Reborn To Be A Doctor
img img Reborn To Be A Doctor img Chapter 1 Tragic Death
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Chapter 16 Provocation img
Chapter 17 Sophia's Rubbish Dad img
Chapter 18 A Slap in the Face! img
Chapter 19 Ganodorma lucidum img
Chapter 20 A Gift from the Flea Market img
Chapter 21 Five Buffalos img
Chapter 22 The Painting Is a Counterfeit img
Chapter 23 An Authentic Painting img
Chapter 24 Eat up the Birthday Gift! img
Chapter 25 Get Out of the Anderson Family! img
Chapter 26 It's Your Honor img
Chapter 27 Pheasant or Phoenix img
Chapter 28 Generosity img
Chapter 29 Rosewood or Sandalwood img
Chapter 30 I Can See! img
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Chapter 32 Pick her up Date img
Chapter 33 Hang out in the hospital for no reason img
Chapter 34 Why not have a try img
Chapter 35 Prepare for the funeral img
Chapter 36 Animal! img
Chapter 37 Anger, save the kid! img
Chapter 38 Revived img
Chapter 39 Blind luck img
Chapter 40 Ruthless ambition img
Chapter 41 Five-Lake Black Gold Card img
Chapter 42 Love rival, alert img
Chapter 43 Arrogant Ryan img
Chapter 44 Thirsty, drink water! img
Chapter 45 Rose, hatred! img
Chapter 46 Lance, killing intent! img
Chapter 47 Pouring wine, hatred! img
Chapter 48 Ignore him, arrogant! img
Chapter 49 Unqualified, contempt! img
Chapter 50 Consequence, tyrannical! img
Chapter 51 Unrestrained Brag img
Chapter 52 Evil Ghost img
Chapter 53 Destruction, Cardholder! img
Chapter 54 Hate Breeding! img
Chapter 55 The Hero of Anti-Trafficking img
Chapter 56 Ambition, Setting Up! img
Chapter 57 Purpose, Smear! img
Chapter 58 Does Countrymen Know Medicine Do Well img
Chapter 59 Get out of here! The Condition of Louis is Deteriorate! img
Chapter 60 Waiting For Regret. Don't Recognize Relatives Randomly! img
Chapter 61 Play-Hard To Get Regret! img
Chapter 62 No Breath. Heavy Reward! img
Chapter 63 Sour Grapes. Killing Intention! img
Chapter 64 Free Seat Cushion img
Chapter 65 Take A Bath Here img
Chapter 66 Actively Seduce img
Chapter 67 Are You Teaching Me To Pursue You img
Chapter 68 Come On, My Hands Are Sore img
Chapter 69 Do You Want To Stay With Me img
Chapter 70 Five-Lake Gang. Debt Collection! img
Chapter 71 When You Take Money From Someone, You Have To Do It For Them img
Chapter 72 Doctor Anderson, Shocked! img
Chapter 73 Eviction! Expel From Home! img
Chapter 74 A Bloody Disaster img
Chapter 75 Get Some Good Luck img
Chapter 76 I Want You! img
Chapter 77 Fish Begins To Stink At The Head img
Chapter 78 Suspicion, All Are False! img
Chapter 79 You Don't Give Up Until You See The Conffin img
Chapter 80 Give Me The Property License And I Will Give You The Money img
Chapter 81 Great Villa, Cindy Mason img
Chapter 82 The Patek Philippe That Ruby Bought For Me img
Chapter 83 Ten Million Reparations, Filial Piety img
Chapter 84 Because, This Watch Is Mine! img
Chapter 85 A Mouthful of Blood img
Chapter 86 Great Club, Cindy img
Chapter 87 I Have No Intention Of Mixing With Your Circle img
Chapter 88 Julie, Birds Of A Feather Flock Together img
Chapter 89 Danny, Usury img
Chapter 90 I Have The Final Say img
Chapter 91 You're Dead, The Blood Price img
Chapter 92 One Person Borrows Money And The Whole Family Is Dragged Down img
Chapter 93 Mr. Ryan Was Protecting Her! img
Chapter 94 Not a Bumpkin but a Big Potato img
Chapter 95 Background img
Chapter 96 The Pain of Breaking Bones! img
Chapter 97 Have You Ever Had a Girlfriend img
Chapter 98 Apologize! img
Chapter 99 Dead People, Buried Alive img
Chapter 100 Fooling People img
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Reborn To Be A Doctor

Isla Longman
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Chapter 1 Tragic Death

Inside an abandoned cottage in the suburbs, several doctors in white uniforms were dealing with a disfigured woman on the ground. Flies and maggots were wriggling freely around her decaying body.

