The Despised Son-in-law Strikes Back
img img The Despised Son-in-law Strikes Back img Chapter 1 Being Cheated On
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Chapter 19 Someone Knelt Down img
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Chapter 21 Be My Personal Driver img
Chapter 22 Liam Drove A Maybach img
Chapter 23 Liam Stole A Necklace img
Chapter 24 You Are Not Allowed To Go In img
Chapter 25 A Billionaire Thief img
Chapter 26 Bailing Dennis Out img
Chapter 27 The Skeleton Pub img
Chapter 28 Half Of A Thumb Was Cut Off img
Chapter 29 A Guard img
Chapter 30 Julie's Toy Boy img
Chapter 31 The Task img
Chapter 32 Be My Lover img
Chapter 33 Yolanda Cried img
Chapter 34 Asking Liam For Help img
Chapter 35 Liam's Help img
Chapter 36 Liam Was The CEO img
Chapter 37 Cancelling The Cooperation img
Chapter 38 Liam's Counterattack img
Chapter 39 Being Hunted img
Chapter 40 Carve Him Up img
Chapter 41 Five Minutes img
Chapter 42 Mr. Hoffman img
Chapter 43 Completely Surrender img
Chapter 44 The Dark Side img
Chapter 45 Dennis' Proposal img
Chapter 46 Hollywood Pub img
Chapter 47 Proposing In The Hollywood Pub img
Chapter 48 The Proposal img
Chapter 49 Yolanda Said Yes img
Chapter 50 Keeping His Promise img
Chapter 51 He Is A Gigolo img
Chapter 52 The Owner Of The Pub img
Chapter 53 Yolanda Hugged Liam img
Chapter 54 Be My Kept Man img
Chapter 55 Destroying The Caldwell Family img
Chapter 56 The Ruin Of The Pandora Pub img
Chapter 57 A Lame Excuse img
Chapter 58 Klaus Works For Liam img
Chapter 59 Klaus Showed Up img
Chapter 60 Andrew Surrendered img
Chapter 61 Serving Liam img
Chapter 62 Wedding Gift To The Couple img
Chapter 63 Bringing The Caldwell Family Down img
Chapter 64 The Wedding Invitations img
Chapter 65 Kervin Asked For Cooperation img
Chapter 66 How Dare You Slither In Here img
Chapter 67 I Would Have Asked Klaus To Murder Him img
Chapter 68 Malcom Quinn img
Chapter 69 Obsessed img
Chapter 70 I'm The New Owner img
Chapter 71 Kervin Was In Trouble img
Chapter 72 Kervin Surrendered img
Chapter 73 The Day Finally Came img
Chapter 74 Mr. Hoffman Appeared img
Chapter 75 Liam Is My Superior! img
Chapter 76 I Will Marry Liam img
Chapter 77 The Two Women Of The Lambert Family img
Chapter 78 Lavish Gifts img
Chapter 79 The Wedding img
Chapter 80 Evidence img
Chapter 81 The Crushing Loss img
Chapter 82 Cancelling The Wedding img
Chapter 83 Shameless img
Chapter 84 The Riley Family img
Chapter 85 Andrea Was Willing To Have Sex With Liam img
Chapter 86 Known To All In The City img
Chapter 87 An Internal Strife img
Chapter 88 A Plan img
Chapter 89 A Good Show img
Chapter 90 What Was The Truth img
Chapter 91 Yolanda Cut Her Wrist img
Chapter 92 A Smart Move img
Chapter 93 A Passionate Kiss img
Chapter 94 Tyler Pursuing Yolanda img
Chapter 95 Isabella's Intentions img
Chapter 96 Shameless Bastards img
Chapter 97 Outraged Liam img
Chapter 98 A Secret Affair img
Chapter 99 Being Caught img
Chapter 100 In A Confrontation img
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The Despised Son-in-law Strikes Back

Sydney Chaplin
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Chapter 1 Being Cheated On

Liam Hoffman walked to the front desk of Sunrise Decoration Corp. in Ninverton with a paper bag in his hand.

Inside the paper bag was a cup of coffee, and he was very careful not to spill it.

"This is the coffee ordered by Mr. Dennis Caldwell. Where should I deliver it?" He said to the receptionist.

The receptionist looked Liam up and down and said disgustedly, "Follow me."

Liam was actually an Uber driver. But today, he unexpectedly received a delivery order with generous pay. It was two hundred dollars, so he accepted the job.

