Mr Billionaire your dumped wife returned with Quadruplets
img img Mr Billionaire your dumped wife returned with Quadruplets img Chapter 1 Get ready to be married
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Chapter 10 I'm not your sister img
Chapter 11 A new dawn img
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Chapter 14 A perfect lie img
Chapter 15 Four Foetuses img
Chapter 16 Sign it! img
Chapter 17 We never met img
Chapter 18 She lied to me img
Chapter 19 Heartbroken img
Chapter 20 Failed everyone img
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Chapter 22 Albert img
Chapter 23 A conference img
Chapter 24 Demolition img
Chapter 25 Pamela returns img
Chapter 26 I lost her img
Chapter 27 A night of pleasure img
Chapter 28 Meet again img
Chapter 29 A suddenly realisation img
Chapter 30 Lost his properties img
Chapter 31 Pamela's Pretence img
Chapter 32 They are mine img
Chapter 33 Karma is a bitch img
Chapter 34 Amputate him img
Chapter 35 I don't owe you any kids img
Chapter 36 He is a bad man img
Chapter 37 He's not img
Chapter 38 Mourn your downfall img
Chapter 39 A scheming plot img
Chapter 40 A drop of his blood img
Chapter 41 Miranda Alvan img
Chapter 42 A new partnership img
Chapter 43 you are not better than a maid img
Chapter 44 She's Louis' ex wife img
Chapter 45 Her best kept secret img
Chapter 46 Going for a vacation img
Chapter 47 I left her img
Chapter 48 A surge of jealousy img
Chapter 49 Your daughter needs you img
Chapter 50 You caused it img
Chapter 51 I am your daddy img
Chapter 52 Naive img
Chapter 53 Stripped her of her royalty img
Chapter 54 Louis' new company img
Chapter 55 Lucas' visit img
Chapter 56 : She's with someone img
Chapter 57 A plan to leave the City img
Chapter 58 Heated confrontation img
Chapter 59 First time with the boys img
Chapter 60 Like a handbag img
Chapter 61 Freddie collapsed img
Chapter 62 Empty account img
Chapter 63 In love with Louis img
Chapter 64 Clarion called img
Chapter 65 Mistake of a daughter img
Chapter 66 A pleasant surprise img
Chapter 67 I feel cold img
Chapter 68 A warming machine img
Chapter 69 Miranda flopped img
Chapter 70 Thank you dear img
Chapter 71 learned a secret img
Chapter 72 Only he knows the truth img
Chapter 73 You knew that I love her img
Chapter 74 You think I can't help you img
Chapter 75 I am impotent img
Chapter 76 A Video call img
Chapter 77 Ransom img
Chapter 78 Ungrateful Bastard img
Chapter 79 Took his property back img
Chapter 80 Looking gorgeous img
Chapter 81 Leah's pleas img
Chapter 82 Sealed with a kiss img
Chapter 83 That feeling… img
Chapter 84 Rivals img
Chapter 85 I love you img
Chapter 86 Jailed img
Chapter 87 Beach side village img
Chapter 88 The extreme img
Chapter 89 Freddie is dead img
Chapter 90 Back to Louis' Mansion img
Chapter 91 A Night together img
Chapter 92 Pervert img
Chapter 93 I could have used it img
Chapter 94 we are strangers now img
Chapter 95 Jimmy Johnson is ill img
Chapter 96 His highness is no more img
Chapter 97 I'm Busy img
Chapter 98 The Reality img
Chapter 99 I'll find a way out img
Chapter 100 I'd choose death img
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Mr Billionaire your dumped wife returned with Quadruplets

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Chapter 1 Get ready to be married

Pamela Grayson ran into her room and shut the door. She stood with her back to the door and let her tears run down her cheeks.

Her gentle sob became loud. She has no way to relieve herself from this nightmare she woke up to find herself in.

Why, why does it always have to be her?

Every unpleasant experience in the family must be either blamed on her, forced on her or she had to bear the brunt of it.

Every plate that broke in the house was blamed on her, every pipe that licks was definitely her fault.

But this is the height of it. How can her parents not be concerned about her happiness and future that they decided to marry her off to an incapacitated man?

