CEO's Priceless Disfigured Wife
img img CEO's Priceless Disfigured Wife img Chapter 1 The truth about marrying her
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Chapter 34 Your face is not so good img
Chapter 35 I'm the one who killed her img
Chapter 36 His luck will run out img
Chapter 37 You got the ghostwriter img
Chapter 38 Cruel and numb img
Chapter 39 Are you shameless img
Chapter 40 Furious img
Chapter 41 Deliberate acting img
Chapter 42 Being criticized by everyone img
Chapter 43 Don't blame me img
Chapter 44 Not an illusion img
Chapter 45 Why are you so nice to her img
Chapter 46 She's beautiful img
Chapter 47 Oh, shit, Angus! img
Chapter 48 Let me go img
Chapter 49 He warms her up img
Chapter 50 How dare you bully Tammy img
Chapter 51 Things Get Better img
Chapter 52 Stubbornness img
Chapter 53 Are You in Love With Him! img
Chapter 54 You're Mine. img
Chapter 55 Take Action img
Chapter 56 He's Married. img
Chapter 57 No Respect img
Chapter 58 The Best For Her. img
Chapter 59 She Designed It img
Chapter 60 You Must Donate. img
Chapter 61 You'll See My Cruelty. img
Chapter 62 I've Been Tricked by Him. img
Chapter 63 Getting the Shares Back img
Chapter 64 A Slap in The Face. img
Chapter 65 Apologize to Her. img
Chapter 66 Crying while slapping img
Chapter 67 Don't make a mess. Slap your face img
Chapter 68 Not as important as her img
Chapter 69 That President Sharp img
Chapter 70 The Angel Marries the Devil img
Chapter 71 Angus Why did he come img
Chapter 72 Tolerating for the sake of Tammy img
Chapter 73 Like a good husband img
Chapter 74 Put up with him for a long time img
Chapter 75 Teach him a lesson img
Chapter 76 False compromise img
Chapter 77 Force herself img
Chapter 78 Harmed by the mother and daughter img
Chapter 79 I can take you away img
Chapter 80 I never want to see you again img
Chapter 81 So humble img
Chapter 82 She must be fine img
Chapter 83 He won't do evil anymore img
Chapter 84 Diary img
Chapter 85 Both of them were sad img
Chapter 86 Go back to rescue her img
Chapter 87 The plan was destroyed (1) img
Chapter 88 The plan was destroyed (2) img
Chapter 89 God helps me (1) img
Chapter 90 God helps me (1) img
Chapter 91 The old lady's reminder (1) img
Chapter 92 The old lady's reminder (2) img
Chapter 93 Tammy, it's my fault (1) img
Chapter 94 Tammy, it's my fault (2) img
Chapter 95 Something wrong with her body (1) img
Chapter 96 Something wrong with her body (2) img
Chapter 97 Angus Smith was seriously injured and unconscious (1) img
Chapter 98 Angus Smith was seriously injured and unconscious (2) img
Chapter 99 Mr. Sharp, why did you save me (1) img
Chapter 100 Mr. Sharp, why did you save me (2) img
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CEO's Priceless Disfigured Wife

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Chapter 1 The truth about marrying her

At night.

A cool breeze gently rolled up the curtains on the second floor of the villa.

Tammy's scarred face hung with tears, and her tiny, naked body lay shivering in the strong man's arms. She was too shy to look up at him.

Today was her wedding night. Just now, she ended the transformation from a girl to a woman.

The man holding her in his arms at the moment was her husband Angus, a man could drive all women crazy.

She had loved him for fifteen years.

In the darkness, Angus stared at the little woman in his arms. His deep black eyes contained a coolness that was hard for others to guess.

He stroked her soft hair and murmured, "Tammy, I'm sorry I hurt you."

Although when they were having sex, she hadn't been crying out in pain, she was holding back her tears. She looked so aggrieved that it hurt him a little.

Tammy shook her head gently. Her face blushed.

Although he was gentle, the pain was inevitable because it was her first time.

However, she was happy enough that he didn't mind the scars on her face and that she was a poor little girl who had been living in exile for ten years.

There was a ding, and his phone rang.

Angus took the phone, looked at it, frowned, turned his head and said, "Tammy, I'm going out for a few minutes and I will come back soon. Wait for me."

He bowed his head and gently kissed on her forehead.

Angus switched on the light and got out of bed, tucking Tammy in and picking up a robe from the side and putting it on.

Tammy watched as he left the room.

Without his embrace, she was suddenly lost. She gripped the blanket restlessly at her chest. Her thin shoulders were out of the quilt, and they were covered with the marks of their love and affection.

A few minutes passed and he didn't return. Tammy's loss grew stronger and stronger.

She put on her pink nightgown and picked up the heart-shaped pendant carved from the wood on the bedside table and put it around her neck.

It had been given to her by her mother before she died, and although it was worthless, she had worn it since she was a child.

The pendant always soothed her anxious emotion.

Tammy left the new house with a sweet smile on her face to find her husband.

In the hallway, there was a sudden sound of talking.

"Tammy's kidney was successfully paired with Sonia, and marrying her was just a way to get her to sign a consent form for the donation."

It was Angus's voice. It was extraordinarily familiar to her, but it hurt her so much for a moment. His words were like a thunderbolt exploding in her head!

Tammy's face went suddenly pale. Her hands clenched in fists, gripping the skirt of her nightgown so tightly that her whole body was as stiff as a stone. She seemed to have lost half her life.

In the back of her mind, the words he'd said when he'd asked her to marry him emerged...

"Tammy, you are a good girl, and I have no reason to marry any woman but you... "

But then those words were like heavy slaps in her face!

Tammy's kidney was paired with Sonia's and marrying her was just to get her to sign the donor consent form-...

Tammy covered her mouth and shivered.

She'd never agreed to donate her kidney, and she'd thought he'd married her because he loved her.

But it turned out that he was the one who was going to trick her into donating a kidney for the woman he loved!

The familiar figure not far away was as grand and tall as a king, with an elegant aristocratic air. Although the first time had only just been given to him, at the moment he was so strange to her!

At this time, there came another voice with some flattery: "Oh, so that's it. Young Master Smith, why didn't you say so earlier. I thought you had let Sonia down. After all, she loves you so much, and you married Tammy as soon as she fell ill. It's hard for her not to think too much. Tammy is so vicious that she won't donate her kidney to save her sister. And you're the only one who can control her!"