The Miracle Doctor: Call Me Savior
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The Miracle Doctor: Call Me Savior

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Chapter 1 Emergency Operation

"Zachary, why are you still asleep? Get up now!"

An urgent voice was heard, and Zachary Ching felt someone kick the bench that he was lying on. He opened his eyes in a daze and sat up from the bench in the lobby of the Rutherford Hospital in Lanesville.

Looking at the white lights and the walls around him, and hearing the hustle of footsteps walking past him hurriedly, Zachary's head felt dizzy. His usual bright eyes were clouded as he murmured, "What's going on here? What's this place? This..."

A nurse in a white uniform looked at Zachary with disdain as he was trying to figure out the situation. She shouted at him angrily, "There's a seriously injured patient. Get up now!"

Then, the nurse muttered to herself, "He's just a poor intern. He wouldn't have been called up in the wee hours if he hadn't offended Dr. Tse, and we wouldn't have to be on the night shift with him."

Zachary stood up and staggered as he followed behind her. He ignored the mocking tone of the nurse. His mind was boggled with two conflicting thoughts, which made him feel even dizzier.

Although Zachary's brain was still in a mush, he finally figured out what was going on.

His original name was Harrison Ching. He used to be an ordinary herbalist in the ancient times. He had accidentally discovered a special herb as he was collecting medicinal plants in the mountains. After consuming the herb, he found that his body and mind had been greatly enhanced, and his life expectancy had increased as well.

As a result, although he was not a talented herbalist by nature, Harrison began to practice medical knowledge and skills, actively learning from some masters. He soon became a famous doctor himself. He was known as 'Herbal King'. He founded his own clinic, the Miraculous Hall, so that he could treat patients with his medical skills.

It was a tumultuous time. Harrison donated all his savings and utilized his medical skills to save countless civilians and soldiers. Unfortunately, he was killed by the enemy while giving medical treatment at the front line of the battlefield.

Perhaps it was due to the special herb, Harrison found that his soul did not disappear after dying. His soul remained on earth aimlessly, until one day, it entered the body of a young man named Zachary. Harrison's soul fused with Zachary's soul, and he woke up in the hospital.

As for Zachary, he was a student in his senior year in the School of Chinese Medicine at Ludington Medical College. He was doing his internship at the Rutherford Hospital in Lanesville.

Zachary was a top student in the school. He excelled in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. However, he was dirt-poor. As an honest and stubborn person, he had offended numerous people by reporting a case to the higher-ups of his school. It was a bribing situation, involving the lecturers and counselors. As a result, his internship was transferred from a big hospital in the city to a remote small hospital in the countryside.

Perhaps it was due to Zachary's personality, the chief doctor of the hospital, Caleb Tse, disliked Zachary as well. Caleb treated him badly. Not only did Zachary have to do all kinds of heavy work, but his salary was also deducted for no reason. Besides, he would also be assigned on the night shift for days in a row.

Zachary, who had a weak body, was exhausted from being tormented by Dr. Tse. He almost died of fatigue. Perhaps it was because of Zachary's bodily weakness that Harrison's soul managed to enter his body and merge with his soul. Zachary was both a 'Herbal King' and an ordinary college student now.

"Hurry up! You'll be responsible if anything happens to the patient!" The nurse urged him impatiently.

Zachary was fully awake now that both of his consciousnesses have merged. He did not care about the nurse's attitude, but followed up behind the nurse immediately.

Soon, Zachary saw a hospital bed at the entrance of the operating room. As he approached, he saw a young woman lying on the bed. The woman was wearing a white dress. She was so beautiful that people would surely stare when she was walking down the streets.

Zachary was shocked when he saw the young woman's face clearly. The young woman, who was lying on the hospital bed now, was the campus belle in Ludington Medical College. Her name was Vanessa Sue.

Vanessa had always been the most beautiful girl in Ludington Medical College. Ever since she started her study in the school, many boys, including Zachary, admired her a lot. Although Zachary had never spoken to her in person, he could recognize her at first glance.

However, at that moment, Vanessa's face was extremely pale. She had already lost consciousness, and there was a bruise on her forehead. It seemed that she had been hit by a heavy impact.

Tucking away his messy emotions, Zachary quickly stepped forward. He grabbed Vanessa's slender and cold wrist, and began to feel her pulse in order to diagnose her. It was the Herbal King's natural instinct.

At the same time, he turned to the nurse who was standing next to him. He asked in a serious manner, "How did the patient get injured? When was she sent to the hospital?"

The nurse was stunned. She didn't expect that Zachary, who was usually passive in all sorts of work, would dare to speak to her in such a manner. She scolded him angrily, "Are you aware of your attitude? You're just an intern. How dare you talk to me in such a tone. Do you think that you are a great doctor?"

Zachary didn't expect that the nurse would still make a fuss when a patient's life was in danger. He was p*ssed off immediately and he growled, "This is a matter of life and death. Please control your temper!"

Zachary somehow had the demeanor of the Herbal King. The nurse's heart skipped a beat at that domineering aura. She did not dare to vent out her anger anymore. She hurriedly replied, "The patient arrived ten minutes ago. It seems that she had hit her head in a car accident."

"Where is the patient's family?" Zachary asked, "Dr. Tse is on duty tonight. Where is he?"

"The patient's family is in a phone call outside," The nurse replied. However, she began to stammer when she talked about Dr. Tse, "Dr. Tse went out because he had something to do... I have already given him a call to notify him..."

Upon hearing that, Zachary couldn't help but feel a rising anger in his heart. Caleb Tse had obviously left the hospital while he was on duty.

Vanessa's body suddenly started to tremble. Bright red blood was oozing from her nostrils. Her face turned even paler.

"Her condition is getting worse!" Zachary frowned as he diagnosed her.

Vanessa was unconscious from the trauma to her head. She had severe internal bleeding, and the blood clot was compressing the nerves in her brain. Her life would be in danger if the blood clot was not removed in time.