Masked Feelings
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Chapter 8 Only Sex.

"Is that your room?" I questioned while staring at the white and black room. The walls were black while the furniture were white. Everything matched in this room. The room had a window which gave view of the back garden of his house.

"Of course not" he scoffed in disbelief, bringing my attention back to him. I crossed my arms over my shoulder and stared at him. He looked like one of those spoilt kids.

"It's such a turn off when you scoff " I mumbled as I walked to the big picture on the wall. It was so beautiful. Abstract Art. I smiled at all these colours mixed together to make a beautiful piece of art. I could feel Damian behind me. He was really close. One of his hand wrapped itself around my waist and pulled him against him. I unwillingly moaned as I? felt his hard on against my ass.

"And what turn you on, kitten?" Damian asked huskily as he gently bit my right ear, causing me to arch my back. He turned me around, but still kept his hands on my waist. I could see lust clouding his beautiful eyes. Before I could answer, he pushed me against the wall, just next to the photo. I moaned when I felt him pressing his whole body against mine. He grabbed both of my hands in his and pinned them above my head. I was already breathless, squirming in need. I needed him. He was torturing me. Hell yes. He was. He gave me a smirk as he stared at me.

"Damian" I breathed in need.

"What do you want, kitten?" he asked tauntingly. He ran his finger on my arm, causing goosebumps to rise. He buried his face in the crook of my neck and lightly chuckled. "Tell me. What do you want?" he asked again. Right now, I wanted to slap the hell of his pretty face.

"I fucking want you Damian Spears" I snapped, making him raise his face to stare at me. He clenched his teeth and let a little growl before crashing his lips onto mine. He lifted me up slightly, making me wrap my legs around his waist. His lips were so perfect on mine. I gently bit his lips, making him groan against mine. He let go of my hands and used his to cup my ass. My hands wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling his face even closer. I felt myself being pulled away from the wall. His hands were holding me in place so that I wouldn't fall. I could feel him walking and as soon as I felt the soft material, I knew that I was on the bed. Damian opened my legs and took place in between without breaking the kiss. I tugged on his hair, making him groan in want. As we were soon out of breath, he pulled away and attacked my neck with his lips. He sucked on my skin, just beneath my ear. I bit my lips as my eyes closed as the pleasure engulfed me.

"Your skin is so soft" Damian mumbled as he pulled away and stared at me. I was still breathless. His hands made their way to the hem of my top. I lifted my body a bit, so that he would take off my top easily. Once it was off, Damian threw it on the floor. I giggled at how impatient he was. Once his eyes fell on my black bra which cupped my boobs well, he let out a groan and took a deep breath. Damian let his finger trailed on my skin, causing goosebumps to rise. His hands slowly made their way to my jeans and he get it off without any problem. I was now laying in front of him, with only my underwear on. He gave me a slight grin before kissing his way to my stomach. He kissed my skin and lightly blow on it, making me shiver. I moaned when I felt his tongue come in contact with my hot skin. He then brought his face to mine again, he kissed my lips. My hands went to his shirt and i started fiddling with it. I needed to touch his skin. I needed that skin to skin touch. I couldn't concentrate on his lips and his shirt at the same time, so I pulled away and tried to pry off his shirt. He chuckled and pulled away to take it off.

"Damn" I breathed when my eyes fell on his toned chest. He took my hands in his and placed it on his eight pack abs. He gave me a slight smirk as I ran my fingers on his abs. "How many times do you work out?" I questioned after licking my lips.

"Four times a week" he whispered as his eyes fell on my stomach and then my breasts. "What about you?" he questioned as he pointed to my body.

"It depends" I said as he pulled me up so that my face was now just in front of his chest. He looked so yummy.

"On what?" he asked. Why was he asking so many questions? Fuck me already.

"On whether I have time or not" I simply said, my mind slightly distracted. I leant my head forward and kissed his chest. I could see goosebumps rise on his skin. He groaned and pushed me back on the bed. I watched as he stood up and took off his trouser.

Holy cow. He seems big.

Damian gave me a cocky smirk when he saw how surprised I was. He slowly leant back on me and soon his lips met mine. His hands groped my ass, making me whimper in want against his lips. He pulled away and his mouth worked its way to the strap of my bra. He gave me a predatory grin and slowly took the strap between his teeth. He was so fucking sexy right now. Only watching him was making me a giddy and wet. Once he pulled my strap down, he went to the other one. My breasts were now exposed. He lifted me slowly and unclapsed my bra, leaving me exposed to him. When his mouth moved close to my skin, goosebumps rose and I clenched my teeth to ignore the moan that was threatening to come out. He kissed my nipples making me arch my back in want.

