The Substitute Wife
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Chapter 100 Miss Du img
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The Substitute Wife

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Chapter 1 Forced Marriage

It was a dim and gruesome basement.

Winter Josh had been dehydrated by three days, and her consciousness was clouded.

Her palm-sized face looked bloodless.

She was unwilling to die like this, but her only relative and grandma still needed her care, and the matter with her mother hadn't come to the surface...

"Water... I need water..." Winter opened her dried and withered lips, forcing out a few words.

Feeling a sudden cold sensation from her lips, she involuntarily opened her mouth and swallowed like a withered sapling welcoming a long-lost rain.

The abuse from a sharp voice went into her ears, "Eek, Winter, lowly bitch, you are still alive after three days!"

Winter slowly opened her eyes when Betsy Josh's enlarged face came into view. Under the dim light in the basement, her pretty face looked extremely hideous.

Her hand was grasping a wad of damp and dirty rag still dripping murky water.

Now Winter realized the coolness in her trance came from it.

This was outrageous! The mother and daughter had been trying every means to torture her. Her father not only turned a blind eye but even added insult to injury.

Unhurriedly Betsy took out her cell phone and played a video clip.

"Take a look at this. If you don't marry into the Lloyd Family, prepare to collect the dead body of your grandmother!" Her cold voice and ferocious expression sent a dull pain through Winter.

She had never expected her father, the mother and daughter should threaten her with the life of her grandmother.

"I'll marry!" She clenched her fists to the point that her nails dug deep into the flesh of her palms, "You'd better ensure my grandma's... safety... otherwise, I'll haunt you as a ghost!" Said Winter hatefully.

One day, she would make them pay for what they did to her today!

"My dear sister, why are you so insensible? The Young Lady position of the Lloyd Family is originally yours, and now I give it back. You should thank me!" As the fiancée of Mr. Lloyd, Betsy felt relieved and said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

The Young Lady position of the Lloyd Family!

Her stepmother and half-sister once racked their brains to snatch the position!

When her grandfather was alive, he concluded the engagement with the patriarch of the Lloyd Family, and she would marry Etan, the grandson of the Lloyd Family.

Unfortunately, her grandpa passed away two years ago, and on the day of the engagement, her father, Dwight Josh, let his illegitimate daughter, Betsy take her place.

But now, the Young Lady title of the Lloyd Family that the mother and daughter had been craving became a hot potato.

Because of a car accident a year ago, the privileged Mr. Lloyd was disabled and reduced to a retard.

Three days later, the Lloyd Family came to fetch the bride.

They kept a low profile, and only a black Rolls Royce was sent over.

The bride escort was the butler of the Lloyd Family, Chester Scott.

The old man was thin and reserved.

Without any dowry, Winter only had a shabby trunk with her. In the trunk lay a few old clothes and her grandfather's legacy. Josh Family had the trunk examined many times before she was allowed to take it.

Although they were once engaged, she only met the man twice. The first time was when she was a teenager, and her grandfather took her to meet the patriarch of the Lloyd Family. The second time was when he came to the Josh Family to send the betrothal gift.

Back then, he kept a straight face and unapproachable air like an exalted king who defied everything.

Betsy tried to please him shamelessly and coquettishly, but he also treated her like air.

In front of him, people would feel inferior.

The aloof and kingly Etan spat a sentence that day. Her tone was indifferent yet hard-hitting.