Masked Feelings
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Chapter 7 Start Of Something New

"What's your name?" I asked him as I leant forward and used my hand as a support for my face. He gave me a smirk and leant forward as well, but his legs were wide open and his hands were joined in front of him. "Wait, No" I quickly said. "Is your name really important?" I asked with a grin. He shrugged.

"Yeah. It is. Won't you need my name to moan when I'll bury myself inside of you?" He asked while staring at me with predatory eyes which were making me squirm in my seat and I unconsciously gulped at his words.

"Then what is your name?" I asked, after clearing my throat because I didn't want to show him the disastrous effect that he was having on me.

"Damian Spears" he said. My eyes widened. No freaking way. I've heard of the famous Damian Spears. He was the richest men in Seattle. I stared at him in disbelief then stood up to end up pacing in the small room.

"Why the fuck would you want me when you can have all freaking models, actress, pornstar, prostitutes and all in your bed?" I asked in bewilderment. The man practically owned half of the city. I have to say that the fact that he's such an important man was making me nervous. As I turned to look at him, I realized that he was standing close to me. Close enough so that I could feel his breath fan all over my face. He was staring at me with his beautiful gray eyes.

"I'd watch that beautiful mouth of yours if I were you. Curse again, and I promise you that you'll get a punishment that you'll remember your whole life" he said huskily as he pulled me closer to him. My hands instinctively settled on his hard chest. He gave me his famous smirk. "I thought we talked about why I want you yesterday" he continued. I nodded, not really knowing what to do. I was lost in the moment. My eyes flickered to his pink delicious looking lips, causing me to bite mine. He groaned and wrapped one of his hands behind my neck. With a growl, he pulled my face to his. His lips crashed onto mine, causing me to sigh in relief and contentment. I could feel his hand creeping to the back of my head but I didn't really give it much importance until I felt him fiddling with the ropes that was used to tie my mask. I immediately pulled away, breaking the kiss and took a few steps backwards.

"Do. Not. Take. Off. My. Mask" I said, emphasizing each and every words I said. He glared at me and took big steps in my direction so that he was standing in front of me again. He grabbed my face and held it tightly with one hand and made my eyes bores into his.

"Never order me around" he snapped. "That's another condition. You can add that up to the list" he said as he narrowed his eyes. I pulled away and walked back to the couch.

"Never take off my mask. It goes on the list as well" I said, trying not to stare at him.

"You're expecting me to fuck you while you're wearing a mask?" he asked as if it was the most stupid thing he has ever heard of. Well, maybe it was.

"Yeah. Why not? It's not as if my mask was blocking access to my vagina" I muttered without thinking, causing him to laugh. My hands flew to my mouth when I realized what I said. I'm so stupid.

"What's your name?" he suddenly asked as he took place in his seat again.

"Vixen" I immediately answered.

"Real name" he cleared. I'm not telling him my real name. No way in hell.

"Vixen" I answered again, causing him to glare at me. "Not my fault if my parent gave me a shitty name" I continued.

"Your parents named you Vixen?" Damian asked with wide eyes but still, it was near to an emotionless expression. I nodded. "They are weird" he concluded.

"Twisted, jerks and real assholes" I added with a smile before rolling my eyes. He kept quiet, his eyes staying my face, as if he was studying or observing me.

"Ive got another condition" he said with a frown.

"What?" I asked, genuinely interested about that other condition.

"After we fuck and all, we don't sleep on the same bed" he said. I stared at him, not really knowing what to say.

"Then?" I questioned with rose eyebrows.

"We fuck and we sleep in different rooms" he cleared whole rolling his eyes.

Yeah, keep rolling your eyes, maybe you'll find a brain back there.

"I don't have other rooms in my apartment" I told him and to this statement, he scoffed.

"We'll be at my place" he said. "I'm not having sex anywhere except my place" he said. "I don't want people to catch us anywhere together" he said and this one kinda hurt. I wasn't a piece of shit. Still, I kept quiet and watched as he leant on the couch. "I'll need your phone number" he said. I took a paper and the pen which were on the table and scribbled my number on the piece of paper before handing it to him. My Sim card was registered on Rose's name so I had no worry about him trying to get to know my real name.

"I guess that will be all" I finally said as I stood up.

"That will be all" he confirmed as he stood up as well. I started walking to the door, thinking that maybe it was time for me to leave but the hand that wrapped itself around my wrist, proved me wrong. "Where do you think you're going?" Damian asked as I slowly turned around to look at him. He was wearing his dangerous predatory smirk.