After two years of extreme pain, Sophia Anderson's nerves had long become numb.

A thick medullary biopsy needle pierced her veins without mercy.

Sophia bit her bottom lip tightly and let the blood rush from her body in one direction until her body grew cold.

After finishing drawing blood, the doctors left indifferently.

"Ruby, what brings you to this foul place on our wedding night?"

Joseph Clarke cast a disgusted glance at the stinking woman on the floor, and the house smelled lingeringly putrid.

Sophia's heart shivered as her bloodshot eyes stared dully at the man she had loved for years!

Sophia crawled towards him with the last bit of hope.

Joseph ruthlessly kicked her in the stomach, and Sophia slammed into the wall, immediately spurting out a mouthful of blood.

Joseph frowned in disgust. "Slutty, shameless bitch! What do you want? If Ruby didn't have thalassemia and both she and you have a rare type of blood so that your blood can be used to lengthen her life, I would have torn you into pieces on the ground for your betrayal of me!"

Betray him?

Sophia loved Joseph wholeheartedly. How could she have betrayed him?

The so-called betrayal was purely a setup by Ruby Anderson. Ruby instructed several men to gang rape Sophia and recorded the process.

Ruby, in a costly and gorgeous traditional wedding dress, slowly squatted in front of Sophia.

Her fingernails were painted scarlet, and she fiercely pinched Sophia's chin, flashing a bright smile. "Sister Sophia, look how gorgeous and shining the dress on me is. And check out the gold jewelry in my hair. Guess what? Joseph spent half a billion yuan on them for me. We'll be happy forever."

"You..." Sophia was so angry that she abruptly spurted out a few more mouthfuls of blood.

"Oops, I almost forgot, you're blind now. You can't see. Let me be frank with you. Six years ago, when you rejoined the Anderson Family, you lost your virginity in a bar and were photographed naked. It was all my idea. Only by driving you out of the Anderson Family can I become the apple of everyone's eye. Now I am the heiress to the family, enjoying the future that originally belonged to you!"

Ruby looked down at Sophia from above, full of complacency and conceit.

Sophia was thunder-struck. Her blurry countenance was frighteningly pale, and her body was trembling violently.

Her dire face was no different from that of a ghost.

Just then, Joseph asked frostily, "Ruby, how do you want to punish such a hateful bitch?"

Ruby flashed a noble, decent smile, saying, "I'd like to see her bones be broken into pieces and then throw her into the river to feed the sharks. Honey, what do you say?"

"It's totally up to you." Joseph looked at Ruby with a doting expression in his eyes.

Ruby snapped her fingers, instructing, "Someone comes in to break this woman's bones and then feed the fish by throwing her into water."

Suddenly, Ruby's perfect smile paused for one second, and she then continued in a caustic tone of voice, "Perhaps after eating Sister Sophia's flesh, those fish will become pretty and sturdy. At least that's something nice."

Rose Anderson, Sophia's former assistant, walked up to the latter's front with an iron bar in her hand.

Her smile was serpentine. "President Sophia, I hope you'll enjoy the pain."

With that, her facial expression changed sharply and became vicious and poisonous. She knocked down upon Sophia's bones with the iron bar. In an instant, blood was splashed everywhere.

The pain was piercing and heart-breaking.

Sophia screamed in terror and tried desperately to dodge, but she had no strength left.

Shock and sorrow filled her face, and her eyebrows were tinged with hostility.

How ruthless and soulless Joseph was!

How wicked and vicious Ruby was!

If her life could start over, she would kill these beasts in human faces with her own hands!

No one noticed that Sophia's blood flew down along her neckline, seeped into the jade amulet around her neck, and a silver gleam flickered.