"Let's get these off now" I heard him whisper as his hands made their way to my panty. I was already breathing heavily, now imagine my surprise when he dipped his hand inside of my panty, touching me intimately. I moaned when I felt his fingers slide down my folds. "So wet for me" he said hoarsely, trying not to lose control.

"Damian" I moaned as I buried my face in the crook of his neck. He took a deep breath and pushed my panty down. He kept on playing with me, trying to make him come with his fingers, but right now I needed more. "Fuck me already" I begged as my hands found their way to his muscled back. He took a deep breath and pulled to look at me.

"Are you on pills?" he asked. I simply nodded and tried to concentrate on his words rather than his beautiful gray eyes. I hooked my toes in his boxer and pushed it down, letting his little monster free. Wait. Did I say little? No fucking way. His dick was a monster. I bit my lips as I stared down at him. "You're so fucking impatient, you little vixen" he whispered as he took off his boxer and positioned himself in between my legs. I could feel his tip against my entrance, making my inside quiver with joy.

"Please" I begged. Without waiting another second, Damian plunged himself inside of me. He let out a groan as my eyes closed at the pain that I was currently feeling. He wasn't moving. He was probably letting me adjust to his size.

"Open your eyes" he demanded. I did as he said. He was staring right at me as he started moving. My nails buried themselves in his back as the pain transformed into pleasure. I moaned as he started thrusting faster, deeper and harder. He was fucking me. This is the whole purpose I was here. Without warning, he took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked on it, making me moan loudly. He groaned in satisfaction as I moaned. His hands pinned my hands above my head as he fucked me. He then leant his forehead against mine, staring at me green eyes while thrusting deeper inside of me. This was so intimate. It shouldn't be. I could feel him twitch inside of me. I knew he was going to come and by the way my inside of quivering, i was going to come too. He started licking my nipples again, making my body go through an overwhelm of feelings. Soon, we exploded together. I could feel him jerking inside of me. I could feel his warm liquid flowing inside of me. We were breathing heavily. He rolled on the bed beside me, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly parted.

"You need to go to your room" I whispered, touching his arm slightly. He nodded and turned to look at me. He gave me a smirk and got off the bed.

"When was the last time you had sex?" he questioned suddenly. I turned bright red. As if I wasn't red enough from the amazing sex. He walked to a wardrobe and pulled out a white blanket.

"Three years ago" I admitted. He turned and stared at me with wide eyes, making me roll my eyes. "I told you, being a stripper doesn't make me a slut" I said as he threw the blanket to me. I quickly covered my naked self, trying not to look at his naked self.

"That would explain why you're so tight" he said with a smirk. I gasped at his words and watched as he licked his lips while looking at me. I clenched my thighs together, soon realizing that I wanted him again. I buried my head under the blanket.

"Shut up" I mumbled. Soon, I heard his sexy chuckle flow in the room. I peeked to see him standing with his boxer on. Ah. Now I can think straight. Well, I'll try.

"You want to take a bath?" he asked, making me nod my head frantically. He pointed to the drawer and gave me his usual grin. "Towels are in there" he said.

"Clothes?" I questioned. He shrugged and gave me a sly grin.

"I'll get someone bring clothes for you tomorrow" he simply said.

"Thank you" I mumbled as I wrapped the blanket around me and stood up. "I smell like sex" I quickly complained.

"You smell like amazing sex" he cleared, making me chuckle. Maybe I'll really like this deal. Sex with him was amazing.

"You can go now " I said while staring at him, with my hands holding the blanket so that it wouldn't fall.

"Getting thrown out of my room" he muttered. "That's a first" he continued as he made his way to the door. Just as he was about to step out, he turned, while wearing a naughty smile on his face. "You don't fuck like someone who hasn't had sex for three years" he commented, making me go bright red again.

"Yeah, I know I'm awesome. Good night" I said as I walked in the huge bathroom to take a bath. I stared at myself in the mirror and let the blanket fall.

"Good night " I heard him call.

Only sex Athena.

I smiled at my reflection. This deal was a good thing. I felt completely relaxed and happy. Maybe having sex without feelings was a good thing. Yes. It was definitely a good thing.

Damian Spears knew how to fuck a woman right.