Playboy Billionaire Son's Nanny
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Playboy Billionaire Son's Nanny

Deborah. Debbie
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Chapter 1 Lori’s struggles

My landlord banged the door aggressively and he exited my room.


I rested my head as I leaned over to the door in confusion. My landlord had promised to send me out of my rented apartment if I could not pay his nine months' rent and right now I was broke and didn't even have hope anywhere.

" Lori, what are you going to do? Your landlord sounds lethal and mean, I have never seen him as angered as this before" Vee, the only friend I have in this world asked showing more concern than I do.

"I'm fed up, Vee. I don't even know what step to take over this issue and I can't ......" I mumbled and looked away just as my gaze met Vee on the bed.

"Yes, you can't, Lori. He doesn't even worth a pretty girl like you, don't even go there" Vee interjected.

My name is Lori and am 22. I’m actually from the orphanage home. I left the orphanage and started working in a bar when I was 18 and that was where I met Vee. She was my age-mate just that she was a month older than me. Though I don't count this she always talks about this and lets me know that she is my senior. Anyways, who cares?.

I was working in the same bar as Vee before it was shut down by the owner just recently. However, Vee was so lucky to be accepted instantly in one of the biggest malls in the city owned by a well-known billionaire and ever since then I had been searching for a job, anyone at all that comes my way. Vee did not relent too in looking around for a better job for me and that's why I love her so much.

My inability to secure a job makes it so difficult to gather enough money for my rent and also created an avenue for my landlord to crave what he had been longing for - my body.

My landlord was always disturbing me anytime he comes here for his rent, The fat man wants to sleep with me but I say a hell of a "No" in the capital. I can never sleep with that old pot belle hark! he’s so dirty!!, I almost spit at him the last time he told me so.

Seeing am not ready to sleep with him, He now always attacks me over his house rent just as he did a few minutes ago.

"I would have loved to accommodate you, Lori but you know that all my roommates are bitches and I bet you won't like to stay with them, but I'm sure everything is gonna be fine soon”, Vee continued while trying to comfort me on my back.

“I can’t even condone those bitch of roommates I have got, I can even save up some money to come live with you here”, Vee added still patting my back.

I felt a tear fall from my eyes but I instantly wiped it away with my hands.

“Lori you know you can always pay for your house rent in other ways but God forbid, I will never sell away my pride just for a little difficulty like this.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m going to do with my life, and sometimes I feel like going crazy!! GOD, please help me!, my head is breaking" I was thinking all these as tears started falling uncontrollably from my eyes as I couldn’t hold it to myself anymore.

"Now stop that!, Lori stop crying, I promise I will try as much as I can to help you, remember I just started working on the mall a few days ago”, Vee my friend snapped me out of my thoughts as she stood up from our tiny bed to wipe away all my tears.

“Now get your lissome body off that door and come join me for a drink tonight, come-on Lori, you can’t be poignant like this sulking all through”, Vee said to me smiling and trying to tickle me,

“Trust me, Lori something big is coming for you, I don’t know but I can feel it”, Vee added as she pulled me onto herself.

Going to my wardrobe, I wore crispy wear that was gifted to me by Vee. I and Vee wear almost the same size in a dress, though am a bit curvier than her but it's not so obvious.

Putting on the crispy wear and looking at myself in the mirror, I know I don’t look bad, at least I always get lots of glances from men whenever I walk on the streets. People say am very pretty and I can't deny the fact. Did I mention that my hips and boobs are moderate and perfectly fitted to my body? Yes, it is and my boobs are round and firm, while my hips are perfect for my size.

I combed my long brunette hair to perfection and settled for flat shoes before we trooped out of the room.

“Lori you are really pretty, I wonder why you don’t want to have a boyfriend”, Vee said to me as she was smiling and looking at me, Vee knows that am still a virgin and am not ready to have sex with any man until I meet the right person.

“Vee I have lots of things on my head now and the least is thinking about a boyfriend, Vee I need to get a job and go back to school!, trust me when I tell you having a boyfriend is the last thing on my head" I snapped back at Vee who continued smiling at me.

“come-on Lori, of course, you are going to get a job soon, I don’t know how but I trust my instincts”, Vee said to me raising her two hands,

“Relax girl”, she added.

The evening breeze fell upon me, thank GOD I was wearing a sleeveless gown as I kept on enjoying the soothing breeze on my skin.

“Lori did you see the way all these guys are looking at you?", Vee said to me, chuckling. I must confess a lot of men are looking mad at me.

“So Why are they looking?’, I asked Vee treacherously even as I am damn used to men looking at me whenever I walk on the road and many always try to make advances at me but hell No!.

“Because you look so pretty”, vee whispered to my ear, making me giggle softly. Vee is always trying to cheer me up and I love her so much.

We walked down to a bar to get some drink, sitting down, someone brought a drink for us or maybe for Vee, looking at the person, a young man in his 30s, and he looks good though.

"Hello, pretties, here is brandy wine for you both, I think pretty girls like you deserve it," he said and handed over the first bottle to Vee before he stretched his hand to give me the other. At first, I didn't want to take it from him but a glimpse from Vee made me take it, but not without hesitation.

He pulled out the third chair and sat on it at a distance so close to us. He started having a conversation with Vee but that doesn’t stop him from giving me a flirty look. He must be a man whore, I was sure of this.

looking past him, while pretending I wasn’t noticing his flirting advances,

“My name is Dickson," He said and offered me his hand.

I took it and responded,

" I am Lorena but you can call me Lori in short"

"Such a pretty name as the bearer, I will prefer the 'Lori' - he added before being taken from his cup.

"I will like to be your friend, Lori, if you won't mind" Dickson inquired.

I rolled my eyes in disgust and responded, " I think I have enough friends around me"

Dickson's phone rings. ' excuse me please' He picked up.

Vee turned to me and whispered to my ears. " Hey, babe, this guy is stinkingly rich. Can't you see his designer shoe and his customize watch? All he asks for is to be your friend and nothing more. He could help you pay for your house rent or you could borrow from him. Don't you see him as a God-sent?"

Dickson ended his call. He was sharp enough to notice our silent conversation but he had no idea of what we were talking about.

I examined Vee's advice and decided to opt in for it in as much as it won't pass the friendship zone. At least I could borrow from him as Vee said.

"Oh, sorry girls, I have an urgent meeting to attend to right away, can I have your phone contact, Lori, maybe I could just check up on you?" Dickson inquired as he pulled out of the table, arranging his phones.

I gave him my phone contact and he departed from us. Meanwhile, my naughty Vee could not stop admiring him as he walk out.

"Don't you see he is cute and wealthy? You are always impregnable to good chances like this" Vee yelled at me.

“Whatever!" I snorted and started sipping the sweet brandy wine in a way I could not when Dickson was seated between us.

Vee studied me for a while as I exhausted the wine bottle hungrily and smiled unresentfully.