis img
Chapter 92 Cullen's Visit img
Chapter 93 Damian Kisses Her img
Chapter 94 Misfortune Never Comes Alone img
Chapter 95 Alanna img
Chapter 96 The Different Alanna img
Chapter 97 Is Caroline A Mistress img
Chapter 98 Whose Restaurant Is It img
Chapter 99 Ruffle Her Feathers img
Chapter 100 Tell Her About His Feelings img
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His Stunning Ex-wife

Kaleb Mugnai
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Chapter 1 Let's Divorce

The doctor looked at Caroline Harper with a smile and said, "Miss Harper, congratulations! You are two months pregnant."

Caroline was surprised to hear this. She took the test result from the doctor and looked at it carefully. Was she really pregnant?

After confirming it, she left the doctor's office joyfully. She was so happy that when she got to the door, she took out her phone and made a phone call.

"What's up?" As soon as her call was connected, a man's deep voice sounded from the other end of the line.

Caroline called Damian Mayson, her husband. When she heard his cold voice, she felt a little sad. But when she thought of the good news that she was pregnant, she became happy again.

She was about to say something, but she hesitated for a while. In the end, she just said, "Are you coming back tonight? I have something to tell you."

Caroline thought she'd better tell him the news in person later.

"I'm not sure."

After saying this, Damian hung up the phone without even giving her a chance to say something more.

Caroline sighed and returned home. As soon as she entered the door and took off her shoes, she heard a harsh voice coming from the living room. "Caroline, where have you been all afternoon? You left without doing the housework. I've been calling you, but you're not answering your phone. How dare you!"

It was Damian's mother, Megan Mayson. She stood up, looked at Caroline disgustedly, and snapped, "Hurry and cook dinner now!"

Caroline lowered her head. She was already used to Megan's attitude, so she didn't retort. Instead, she replied in a weak voice, "Okay, Mom."

Caroline had already eaten dinner, but Damian had not returned home yet. She sat in the living room to wait for him. She couldn't help touching her belly, feeling a little disappointed.

It was late at night, and she had fallen asleep on the sofa. She only woke up when she vaguely heard the sound of a car outside.

Then Damian, in a black suit, came in. He was handsome, but he exuded a cold aura.

"Damian, you're back!" Caroline stood up, feeling a little nervous.

Damian walked over expressionlessly. He put the document he was holding on the table and said coldly, "Caroline, let's divorce."

Caroline froze for a moment. Then she looked at him in disbelief.

"Divorce? Why? Did I do something wrong? You..."

"Ximena has regained consciousness."

It finally dawned on Caroline. It turned out that Damian's first love had regained consciousness.

Damian looked at her and said coldly, "She clearly remembers that you hit her with your car that day. What else do you want to explain?"

"No, it wasn't me. Damian, it was really not me."

Tears welled up in Caroline's eyes. She and Ximena Shipley were classmates in college, and they had always been hostile to each other. Three years ago, when she was driving on the road, Ximena suddenly rushed out. Fortunately, she was able to stop her car in time.

But at that moment, another car rushed over and hit Ximena directly. The driver escaped, so when Damian came, he only saw Caroline there. And before Ximena passed out, she questioned Caroline in front of Damian why Caroline hit her.

There were no surveillance cameras in the area, and Caroline didn't have a dashcam, so she couldn't defend herself.

Ximena became a vegetable, and Caroline became the culprit just like that.

"Damian, I really didn't hit her. Let me see Ximena. I want to talk to her."

Obviously, Damian didn't believe Caroline's words. He said disgustedly, "You're still lying until now? Sign the divorce agreement, pack your things, and leave the villa immediately. I don't want to see a vicious woman like you again."