He followed the receptionist until they reached the door of an office.

As soon as Liam put his hand on the doorknob, he suddenly heard a woman's groan from inside.

The voice sounded very familiar to him. It was much like his wife's.

He couldn't believe his ears. He must have heard it wrong.

Liam tried to convince himself he was wrong. But he still couldn't help getting closer, so he could hear it more clearly.

"Ahhh... Dennis, don't do that..."

"Come on, let me kiss you. Anyway, your good-for-nothing husband has never kissed you, right?"

When Liam heard the conversation inside the office, he was stunned.

When he came back to his senses, he knocked hard on the door and shouted, "Open the door! Open it now!"

The receptionist asked anxiously, "Hey, what is wrong with you?"

The door was suddenly opened with a loud bang.

Then a strange man appeared in front of Liam.

Liam's attention was immediately caught by the lipstick marks on the man's right cheek.

He threw the paper bag away, pushed the man away, and looked into the office.

Then he saw a woman with smooth skin and a curvaceous figure, wearing black silk stockings. Flustered, she was buttoning her shirt in a hurry.

"Yolanda!" Liam roared in rage.

It turned out that he was right. The flustered woman inside the office was really his wife.

He felt like a giant boulder was pressing his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Liam glared at Yolanda Lambert and said angrily, "Yolanda, we have been married for three years. And during these years, I have worked as an Uber driver by day and taken care of your family by night. I've been a good husband to you. But in the past three years, you have never allowed me to touch you. Despite that, I didn't think badly of you. I told myself you were only a reserved woman. But what is this? How dare you cheat on me with this man in his office! Why did you do this to me? What have I done wrong?"

"Honey... W-what are you doing here?" Yolanda said after finally buttoning up her shirt, covering her exposed cleavage.

At this moment, Dennis snickered and said proudly, "You call your husband a loser every day, so I got curious and let him come here today to see what a loser he is."

After saying this, he looked at Liam disdainfully.

Yolanda also recovered from her panic and regained her composure.

She thought Liam was really a loser anyway. Even the money used to buy his car was hers. So what right did he have to accuse her of anything?

She stood between Dennis and Liam, raised her head, and said to Liam arrogantly, "Watch your words, Liam. I am not cheating on you or anyone. Mr. Caldwell and I were just talking about business."

Liam gritted his teeth and sneered, "Does talking about business require physical contact and lipstick marks on his cheek?"

While standing at the door, the receptionist finally understood what was going on. She looked at the trembling Liam and sneered, "You really should look at yourself in the mirror. You're just an Uber driver. How can you compare to Mr. Caldwell, who is the CEO of a company with a market value of one billion dollars? Even if you drive for a hundred years, you can't make that much money."

Dennis became more arrogant after hearing the receptionist's words. He put his arm around Yolanda's shoulder, picked up the glass of wine on the table, and handed it to Yolanda.

Yolanda hesitated for a moment. Then she accepted the glass, clinked it with his, and they drank up the wine together.

Liam's eyes were fixed on Dennis and Yolanda. He thought they were the most shameless people he had ever met.

He clenched his fists so tightly that his nails pierced into the flesh of his palms. At this moment, there was only anger in his heart.

When the receptionist saw his reaction, she raised her eyebrows and said, "What? Do you want to fight?" Then she shouted, "Guards!"

Yolanda also looked at Liam with her head raised high and said coldly, "Liam, why don't you just leave? Do you really want to be beaten up?"

Liam looked at the security guards around him with batons in their hands.

He slowly loosened his fists and said coldly, "Yolanda, you will regret this one day."

Then he turned around and walked out of Dennis' office.

Yolanda looked at Liam's receding back, but she said nothing.

Liam walked out of the company and got in his car, thinking about how to take revenge on them.

At this moment, his phone rang.

As soon as he answered it, the butler of his family, Theo Reed's voice came through from the other end of the line.

"Sir, your three-year task in the Lambert family is over, and your reward is a villa in Cloudhigh Resort. From today on, your restrictions are also lifted."

Theo paused and then continued, "Your next training task is managing business. Your father has bought Kingland Group and appointed you as the CEO."

"Okay," Liam said in a hoarse voice. He was not surprised at all.

Then Theo asked, "How are you getting along with your wife? Are you going to hold a grand wedding ceremony for her with your real identity?"

Liam's face darkened at once. "No. She doesn't deserve it."