Billionaire's ONE Night Stand
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Billionaire's ONE Night Stand

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Chapter 1 One

A five-star hotel in City was packed with famous people. Tonight was the engagement ceremony of Zayn, the son of Ali Enterprises and Chloe Bishop, the second daughter of Bishop Family!

"Zayn...which room are you in?" Before the wedding ceremony began, Chloe felt dizzy and then left the banquet hall to pick up the phone.

"8607." In the phone, Zayn's voice sounded cold as if he had suppressed his feelings and love for her in the past.

"Kate said you want to give me a surprise before our wedding?" Chloe's lovely dimples showed up on her blushing face. "... Are you thinking to make me yours? But for the first time, I'd like to keep it until we get married. We've been waiting for two years already after all."

"I'm not joking with you. Come up quickly."

Zayn hung up the phone.

He couldn't wait to have her already?

Chloe blinked her eyes and thought, "I am only 19, will it be..."

"It doesn't matter, right? He will soon be my fiance." She still loves Zayn very much.

Chloe staggered along the corridor of the hotel. Her delicate and beautiful little face blushed because of tipsiness. She was wearing a short champagne-coloured Chanel dress, which showed her curvy figure. She was charming and lovely.

"It's strange. I didn't drink much... She patted her forehead and her vision gradually blurred.

In the banquet hall, she didn't intend to drink at all. But just now, Mrs. Bishop insisted that she should have a drink with her guests and some prominent people.

Walking into the elevator, Chloe pressed the button for the 6th floor while feeling dizzy, but she did not expect to have accidentally pressed the 8th-floor button.

The 8th floor of the hotel is the floor for the VIPS.

Once leaving the lift, Chloe went straight to the room Zayn said he was in. Yet, she couldn't tell 8 and 6 apart clearly. In front of Room 8807, she knocked...

"Come in." A sexy and charming man's voice came from inside.

His voice were strong enough to tempt her.

Chloe pushed the door open and walked in, laughing in a daze. "Zayn, when did your voice become so deep? It just like you have a bass put in your voice.'

The room was not lit, but one could still vaguely see the luxurious furniture of the house, as well as the king-sized bed. It was a presidential suite.

There was a strong man's perfume scent in the room.

"Zayn..." she moved forwards while leaning over the wall. Then, she collapsed on the big comfortable bed and asked, "Where are you?"

She felt a sudden heat that made her uncomfortable.

Chloe tugged at her clothes....

The sound of running water came from the bathroom. A while later, a tall figure came out.

In the dim light, the man was wearing a bathrobe. The muscle on the bare chest is vaguely showing with the water drops slipped down from his chest.

He was a breathtakingly handsome man.

In the dark, the man looked at the Chloe with his brown eyes, and his voice was beautiful and magnetic.

"Who are you?"

"Hot..." Chloe's tender lips were slightly opened. "I want to take off my clothes..."

After the glass of wine that her foster mother gave her, her whole body felt like it was heating up, and now her consciousness was getting more and more unclear.

The man tossed the towel that was used to wipe his hair aside and pulled her arm. "Get up, you're in the wrong room-"

"Zayn... I thought you want me..." Chloe wrapped her arms around the man's neck and chuckled. "I'm here... You have to be responsible for me."

Chloe pulled him down, and he quickly held one arm out to support himself, yet he was still almost on top of her.

The light scent of wine wafted into his nose, along with a sweet taste of a young woman.

Chloe only felt that she had a person in her arms, and smelled the pure and charming scent of shower gel on him. Suddenly, her throat became a little dry, and her body became hotter and more uncomfortable.

"I'm suffering, give it to me..." Chloe rubbed her face on his body comfortably. The coldness on his chest was easing the heat inside her body.

She happily closed her eyes and prepared to give herself to Zayn before their wedding.

The man almost rested his body on top of her was having a woman clinging on him like a kitten. He had just taken a shower and he was slowly getting turned on he had been suppressing his desire needs for too long. His strong self control began to slowly collapse under the woman's initiative invitation. This woman was simply a prey that came to him!

He endured it and made a phone call to his secretary. "There's no need to send the meeting files here. I'll go straight to office tomorrow.

In this dark presidential suite, the man hung up the phone and leaned over on Chloe's soft body "Woman, that's what you asked for...." He whispered to her ear. "Don't regret it."

Right after that, he kissed her lips and every piece of clothes on Chloe's body was removed.

That night, he had her for the entire night.

The next day, the room was full of traces showed the wildness that happened the night before.


Chloe frowned, and her small mouth moved a little. Then she went back to sleep.

The CEO of the Emperor, Aman, looked at the woman on the bed. She was sleeping like a child, tightly holding the quilt wrapped around her chest. Her snow-white shoulders and delicate little face were breathtakingly beautiful under the morning sun.

The skin on her neck and shoulders was as white as snow was now covered with all kinds of hickeys. It almost showed how crazy the night was.

Aman just came back from abroad yesterday, as with the jetlag problem, he planned to stay at this hotel for a night. He even asked his secretary to bring in some meeting files, but he didn't expect this clumsy woman to walk into his room.

He was a man with strong self-control, but this woman completely ruined that with all that flirting she did. Now he saw her clearly under the daylight, this woman looked surprisingly pure, with shoulder lengthen short curly hair and long eyelashes. She was lovely yet playful.

Looking at Chloe on the bed, Aman looked over her bag and found her ID - Chloe Bishop?

"I'll be in the office in half an hour..." He made a phone call. "Find out a woman named Chloe Bishop and offer her some money. Don't mention me to her."

This was a compensation for spending a night with him. After all, he was very happy with this woman last night.

After giving instructions to the secretary, Aman lifted Summer up and took out the suit jacket underneath her.


Chloe mumbled.

Chloe stopped his movement for a moment. "Zayn?"

He looked at Chloe whose eyelashes were flapping slightly, and saw a light red butterfly birthmark on her snow-white skin behind her shoulder. With a little deep thought, he left the room.

A platinum lion head tie clip was left on the bed without him noticing, it was engraved with the abbreviation of his name Aman.