Infinite Love From My Ex-husband
img img Infinite Love From My Ex-husband img Chapter 1 A Divorce Agreement
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Chapter 27 A Crushing Defeat img
Chapter 28 Slap img
Chapter 29 Lynn's Insidious Plan img
Chapter 30 Fake Concern img
Chapter 31 Mr. Dustin's Dirty Thoughts img
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Chapter 34 Her Mother's Last Wish img
Chapter 35 A Call From Rose img
Chapter 36 We're Still Hours Away From Getting Off Work img
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Chapter 44 Bribery img
Chapter 45 Grandparents img
Chapter 46 Grandma, It's Me img
Chapter 47 Reunion img
Chapter 48 Family Members img
Chapter 49 Grandma's Words img
Chapter 50 The Bygones img
Chapter 51 Memories img
Chapter 52 I Divorced Gerard img
Chapter 53 A Marriage of Mutual Interest img
Chapter 54 Michelle's Filial Piety img
Chapter 55 A Call From George img
Chapter 56 Three Men With Different Thoughts img
Chapter 57 Move Out img
Chapter 58 The Greenwood's House's Dinner img
Chapter 59 The Greenwood's House Is Full Of Secrets img
Chapter 60 Cali's Allergic Reaction img
Chapter 61 They Haven't Divorced Yet img
Chapter 62 Tempting Body Contact After Divorce img
Chapter 63 Out Of Danger img
Chapter 64 Food Allergies img
Chapter 65 An Unwelcomed Reporter img
Chapter 66 An Exclusive Interview img
Chapter 67 Like A Stranger img
Chapter 68 Nina's Simple Thoughts img
Chapter 69 She's In Love img
Chapter 70 Maybe She Had Cheated On Him img
Chapter 71 Sent You The Invitation On Purpose img
Chapter 72 I'll Buy You A Car img
Chapter 73 Return The Favor To The Greenwoods img
Chapter 74 Michelle's Memories img
Chapter 75 Aesthetic img
Chapter 76 Come To The Dinner Party img
Chapter 77 Butterfly Orchid img
Chapter 78 Nina's Secret Plan img
Chapter 79 The Mills Enterprise's Little Secret img
Chapter 80 Charity Dinner: She Can Take Care Of Herself img
Chapter 81 Charity Dinner: Gordon Was Ignored img
Chapter 82 Charity Dinner: Thanks To Nina img
Chapter 83 Charity Dinner: Paula Did Her A Favor img
Chapter 84 Jared, I Never Hated You img
Chapter 85 Jared's thoughts img
Chapter 86 Jolie And George Meet Again img
Chapter 87 The Debut Of Gerard img
Chapter 88 Intimate Contact After Divorce img
Chapter 89 The Beauty Of The Ex-wife img
Chapter 90 Fuck Off! img
Chapter 91 Where Are Her Crystal Shoes img
Chapter 92 The Legendary Miss Lawson img
Chapter 93 Vivien Acted On Impulse img
Chapter 94 Painful Love Tribulation img
Chapter 95 Met Her Prince Charming img
Chapter 96 He Wouldn't Allow Anyone To Offend His Woman img
Chapter 97 Earl And Dawn Are So Incompetent img
Chapter 98 Unexpected Question img
Chapter 99 Deception img
Chapter 100 An Indifferent Man img
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Infinite Love From My Ex-husband

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Chapter 1 A Divorce Agreement

When Michelle Greenwood got up in the morning, she didn't feel refreshed as one would expect after a good night's rest. She felt restless due to her lingering anxiety that something bad was about to happen. This made her extremely upset. As expected, she received a direct call from Gerard Roberts just a few moments before the clock ticked to nine. He told her to go to Robert Enterprises before ten o'clock.

She had no idea why he wanted to see her all of a sudden, but she knew at the back of her mind that it definitely wasn't something good. So she quickly got dressed and walked for about ten minutes to Robert Enterprises.

It was not the first time that she had entered the building. There was nothing new, except that this time, she received a direct order from her husband, the son of the owner of the Robert Enterprises, to go to the headquarters of their company in Binfield to sign the divorce agreement!

A while later, she quietly sat in Gerard's office as she held the pen in her hand so tight that her fingertips quickly turned pale. She looked down to glance at the divorce papers on the table. She was deliberately trying to avoid eye contact with the cold and indifferent eyes of the person across from her. She didn't understand why he had to go as far as wanting a divorce. They had been married for about a year now. Had she done something wrong? Or was it something else?

But even if he indeed wanted a divorce, he wouldn't bother asking her to personally come and sit in his office. They could simply discuss it at home. However, she almost forgot that he hadn't been home for more than two months. If fact, he had rarely ever been home. Nothing intimate happened between them.

Michelle knew well that the reason why he married her in the first place was that she was a Greenwood, which was of high status and esteemed reputation. More than a year had passed since their marriage, and Gerard quickly rose to power until he reached a status high enough for him to be regarded as the backbone of the Roberts family. He now held a significant amount of influence in Binfield. She, on the other hand, remained as Michelle Greenwood, a woman with no significant achievement; a nobody. No one even knew that she was Gerard Roberts' legal wife. This was included in the agreement between him and the Greenwoods. Their marriage must be kept as a secret.

In order to win over the allegiance of the Roberts, the Greenhwoods decided to force her to marry him, no matter the cost. She was nothing but a dispensable asset within the Roberts family. Her status was even lower than that of a servant. Michelle couldn't help but coldly snort at the thought of this. It seemed that Gerard was indeed a clever guy. He knew how low her position was in the Greenwood family, but he chose to marry her instead of one of her cousins. He expected that the Greenwood family didn't care for her, and that they wouldn't say a single word when the time came that he'd be divorcing her.

The smirk on her pretty face turned into a wide grin as she thought about this. The Greenwoods appeared to have gotten a taste of their own medicine this time. Not only had they not been able to take any advantage of their alliance with the Roberts, but they also suffered some losses. What would happen if the Greenwoods found out that Gerard finally decided to file a divorce? It seemed that the consequent events following their separation would be very interesting.

"Sign it!" Gerard indifferently exclaimed as he stared at her coldly.

"Fine." She finally mustered up the courage to raise her head and look at him in the eyes. It felt surreal for her as she recalled the fact that this man had lived with her for more than a year. With a joyful smile on her face, she picked up the pen, and carefully signed her name as if she was trying to win a calligraphy competition during her school years. She was extremely serious about the task at hand. In every letter written down, she could feel her heart slowly sinking. However, what she felt sad about was not the fact that their marriage was over, but how she was reminded of her own insignificance in the Greenwood family, and in her own husband's heart.

"Michelle. " Gerard didn't expect that she would be so calm through all this. For a moment there, it seemed that a cat got his tongue. After signing the papers, Michelle looked at him with a warm smile at the corners of her lips, waiting for him to break the silence. He awkwardly cleared his throat, and said, "Michelle, I'll ask the lawyer to transfer the money you deserve to your account in about an hour. You will also retain ownership of our house because it was yours from the beginning. You can continue to live there in the future. As for my belongings..."