The Daring Wife of the Prime Minister
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The Daring Wife of the Prime Minister

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Chapter 1 She was back

"What time has it been, wicked girl? What a lazy bone, get up and go sweep the chicken coop!"

The taste of death exploded in Stella's ears, tapered to the bone.

Suddenly, her body was slapped so heavily that she thought she was protesting vehemently but ended up making what was nothing more than a slight grunting sound.

"What? Still trying to pretend you're sick? I think you just need more bitter to taste, you'll see, I'll tell grandma and you'll never eat today."

The sound of yelling and shouting was gradually moving away, and the door was slammed with a bang.

At that time, Stella's consciousness slowly returned.

She was dead, she remembered.

In that dark dungeon, in front of that woman's smugness, she suffered a painful death.

But where was here?

Stella slowly opened her eyes, only to see the blackened roof and the hard plank bed beneath her body.

The damp suffocating scent was so familiar, and a terrifying strange feeling scrambled out from Stella's bones.

She remembered!

Here was where she had lived until she was sixteen, the Judd family in Shawnclud Village!

Stella's eyes opened to the max, but tears still spilled out.

The heavens had eyes!

Did God think that she had lived too painfully, too? Was that the reason why he gave her another chance?

Stella cried wordlessly until she convulsed, this life, she would definitely not repeat the mistakes, and this life, she had crawled out of hell to collect her debt from those who had harmed and wronged her!


"How dare you cry, thinking you're the little princess of the family?"

The woman returned, rolled her eyes disdainfully, and moved aside, "Mother, look at her, she just doesn't want to work, she was lazy and greedy, no wonder my younger siblings don't want her."

Stella struggled to hold herself up, and the person who spoke was her eldest aunt, Susan Roberts, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Judd family.

There were three brothers in the Judd family, the eldest son George Judd, the second son Philip Judd, and the third son Gary Judd.

The three brothers were all married. George had one son and one daughter. Philip and his wife, Mary Taylor, had one son and one daughter. And Gary had only two daughters.

Stella was Gary's eldest daughter.

However, her parents were not in Shawnclud Village at the moment.

Linda Judd, Stella's grandmother, would not be polite to this kind of wicked girl, so she took up the broom and lifted it over her head to greet Stella.

"Born to be lazy! Your mother was a loser who gave birth to someone like you, contemptible wretch! How dare you get sick without finishing your housework? I'll kill you!

Stella was agile, bracing herself to narrowly avoid the downed broom and jumped off the bed away from the two.

"You little brute still dare to hide? Pretending to be sick, just like that bitch of your mother! I'll give you a good slack!"

When she had missed for the first strike, she was furious and carried a broom to chase after her.

"Grandma please, I have to go sweep the chicken coop. If you beat me to death, nobody else is going to do this."

Stella was agile and burrowed out from Susan's arm with that sentence.

Linda stopped kicking. It was true that Stella had done the most in the family, but Susan was still cursing and cursing in her mouth.

"Son of a bitch, eating and wearing without working hard, should have been strangled to death right after she was born!"

Susan helped out, "You are right. It was no need to go to the town to give birth to her, and as a result, she was such a loser. Mother, you don't need to be so angry about her."