Lock You in My Heart
img img Lock You in My Heart img Chapter 1 Divorce Me For Him
Chapter 5 You Know Why I Married You img
Chapter 6 It's Better To Have You Present With Me img
Chapter 7 The Dress That Didn't Fit img
Chapter 8 Her Trembling Form img
Chapter 9 I Thought I Had The Right img
Chapter 10 I'll Handle It In Person img
Chapter 11 Star img
Chapter 12 An Unexpected Breach Of Contract img
Chapter 13 An Accident In The Hotel img
Chapter 14 Be In Danger Again img
Chapter 15 How Should I Compensate You img
Chapter 16 Why Would He Hide Her Away img
Chapter 17 The Only Daughter img
Chapter 18 A Better Choice img
Chapter 19 In Charge Of The Cooperation img
Chapter 20 Wear Whatever You Like img
Chapter 21 Pull The Strings img
Chapter 22 The Only One That Could Hurt Her img
Chapter 23 Josh's Son img
Chapter 24 Apologize To Lyla img
Chapter 25 He Was A Troublemaker img
Chapter 26 Was She Pregnant img
Chapter 27 An Illusion img
Chapter 28 A Prank img
Chapter 29 How Could I Have Gotten Appendicitis Twice img
Chapter 30 I Want You To Leave Cleopatra img
Chapter 31 The Most Eye-catching One At Charity Party img
Chapter 32 Do You Think I'm Beautiful Tonight img
Chapter 33 He Is Leaving With Me Tonight img
Chapter 34 Slander img
Chapter 35 How Could He Care So Much About Her img
Chapter 36 Would He Break His Word img
Chapter 37 Do You Feel Heartbroken For Me, Mr. Harvey img
Chapter 38 Advice For You img
Chapter 39 I Knew You Would Run Away img
Chapter 40 An Anonymous Package img
Chapter 41 A Birthday Gift For You img
Chapter 42 Mr. Harvey Is Just Like A Dog img
Chapter 43 Sleeping In His Arms img
Chapter 44 Seduce Him img
Chapter 45 My Arm Is Numb img
Chapter 46 Lyla Was My Only Daughter-in-law img
Chapter 47 How Can I Make Amends img
Chapter 48 Call Her Mom img
Chapter 49 Mummy, Eat! img
Chapter 50 The Best Choice For You img
Chapter 51 Not Going To Divorce img
Chapter 52 I'm Lucky To Have Her Working For Me img
Chapter 53 Mr. Harvey, I Challenge You img
Chapter 54 Does She Know What You've Done img
Chapter 55 Cleopatra Belonged To The Harvey Family img
Chapter 56 Mischievous Kiss img
Chapter 57 Share With Me img
Chapter 58 You Cooperate With Me And I'll Be Gentle img
Chapter 59 You Get What You Deserve img
Chapter 60 Good Night, Mrs. Harvey img
Chapter 61 Mind Your Hand img
Chapter 62 Joshua, This Is Too Much img
Chapter 63 Are You Coming Over img
Chapter 64 Attentive img
Chapter 65 He Was A Gigolo img
Chapter 66 I Eagerly Await Our Next Rendezvous img
Chapter 67 She Was More Important Than His Principles img
Chapter 68 Power Play img
Chapter 69 Renovate The House img
Chapter 70 Your Wife Is Running Off With Another Man img
Chapter 71 Human Nature img
Chapter 72 Change Your Clothes img
Chapter 73 Bold img
Chapter 74 You Are My Private Property img
Chapter 75 If Only There Were Stars img
Chapter 76 Really Adorable img
Chapter 77 Don't Send Me Away img
Chapter 78 Had He Ever Loved Her img
Chapter 79 A Hotheaded Youth img
Chapter 80 We Are Adults img
Chapter 81 Stupid Ms. Happer img
Chapter 82 I Will Marry You img
Chapter 83 We'll Have Our Own Child img
Chapter 84 Make You Happy img
Chapter 85 Slander img
Chapter 86 Husband And Wife img
Chapter 87 Mysterious Knights img
Chapter 88 You Already Sent Her Away img
Chapter 89 Implicated img
Chapter 90 Couldn't Bear To See You Being Bullied img
Chapter 91 Forgetful img
Chapter 92 We're Cousins! img
Chapter 93 Her Whisper img
Chapter 94 Hungry Husband img
Chapter 95 Live With His Grandparents img
Chapter 96 Have Good Taste img
Chapter 97 He Wouldn't Be Happy img
Chapter 98 Our Little Secret img
Chapter 99 She Was Up To Something img
Chapter 100 It's All Over img
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Lock You in My Heart

