The CEO wants to divorce me
img img The CEO wants to divorce me img Chapter 1 You're Such a Bitch
Chapter 6 The Truth Three Years Ago img
Chapter 7 Arabella Put Me up to It img
Chapter 8 You're a Heartless Bitch! img
Chapter 9 Will You Like the Big 'Gift' img
Chapter 10 Widowed Marriage img
Chapter 11 You're as dirty as they are img
Chapter 12 Is she going to die img
Chapter 13 She doesn't deserve to have my child img
Chapter 14 That's you, Ezra img
Chapter 15 He forced me to abort the baby! img
Chapter 16 This baby will never come into this world alive img
Chapter 17 Ruth company is going bankrupt img
Chapter 18 How do you get rid of Ruth's family img
Chapter 19 Ezra, are you satisfactory now img
Chapter 20 As long as I don't divorce, she will always be the mistress img
Chapter 21 I can give you another baby img
Chapter 22 Jack, do one more thing for me img
Chapter 23 I won't spare you img
Chapter 24 You're coming home with me to take care of Beth img
Chapter 25 She'll be your servant from now on img
Chapter 26 It's still early before you hate me completely img
Chapter 27 Your father has been taken away by the police img
Chapter 28 I suddenly don't want to get a divorce img
Chapter 29 This girl has infiltrated my life img
Chapter 30 Pleasing him img
Chapter 31 Why do you torture us so much img
Chapter 32 Get the hell out of here! img
Chapter 33 You can only die by my hand img
Chapter 34 I'll Get Daddy Out img
Chapter 35 I can help you img
Chapter 36 I've seen you when I was a kid img
Chapter 37 You are mine img
Chapter 38 Ezra, please let me go img
Chapter 39 You hit her back now img
Chapter 40 Promising to go to a dinner party img
Chapter 41 How dare you talk to Ezra like that img
Chapter 42 She's going to poison you img
Chapter 43 How long do you want to disguise img
Chapter 44 He actually has a few heart feelings for Arabella img
Chapter 45 Miss Arabella will also ask for help img
Chapter 46 Arabella, you make me sick img
Chapter 47 I want to be your woman img
Chapter 48 The White family's dinner party img
Chapter 49 She Slaps Ezra img
Chapter 50 She was viciously tortured img
Chapter 51 Sister is always such a blind man img
Chapter 52 Dad will not leave me img
Chapter 53 I am driven crazy by you img
Chapter 54 It's all my fault! img
Chapter 55 Ezra,I don't have a home anymore img
Chapter 56 He wants to destroy her with his own hands img
Chapter 57 Don't think of running away from me img
Chapter 58 The Truth About Father's Suicide img
Chapter 59 You don't deserve to attend my father's funeral! img
Chapter 60 Who gave you permission to leave img
Chapter 61 A call from Jack img
Chapter 62 Don't try to get rid of me img
Chapter 63 I just want to make you happy img
Chapter 64 His poor pride would not allow him to apologize img
Chapter 65 Ezra,you are going to be a father img
Chapter 66 Now is the best time to get a divorce img
Chapter 67 You are a selfish beast img
Chapter 68 Seeing Noah again img
Chapter 69 I will help you get free img
Chapter 70 Trial img
Chapter 71 You are slandering me img
Chapter 72 All efforts are in vain img
Chapter 73 Come home with me img
Chapter 74 Hospital brawl img
Chapter 75 The threat from Ezra img
Chapter 76 Grandpa is seriously ill img
Chapter 77 I want to be alone for a while img
Chapter 78 Hurt Arthur img
Chapter 79 Evidence img
Chapter 80 Kneel down to atone for your sins img
Chapter 81 Alibi img
Chapter 82 The dark tide in the ward img
Chapter 83 Suspects img
Chapter 84 First recovery,back to the villa img
Chapter 85 Falling down the stairs img
Chapter 86 I did it! img
Chapter 87 gloomy basement img
Chapter 88 Atonement img
Chapter 89 Abuse img
Chapter 90 Arabella's plea img
Chapter 91 James Group's Cleaners img
Chapter 92 Shame on James Group img
Chapter 93 Power of Friends img
Chapter 94 Grace's death img
Chapter 95 Grace's suicide note img
Chapter 96 Secrets in Surveillance img
Chapter 97 truth on the stairs img
Chapter 98 Expulsion from the house img
Chapter 99 Cooperation img
Chapter 100 Loophole img
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The CEO wants to divorce me

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Chapter 1 You're Such a Bitch

She was pregnant.

Arabella Ruth sat on the sofa hugging her knees, somewhat lost in thought. In her hand was the pregnancy test form that she just picked up from the hospital during the day.

Gestation period:5 weeks.

She subconsciously stroked her belly, and her inner apprehension grew stronger and stronger.

Three years of marriage didn't melt Ezra James's cold heart, and her single-minded dedication was like a joke on the contrary.

But she still can't help but look forward to it, maybe he'll accept the baby...

Suddenly, the sensor door at the foyer rang.

The man who came in was tall and strong, with a black and gray suit wrapped around his broad shoulders and narrow waist. As his cold eyes swept over, there was not a hint of expression on his indifferently handsome face.

