CEO Husband's Domineering Love
img img CEO Husband's Domineering Love img Chapter 1 Strange Man in The Darkness
Chapter 8 I Want to Take A Bath img
Chapter 9 Woman Bought with Money img
Chapter 10 Unpresentable Deals img
Chapter 11 Aaron Was Angry img
Chapter 12 The Humiliation He Gives img
Chapter 13 He Was Used to Being Served by Others img
Chapter 14 There Is Blood on The Sheets img
Chapter 15 Sleeping with A Temperamental Man img
Chapter 16 Come Back Immediately for Me img
Chapter 17 Today is The Physiological Period img
Chapter 18 Have some fun with a woman img
Chapter 19 He wants to keep you, too. img
Chapter 20 Hurry to Please me. img
Chapter 21 Asking for his favor img
Chapter 22 The Scandal of Being Kept img
Chapter 23 Getting dumped by a motherfucker img
Chapter 24 Just sleep with him img
Chapter 25 Robbed your gold master img
Chapter 26 He's back! img
Chapter 27 Emotions that can't read img
Chapter 28 It must be very intense last night. img
Chapter 29 He's got me in trouble img
Chapter 30 My affection on you worths nothing. img
Chapter 31 You look so beautiful today. img
Chapter 32 Make him an iceberg into a volcano img
Chapter 33 Sleep with you every day. img
Chapter 34 How dare bite him img
Chapter 35 Do You Have Qualifications to Say No to Me img
Chapter 36 You Shouted So Loud. img
Chapter 37 Does It Hurt img
Chapter 38 A Shady Deal img
Chapter 39 A Temporary Resting Place for Him img
Chapter 40 Accompany Him in Her Precious Youth img
Chapter 41 His Tenderness Was Poison. img
Chapter 42 Mr. Brown, Do You Like Me img
Chapter 43 If You Get Pregnant with My Child. img
Chapter 44 It's Called a Bastard. img
Chapter 45 Even If He Just Wanted to Give That Woman a Hug img
Chapter 46 I haven't Punished You for a Period. img
Chapter 47 I'll Punish You When I Am Free. img
Chapter 48 Be Docile, Huh img
Chapter 49 It Is Still Daytime..... img
Chapter 50 Rush over to Slap Someone img
Chapter 51 My Woman. img
Chapter 52 You're Ruined My Innocence First. img
Chapter 53 The Horror of Quietness img
Chapter 54 Ready to Compromise img
Chapter 55 Conciliate Aaron in A Stiff Way img
Chapter 56 Don't Want to Cause Complications img
Chapter 57 the true cause of keeping her around img
Chapter 58 Aaron is coming img
Chapter 59 you will clamor to love me soon img
Chapter 60 How dare you refuse me img
Chapter 61 You're my sugar daddy. img
Chapter 62 Let them go away. img
Chapter 63 Changing Clothes in Front of Him. img
Chapter 64 I doubt your taste img
Chapter 65 Do you want to get married img
Chapter 66 Don't need to save me money. img
Chapter 67 Mr. Aaron, don't do this. img
Chapter 68 That's an obvious provocation img
Chapter 69 Dangerous beauty img
Chapter 70 I knew her grievances img
Chapter 71 It feels good to be spoiled by him. img
Chapter 72 Aaron is a man, so he needs to vent. img
Chapter 73 She dares to donate her kidney without telling him. img
Chapter 74 It's the same only if you turn down the lights. img
Chapter 75 I allow you to be jealous. img
Chapter 76 His words warmed her heart. img
Chapter 77 The little woman is so aggressive. img
Chapter 78 She found the hickey that Cana made it with him. img
Chapter 79 Can you give me another chance img
Chapter 80 Will he make trouble for me img
Chapter 81 Did you sleep with her img
Chapter 82 Does it taste like someone else img
Chapter 83 He had six women out there img
Chapter 84 She's the only woman he's ever had. img
Chapter 85 Do you like me to come img
Chapter 86 Don't worry, I won't touch you. img
Chapter 87 Her reliance was a comfort to him. img
Chapter 88 Give him a massage. img
Chapter 89 Just a lover in the Shadows img
Chapter 90 Dress the same. img
Chapter 91 Who did you want to hit on dressed like that img
Chapter 92 Aaron was jealous. img
Chapter 93 The truth about Lily img
Chapter 94 Cana, come out by yourself. img
Chapter 95 Let me get my clothes on first. img
Chapter 96 Aaron, what do you take me for img
Chapter 97 Cana, do you want to die img
Chapter 98 Did he like Cana img
Chapter 99 Cana, were you often abused by him img
Chapter 100 Fed her in his way. img
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CEO Husband's Domineering Love