Harmon Davy
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Chapter 1 Divorce Me For Him

"So... You two have been together for almost three months. Did she ever sleep with you? Not even just once?"

In the deluxe suite of a luxury hotel, a woman wrapped her arms around a man's neck with a smile.

"Why do you want to talk about her? All she has is money, nothing else," the man said with a sneer.

"Okay, okay..."

The two were so immersed in pleasure that neither of them noticed that someone was leaning against the door frame, watching them quietly. Finally, when the silent observer was bored, she spoke up. "I'd use protection if I were you."

The man and the woman on the bed were startled by the sudden sound of her voice. They quickly but awkwardly pulled away from each other.

Nathan Truman was so frightened that he fell down from the edge of the bed and raised his head in a panic. When he saw the source of the voice, all the color drained from his face. "Lyla!"

Lyla Moreno looked down at her newly manicured nails. She had chosen the color lilac, and they glittered under the lights dazzlingly.

When she looked at the man's livid face, Lyla wrinkled her nose in disgust. "She was with another man last night. And now, she's with you. Who knows how many men she has been sleeping with? You never know what STD she might be carrying."

Nathan staggered to his feet and ran up to Lyla. He wanted to reach for her hand, but on second thought, he decided against it. His hand stopped mid-air for he didn't dare to touch her.

"J-just listen to me, Lyla. I...I don't have any feelings for her! You're the one that I love, Lyla. You and you alone!"


Lyla burst into giggles, as though she had heard the funniest joke. Did he mean he loved her money?

He was just a gigolo she met in a club. How dare he be so brazen and talk about love?

Lyla glanced at Nathan and shook her head wryly. She had spent millions on this shameless guy. Why on earth did she choose him? She must've been out of her mind at the time.

She used to think Nathan was quite attractive, but now he was nearly unsightly to look at.

Without saying anything more, Lyla turned around to leave.

Nathan knew that as soon as she left, he would lose his cash cow and that his carefree days were over. He went after her without thinking. "Lyla! Lyla, you have to believe me. I wasn't thinking straight just now. I was—"

The bodyguards waiting at the door stopped Nathan from following Lyla into the elevator.

She stepped inside the elevator and pressed the button. The bodyguards didn't follow her in. She figured they must be teaching Nathan a lesson, which she thought was a good idea. After all, he wasn't even as loyal as a pet dog, and he deserved a good beating.

But she didn't ask the bodyguards to do that, so whose orders were they following?

The elevator took her to the ground floor. Lyla walked out of the hotel and saw a familiar black limo parked outside the gate.

Oh, it was him.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Lyla sauntered towards the car unhurriedly. When the driver saw her approach, he immediately opened the back door for her, and the light from the street lamp flooded into the backseat of the car.

A well-dressed man was sitting inside. His suit was perfectly tailored to his figure, without a wrinkle in sight.

His palms rested casually on his knees, and the gem cufflinks he was wearing glittered under the light. He looked noble but not ostentatious.

He was the eldest son and the heir to the Harvey family—Joshua Harvey.

Lyla sat next to him and smiled. "I'm sorry you had to see such a joke."

Joshua turned to face her, his eyes gentle, but his tone was as indifferent as ever. "Do you really want to divorce me for a guy like that?"