Arabella shoved the pregnancy test sheet into her bag as soon as she stood up in a panic, "Ezra..."

The man walked slowly into the living room and interrupted her, "Let's get a divorce."

Arabella jerked her head up and looked at him incredulously.

Abruptly, she pulled at the corner of her mouth and smiled a little reluctantly, "What's wrong? Why do you want a divorce all of a sudden? Did I do anything wrong?"

The man gathered his eyes with a cold and resolute face which Arabella couldn't read, "Beth has returned to Austin. You have been sitting in the position of Mrs. James for long enough. It's time for a change."

Beth Ruth?

Arabella froze on the spot upon hearing the name. It's been too long since she heard this familiar yet strange name.

The memories in her mind came flooding back, and she remembered the "little sister" who had once possessed all of Ezra's favor and preference.

She's back?

Arabella looked at the man in front of her in a bit of a daze, and her heart ached as if it had been torn apart.

From the beginning to the end, his heart only belonged to Beth Ruth ...

"What if I don't agree?"

Arabella's voice trembled, but her gaze was stubbornly looking at Ezra.

She had loved this man for so many years that she finally became his wife and even got pregnant with his child... Why must she let go as soon as that woman returned?

Ezra seemed to have guessed that she would disagree, and his tone was mocking, sneering in disgust, "I'm not asking for your opinion, just informing you. You know who I love, if grandfather hadn't forced me to marry you, do you think I would have given you more than a passing glance?"

Arabella had a momentary choke. Although she knew what he said was true, her heart still hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.

She was so aggrieved and angry that she couldn't hold back her tears and said, "Ezra James, you agreed to marry me first. Now that grandpa is still alive, how can you even think about divorce? What, you think I'm too much of an eyesore and can't wait to let Beth Ruth marry into the James' family?"

As soon as the words just left her mouth, the man threw a hard slap in her face.

"You are not worthy to mention her name!"

Arabella covered her face. She was completely dazed, and her delicate body couldn't stop trembling.

It was the first time that Ezra had hit her, just because of Beth Ruth.

Her heart was stinging and she snapped through suppressed sobs, "I'm not getting a divorce! Why should I step aside when she gets back? ! I'm the one who's your wife!"

A trace of impatience flashed in Ezra's eyes as he directly pushed Arabella down on the sofa and tore her clothes with his hands, sneering, "You are not willing to divorce even after all is said and done to this extent. Arabella, you're such a bitch!"

Arabella abruptly rounded her eyes. She had been married to Ezra James for three years, and she was no longer a virgin who didn't know about love affairs, naturally she knew exactly what he wanted to do.

But what she couldn't forget was that she still had a child in her belly!

She pressed against the man's chest and stopped in fright, "Ezra James, are you crazy? Quickly let go of me!"

But Ezra, as if he hadn't heard, grabbed her hands and squeezed them above her head, "What? Isn't this what you want? What are you pretending to be pure for?"

The man lifted up her last covering, thrust fiercely and moved roughly and ruthlessly.

Arabella closed her eyes in despair, silently praying that his movements would be lighter.

But the man didn't care about her occasional cries of pain, just following his instinctive aggression.

Arabella felt like a wooden boat floating on the water, climbing and swaying with his movements.

Only by this way could she minimize the damage to the child...

It seemed like a long time before the man's stormy movements stopped.

He got up from Arabella's body, looked at her closing eyes and her pale face, and suddenly felt some inexplicable irritation.

"Come on! How long are you going to pretend? You're really making me sick!" Glancing at her coldly, he went straight to the bathroom, changed his clothes and left the villa. Before leaving, he once again left the word, "Arabella, you shouldn't take it too seriously. Sign the divorce agreement early, and I will let the driver come to pick it up."

Hearing the sound of the door closing heavily, the tears which she had held back for a long time, finally flowed down.

She lay helplessly on the sofa, with her gaze empty and confused.

Suddenly, sharp pain in her lower abdomen pulled her drifting thoughts back.

It hurt! It hurt so much that cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she shrunk herself into a ball.

She gritted her teeth, grabbed her phone with trembling hands, and dialed the phone number at the top of her address book.

"Ez..ra, Ezra, please come back, my stomach hurts, help me please..."

The man interrupted her impatiently before she finished her sentence, "Haven't you played enough? I'm very busy now, I don't have time for your drama, so behave yourself!"

Arabella held back the pain, "I'm not ..."

Before the words were out of her mouth, the phone was hung up.

Undeterred, Arabella dialed again, however, only a mechanical female voice came from the phone and Ezra was no longer answering.

With tears in her eyes, she could only dial another number.

This time it was answered quickly, and the cheerful voice of the girl on the other side came through, "Bella, what's wrong?"

"Emma ..." Arabella clenched her teeth, almost with a crying voice, "I'm in pain, help me ..."

Just after the words were said, her tears fell like rain.

"Bella, what's wrong with you? Take it easy, tell me where you are? I'll be right over!"


After just saying one word, she had no more energy to support herself.

As her hand shook a bit, the phone fell to the ground with a "pop".

Emma's anxious voice continued, but it was getting farther and farther away from her...