Marrying My Vegetative Husband
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Chapter 3 Marrying the Lockwood's Son (Part )

"Yes, I am. And you are?" Adeline asked, a little suspicious of the men.

"I am Hanson Zachary, the Lockwoods' family lawyer. On behalf of the Lockwood family, I've come to talk to Mr. Ronald about the three-million-dollar debt that the Simpson Group owed the Lockwood family. I'm not sure if Miss Simpson can make decisions and talk through it with me."

Adeline looked at Hanson with hesitation, then she heard Helen's high-pitched voice coming from upstairs, "What's the matter? Are you going to make decisions for the Simpson family when your father isn't around?"

Hanson turned around and saw Helen. He slightly nodded as a greeting. "Mrs. Simpson, right? I am Hanson Zachary, the Lockwoods' family lawyer. I wonder if Mrs. Simpson could call Mr. Ronald to come home so that we can talk over the debt?"

Walking down the stairs, Helen smiled charmingly at Hanson and answered, "I have no control over the company's matters, but I can certainly call him home!" Helen took her phone out and dialed Ronald's number.

Hanson, who was standing at the side, looked at Adeline and said dismissively, "Miss Simpson, you may go back to your meal now."

"Sure," Adeline took a quick glance at Hanson, and then she returned to the dining table.

"Mr. Zachary, have a seat. Ronald will be back soon," Helen said as she brewed some tea.

"May I know how many daughters you have, Mrs. Simpson?" Hanson asked. Helen's hand quivered out of sight, but she quickly regained composure and smiled. "Adeline is Ronald's daughter with his ex-wife, and I also have a daughter with him. Her name is Zoey. Adeline is five years older than Zoey, and she's now studying in performance arts in the Art Academy."

Hanson peered at Adeline, who had already started eating. Then he asked again, "Both of them must look alike, don't they?"

With a faint smile, Helen replied, "Adeline looks like her mother, but Zoey resembles me. They don't look that alike. However, their birthdays are quite close to each other. Adeline's is on the fifteenth of July while Zoey's is on the eighth of August."

As soon as she finished speaking, Hanson immediately followed with a question, "Did you say Miss Adeline's birthday is in July?"

"That's right. Fifteenth of July is easy to remember, and we always celebrate her birthday in advance," Helen said while a sly glint flashed across her face.

"The fifteenth of July..." Hanson mumbled.

"Mr. Zachary, help yourself to some tea!"

"Thank you!" Hanson simply answered.

Hanson only took a sip of tea, then stood up and told Helen, "Mrs. Simpson, I just remembered that I have something else to do. I have to leave now. Please tell Mr. Simpson that we will come by again in a few days."

Helen nodded as she sent Hanson and his team off before going back to the living room.

Then Adeline walked towards Helen as she furrowed her brows and asked, "Aunt Helen, why did you tell Mr. Zachary about my birthdate?"

Helen shot Adeline a despised look and snorted, "It's just a date. Do you really think marrying Lockwood's eldest son is so easy?" In fact, Helen hoped that Adeline would be chosen to marry Christiano. In that case, Adeline might lead a miserable life like a widow.

"Regardless, you shouldn't have told him my birth date without my consent!"

"I didn't mean it. What's the matter now? Do you want to pick a fight with me?" Helen asked. Adeline wanted to talk back to Helen, but she thought of her father's haggard face, so she held her emotions in.

Biting on her lower lip in annoyance, Adeline turned and went upstairs.

Helen looked at Adeline's back, and she sneered, "B*tch, you're just as hateful as your dead mom. I really hope you'll marry Christiano and live like a widow for the rest of your life!"

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Dressed up in a beautiful one-piece dress, Zoey walked towards Helen, putting her arm around Helen's shoulder, and she asked coquettishly.