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Chapter 1 Strange Man in The Darkness

The Brown Family, the richest family in Sea City, hosted a banquet for countless upper-class celebrities on his daughter`s 20th birthday.

The Brown Family villa was located in the east of Sea City, surrounded by mountains on three sides. The villa was a Chinese style as a whole, with terraces and water pavilions. The environment was extremely elegant and relaxed, like a paradise.

It was until today that Cana realized her roommate Helen was unexpectedly born into a wealthy family, and it was not a general wealthy family.

The Brown Family's old house was like a maze. In the middle of the banquet, Cana got lost after she came out of the bathroom.

When she reached the door of a room, the door suddenly opened.

Then, she was rudely and quickly caught into the room by a strong arm.

She suddenly slammed into a hard chest, and the breath of the strange male mingled with the smell of alcohol.

The room was dark, only the man's breathless breath.

Cana's soft body was suppressed against the cold wall by the man violently. The next second, her lips that she wanted to call for help were blocked by the man's lips with the alcoholic breath, strong and domineering.

All movements were almost in one go.

Cana was terrified. How could there be a bad guy in a place like the Brown Family? Her mind was blank ...

With tears falling, Cana almost resisted with all her strength, but still could not shake the man a bit.

Although the woman was very dishonest, Aaron, who was fascinated by drugs, felt more irritated, and he had no intention of letting her go.

"Help! Help!"

Just after the man let go of her lips, Cana began calling for help.

How she wished that someone would hear it at this moment and then rushed in to save her.

A strong alcoholic scent sprayed on her ears with the warm breath, and the man clamped her hand, warning in a low voice, "Shut up!"

Cana would rather have a nightmare. However, the tear-like pain was so real.

At the same time, bright fireworks had been set up in the courtyard of the Brown Family, with colorful and magnificent fireworks rushing into the night sky.

The boisterous people were celebrating loudly downstairs, obliterating Cana's begging for mercy and crying for help.

It was the fireworks that illuminated the cold face of the man.

His thick black hair was slightly scattered with the movement, and his pupils were dark and deep, yet like hidden flames, staring at her brilliantly.

Cana closed her eyes in despair, and tears flowed out from the corners of her eyes in clusters, like unstoppable faucets.

Later, she finally faint, unconscious ...

Cana did not have the habit of sleeping lazily. Her circadian clock was very regular. Even if she went to college, she would get up at six o'clock every morning to go to the study room.

When she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky, illuminating the spacious room.

Cana, who had just woken up, had a momentary blankness in her mind, but soon her thoughts came back to her. She looked out of the window at the tall building. The Brown Family was a single-family villa, either surrounded by mountains or the sea.

Therefore, this was not the Brown Family.

"Are you wake up?"

Cana sniffed and looked over, the man was already fully dressed and was standing at the door of the room.

The light outside the window spilled on his perfect facial features, revealing elegant and handsome. He was calm and straightforward, and his tailored suit made his whole person look particularly precious. It was a far cry from the shadowy abuser of last night.

Cana wrapped her body firmly with a quilt because she knew that she was very embarrassed in the quilt.

She also saw the deep, shallow bruises on her uncovered arms.

All of this was a hint of how crazy this man was last night. He had destroyed her innocence without any apology.