"Home?" I said while staring at him in confusion. He chuckled, a dark sexy and heart melting chuckle. He pulled on my wrist, causing me to crash against his chest.

"Kitten, I've been waiting for two days already" Damian whispered in my ears as he took a deep breath.

"Waiting for what?" I knew the answer. But I still wanted him to say it out loud. I wanted to hear how much he wanted me. I wanted to feel desired by him.

"Waiting to be able to bury myself into you" he said slowly, sexily and huskily, causing me to internally moan and pressed my thighs together as I could feel myself throbbing with need. He took my hand in his and opened the door. I kept quiet as he walked out of the private lounge and i followed behind.

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously as we walked through the club. Soon, we were in front of the club and a limousine was waiting for us.

"At my place" he said. I froze. Excitement and adrenaline was taking over. I shouldn't let this man affect me so much. He opened the door and motioned me to get in. I blinked a few times, trying to see whether he was serious. Well, damn he was. I gulped and got in the limousine. It was just like my parents', except the fact that this one was black and my parent's limousine was white. As soon as I scooted a bit, Damian got in. I watched as he talked to the driver. Damn. He was sexy. Why the hell was he interested with someone like me? "What are you thinking about?" he suddenly asked as he turned to look at me. I gave him a grin and shrugged.

"My thoughts are private, Mr Spears" I teased as I turned away from him. The sound of a glass sliding up caught my attention. It was the tinted glass that separated the front seat and the backseat. I turned to see Damian with a remote in his hand.

"Come here, kitten" Damian said while motioning to his lap. He wanted me to sit on his lap? I moved hesitantly and sat on him. He sighed and turned me around so that I was now facing him with my legs on the either side of him. His hands were on my ass and he was staring at me.

"So what now?" I questioned as my hands automatically held on his strong shoulders for support.

"Move" he ordered. What?


"Move on me. Grind on me" he breathed. I could feel him growing from under me. Oh. Those fucking tight jeans were so thin. He wanted me to dry hump him. I could see the lust reigning in his eyes. I shuddered as I felt his hard on and I started rubbing myself on him. His hands were now on my waist and his eyes were closed. I was going slow, wanting him to want more, so much more.

"Is that good?" I asked, trying to control my tone while throwing my head in the back as the pleasure started engulfing me.

"You're torturing me" he groaned as he put a little pressure on my waist. One of his hand went to my neck and pulled my face to his. Seconds later, his lips were on mine and his tongue evaded my mouth. His other hand cupped my breast and he started massaging it. When I'd moan, he'd increased the pace and I could feel something building up in my lower body.

"Fuck!" I cursed when he pulled away and I was pulled in a spiral of pleasure and moans. Damian Spears just gave me an orgasm in his limousine. He was still hard. I could feel it. I let my head fall on his shoulder, my nose was buried in the crook of his neck and I took a deep breath, inhaling his Axe perfume.

"That was hot" he breathed. I pulled away and just then, the limousine stopped. He gave me a smirk as I got off him. I was sure that I was red right now. Why was he making me feel this way? Maybe because he was sexy as hell? I was always nervous around hot guys when I was in high school. I guess it didn't change. Damian waited and someone opened the door. It was then that I was realized that there was the driver in the limousine. Holyshit. And here I was moaning like a crazy. Damian got off and took my hand in his, helping me out. I avoided the eyes of the driver and instead looked at the ground. We started walking, without me looking up once. "Kitten?" Damian sexy voice made me raise my head to look at him.

"Why do you call me kitten?" i questioned as we walked in his gigantic mansion. White tiles everywhere with a modern, mixed with an antique decoration. I would definitely be impressed if i haven't grown up in a mansion myself. Damian's mansion was silent. How can someone live here all alone?

"You've got green cat like eyes" he simply said as he walked in the direction of a corridor. On the walls of the corridor, were big portraits of Damian and his family maybe. I saw Dean as well. A smile crept on my face as I thought of the immature soon to be husband.

"Your brother and You are so different" I commented as we reached a huge modern kitchen which seemed to be equipped with the latest technologies.

"You'd like something to drink?" he asked, ignoring my comment. I shook my head but he still took out two glasses and pulled out a bottle of red wine. Why did he ask me if he wouldn't take my answer into consideration? "You'll really need a glass of wine for tonight" he said as he put the glass in front of me. My eyes were wide open while I stared at him, trying to get the words that he just told me registered in my mind.