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img img Billionaires img CEO Husband's Domineering Love
CEO Husband's Domineering Love

CEO Husband's Domineering Love

img Billionaires
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Cana Rhoda displeased the most powerful man in the Sea City by mistake in her friend’s birthday party, to pay for her mistake, she moved to his house and followed all sorts of his orders. However, their relationship actually got changed after they had lived together. Being the CEO of the Brown Group, Aaron Brown is always decisive, cruel and ruthless, while being her husband, he loves her and spoils her to the extreme. Nevertheless, when she found that she absolutely resembled the lady, Aaron’s Muse, she realized that she was just a substitute for Aaron’s Muse and she was never be loved. She's aware that it’s time to leave. However, why did he leave his Muse alone but keep running after her and propose to her?