Marrying My Vegetative Husband
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Chapter 9 Marrying the Lockwood's Son (Part )


Zoey raised her hand in a rage. But before she could lay it on Adeline, a voice shouted from behind her, "Zoey, what are you doing?"

Zoey turned to see Ronald. She immediately said wittingly, "Dad, I'm just messing around with Adeline."

Adeline gave a smile to Ronald, and she responded with a similar answer, "That's right, Dad. We were playing around. But now I'm going back to my room to take a nap."

"Adeline!" Ronald stopped Adeline and walked towards her, "Since you're visiting the Lockwood family tomorrow, you should go and buy some clothes for yourself. Just buy whatever you like and consider it your wedding gift."

"There's no need for that, Dad. Aren't we financially struggling recently? I really don't need to buy anything."

"The Lockwood family has given us a lot of gifts, which are rightfully yours. Plus—" Ronald trailed off. He had a lot to say, but he stopped himself and just looked at Adeline lovingly.

Adeline nodded, and she softly replied to Ronald, "Alright then, I'll go out and see if there's anything to buy. I'll stay out late."

Ronald hummed as a reply. While watching Adeline as she left, he sighed because the situation had gotten out of his hands, and then he turned to go upstairs.

Toot... Toot... Toot...

As Adeline was leaving the house, she thought that hanging out with friends would be a luxury for her in the future after she got married. The Lockwood family was no ordinary family. They certainly would hold the woman married to Christiano to a high standard, and she would need to spend time taking care of her vegetative husband...

At this moment, she was welcomed by a cheerful voice from the other end of the phone.

"D*mn, girl, to what do I owe the pleasure? Have pigs started flying?" Evelyn Lawson, Adeline's best friend, teased.

Evelyn was Adeline's deskmate and best friend in high school. They were really close. After high school, Adeline chose to further study in the Art Academy, while Evelyn chose to pursue her studies in fashion design.

Adeline's heart swelled with joy as she heard Evelyn's light tone. Ever since her mother passed away, Ronald and Evelyn were the only people that could bring her warmth.

Adeline decided to push everything to the back of her mind and enjoy the day with her friend.

"Of course not! I've been busy filming these days, but I immediately thought of you when I got the day off for the holiday. Isn't that sincere enough?"

She chuckled at her phone.

Evelyn was overjoyed to hear what Adeline had said.

"I'll see you at our usual place at one o'clock then?"

"Sure! See you!"

Adeline hung up, and she felt a bit less worried.

The sun was shining brightly on the sky, and the weather was nice. People were hustling and bustling around her, and some couples held hands, enjoying one another's company.

She got onto the bus and found a seat by the window. Staring at the view outside, she slowly recalled the wonderful days back in high school.

It would be great if time could stop at that very moment.

"Dear passengers, we've arrived at Sunshine Road. Passengers at this stop, please be ready to..." The lovely voice of the operators rang through the bus.

"Sir, hold on! I'm getting down here."

Adeline got off the bus and exhaled a long breath. She mumbled to herself, "Thank god. I didn't miss the station."

"Adele," Someone threw herself at Adeline. Evelyn and Adeline hugged each other and jumped around in excitement.

"Evelyn, I miss you so much! You've gotten so much prettier. I can hardly recognize you."

"Oh, you silly girl! You're flattering me! You don't look too bad yourself."

They chattered, and in an instant, Adeline forgot all her worries.

"Come on, let's shop till we drop! I haven't hung out with you for a long time," Evelyn took Adeline's hand and pulled her towards the shopping mall.



Adeline was gentle and quiet, while Evelyn was the life of the party. Throughout their high school years, their classmates used to wonder how the two people with personalities on different sides of the scale could become such close friends.


"Phew, I'm so tired!" Once Evelyn arrived at the lounge, she dropped her things aside and sprawled on the sofa.

"Adele, was it this tiring to shop like this back then? We only walked for a while today, but now I can't feel my legs."

Adeline looked over at Evelyn and frowned. Then in a light voice, she said, "Young lady, you're being overdramatic."

"Look. Most of the things we bought today are yours. How can you say that you're tired before me?" Adeline softly chided.

The smile on Evelyn's face deepened upon her hearing Adeline's words.

Evelyn said, "Thank you for sticking around, my dear Adele. But there's no need to fuss over how much I've bought."