"Listen to me Pamela, we have no option but to force you into this marriage. You are the only chip in our hands and there is no one we could turn to…" Freddie Grayson explained.

His words were like needles, poking Pamela's heart. Her palm clenched in pain. The pain in her heart was hurting her.

Isn't family the most important inheritance anyone could have? Why is her own family the oasis of her pain?

They would hurt her feelings, trampled on her self-esteem and the next minute drag her to do their will.

"You should be good and do what your father and I have decided for you. We have raised you for twenty-two years and treated you like a princess. This is the time for you to behave like a filial daughter and make us happy. You will marry the young master of the Hayden's family…" Freya Grayson said.

Freddie and Freya Grayson were Pamela's parents. The parents she grew up knowing, the ones who raised her. Even if they are the worst of parents any child could have, Pamela had no one else to call her parents except them.

Pamela sniffled and squinted. Did her mother just say they treated her like a princess?

Isn't her situation worse than a maid's? At Least a maid would have a share of her meal after she cooks and have a period where she would be off duty to take care of herself.

But not her. She stays in the tiniest room in the house and sleeps on a narrow bed that gives her no space to turn easily on her side when sleeping, otherwise, she would fall off.

She's the eldest but Emma lives more comfortably and satisfied than her. She does the entire chores in the house while Emma remains on the couch, and stays chatting and commenting on the latest events on social media.

The real daughter they treated like a princess was not her but Emma. She's the maid and Emma is the princess, more domineering than the fairy tale princesses.

She(Pamela) had to work part-time to pay her tuition fees while her parents would go any length to help her sister get every single thing she asked for and those she didn't ask but they felt she would need them.

She's not jealous of her sister but she should also be treated a little bit like a member of the family and the eldest daughter.

But now, when she just graduated from college and was thinking of getting a proper job, they called her and told her to marry Louis Hayden.

Without putting her happiness and opinion into consideration. They slated the wedding to take place the next morning.

She was informed a few minutes ago with the sole purpose of preparing herself to be a bride the next day.

And now, they claim to treat her like a princess? Princess of Grayson's kingdom,she guessed.

"Get ready, in a hour, Louis Hayden's parents will be here" Freya declared and Pamela's heart beat almost skipped.

Leah and Ellis Hayden would be visiting them? She slowly found herself going down on her knees.

She started sobbing afresh. Is she going to be married off to a man she has no feelings for? To say the least, the groom is incapacitated.

Louis Hayden is the richest business tycoon in Oak city. He was the best and the richest until three months ago when he was involved in an accident that left him in a coma.

And now, her parents want her to be married to a man who might never come out of coma for the rest of his life.

No parents would push their daughter into such a marriage except those parents are Mr and Mrs Grayson.

An hour later, there was the noise of a car honking and Pamela came back to her senses. She stood up from the floor and went to the bathroom to relieve herself.

It wasn't long, she heard her mother knocking on her door and ordering her to open the door at once.

"Pamela, you won't disgrace us, will you? So come out and say hello to your future parents in-law" Freya Grayson coaxed.

And this time, Pamela found no strength to sob anymore nor to reply to her mother. She cleaned her tears but the more she cleaned it, the more the tears flowed down.

What had the Hayden's come for, to finalise the plot they had with her covetous parents at the expense of her happiness?

"Come out already Pamela. You should dress in your best and portray yourself as an ideal daughter-in-law to be…" Freya was persuading Pamela when the latter interrupted her.

"I don't want to meet anyone and I am not interested as well in your arranged marriage. It would be better if you tell your friends that or better still, get Emma married instead"Pamela declared.

Pamela finally found her voice to refute her mother. She was shocked and disappointed at her parents when they announced her marriage to the young master of the Hayden family, to her.

It's her wedding but she was the last to be informed about it. They had to tell her about her own wedding taking place in less than 24 hours.

Freya was lost. How dare this pumpkin refuse their kind gesture of marrying her off to such an influential family. She should be thanking them rather than being an ingrate.

If it weren't for the billions she would be getting, she would not have supported the union in the first place.

"If you dare to say no, I will expose the truth…"Freya was going to spill the beans when Freddie came over just on time.

"What were you going to say, Freya?" Freddie asked, squinting and trying his best to be calm.