The 365 Days Contract
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The 365 Days Contract

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Chapter 1 Prologue

“Where is that useless son of yours?” I heard my dad’s voice reverberate through the thick walls of the house, jolting me out of my sleep.

With the speed of light, I scrambled out of bed, putting on my underwear and went to wake the lady beside me. How could she be sleeping like the dead with so much noise. I hurriedly tapped her to get up and get out of my room before my dad got in here. I didn’t even know her name, I just brought her home and had a wild night with her yesterday in my drunken haze.

“Hey, you!” I hissed in irritation. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, totally misreading the situation, without eating anytime, I picked her underwear from the ground and threw them at her.

“Get dressed and leave here now!” I ordered through clenched teeth.

Thankfully she didn’t waste any time with baseless arguments or complaints and just obeyed my instructions. She had barely only put on her too when my dad barged into the room.


“You good for nothing imbecile!” his eyes were almost popping out of his head as the veins all over his face protruded. “Do you really have no shame left?” The girl in my room scrambled to gather the rest of her clothes and fled the room with the clothes in her hand.

Good for her, if only I could do same.

“Good morning dad” I greeted as he scrutinized me with disgust written all over his face. I stood there like a twelve years old, waiting to be grounded.

“I will be forced to hit you with this if you say that to me again” he shouted pointing his walking stick at me. “what is wrong with you. I have seen that there is truly no redemption for you, I gave you several chance to prove yourself to me but you have failed yet again and this time, you cost the company millions!”

What! No, no, no!

My eyes bulged as I remembered that I had a meeting scheduled for this morning with some Asian investors. I began scattering the bed in search of my phone, why didn’t my secretary fucking call me? I found the phone.

Four missed calls.

“God! I’m really sorry dad! I can still make it in time for the meeting”

“The meeting was scheduled for 8:00am, look at the time you idiot” I looked at the clock on my bed stand, 09:37am.

“You kept our investors waiting for almost two hours, they left in anger and didn’t fail to mention how they would not be doing business with us in the future.” The disappointment in his voice was heavy, and this time I knew that I had truly fucked up.

“I’m really sorry dad, it was the alcohol. I overslept” immediately I made the statement I wish I could retract it

“You went out drinking the night before an important meeting like this?” he shot daggers at me with his eyes and then continued.

“I was blind to it before because I wanted to have faith in you and kept making series of excuses for you as my only son, but no more. You are not fit to be the CEO of the Fisher company. I would rather die than allow you run the company which I built with my blood and sweat to the ground” he spat and marched out of my room. I saw my whole world come crashing at my feet.

I had no problem disappointing my father because as far as I’m concerned, he was disappointed with everything I did, but this one is different. I actually loved the company but didn’t realize how much till this point.

I quickly chased after him.

“D-dad please, one more chance! Just give me one more chance to prove that I can be trusted with the company and I promise not to let you down this time.” He stared at me with disgust, making me feel small even though I towered over him.

“No, you have done enough! I’ll employ an outsider to become the acting CEO once I retire”

“Do you really want to do that? Dad you know that will not end well, just give me this one more chance to prove myself to you and I promise, if I fail you again this time then I will never ask for another chance” I pleaded, I could see the wheels in his head spinning and I felt a little relief that he was considering it.

“Fine! I will consider it on one condition”

I smiled triumphantly “I will do anything.”

“You get married within a year” he said with a devilish glint in his eyes.