A Strong Comeback
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Chapter 9 Looking for Trouble img
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Chapter 11 The So-called Advanced Study img
Chapter 12 The Ignorant Are Fearless img
Chapter 13 A Genius img
Chapter 14 Hate Her img
Chapter 15 Push Her into the Water img
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Chapter 18 A Sense of Familiarity img
Chapter 19 Fall Asleep img
Chapter 20 Doctor L img
Chapter 21 Audition img
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Chapter 25 A Shoo-in img
Chapter 26 Annulment img
Chapter 27 Missing img
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Chapter 29 Doing Nothing img
Chapter 30 Scumbag img
Chapter 31 Applying for a Job img
Chapter 32 An Interview img
Chapter 33 Make Public Their Relationship img
Chapter 34 Blow My Mind img
Chapter 35 Bragging img
Chapter 36 Send Flowers to Show Love img
Chapter 37 I Know You Would Like It img
Chapter 38 Backers img
Chapter 39 Bully the Girls img
Chapter 40 Fire You img
Chapter 41 Be Wronged img
Chapter 42 You Are So Nice img
Chapter 43 Hotel img
Chapter 44 Tina Forced Open the Door img
Chapter 45 A Thorough Rascal img
Chapter 46 Kian Backing her Up img
Chapter 47 You Want to Sign Her img
Chapter 48 As Long as You Like It img
Chapter 49 This Is Appalling! img
Chapter 50 Are You Dumb img
Chapter 51 It Was Wrong to Curse Others img
Chapter 52 Dereliction of Duty img
Chapter 53 Snatch img
Chapter 54 Charity Party img
Chapter 55 Female Companion img
Chapter 56 Sniper img
Chapter 57 Racing Cars img
Chapter 58 Get in with Touch Him img
Chapter 59 Sleeping Lion img
Chapter 60 Bloodstone of Top Quality img
Chapter 61 Bidding img
Chapter 62 You Are Much Cunning than Me img
Chapter 63 I Believe You'll Break Up img
Chapter 64 Jacob Has an Accident img
Chapter 65 Jacob's Uncle img
Chapter 66 A Big Shot img
Chapter 67 A Family of Three img
Chapter 68 An Internal Assessment img
Chapter 69 A Beautiful Female Driver img
Chapter 70 Teach a Fish How to Swim img
Chapter 71 She Had Been Spotted img
Chapter 72 Vie to Get Tina img
Chapter 73 International Famous Scriptwriter img
Chapter 74 Autograph img
Chapter 75 Brainless img
Chapter 76 The Vocal Cord Is Damaged img
Chapter 77 Fight Against Each Other img
Chapter 78 Withdraw from the Competition img
Chapter 79 Trey img
Chapter 80 Come for Her img
Chapter 81 Heartless img
Chapter 82 Tristan Cannot Let Trey Change His Mind img
Chapter 83 Alina Kisses Kian img
Chapter 84 Kiss Back img
Chapter 85 Get Someone Else img
Chapter 86 Wait for Me img
Chapter 87 Girlfriend img
Chapter 88 Be My Assistant img
Chapter 89 Good at Lying img
Chapter 90 A Professional Actor img
Chapter 91 I Believe in Alina img
Chapter 92 Drink Tea From the Same Cup img
Chapter 93 Scandal img
Chapter 94 Stroke Alina's Head img
Chapter 95 At Loggerheads img
Chapter 96 Biased Towards Him img
Chapter 97 Poach Her img
Chapter 98 Drink for Him img
Chapter 99 The Next Round img
Chapter 100 Sing Together img
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A Strong Comeback

Hot Sister
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Chapter 1 Returning

"Base S has successfully developed the G agent. This is a new type of antibiotic, mainly used for..."

Alina did not expect that the news would be leaked in just a day.

As soon as she got off the plane from Country L to City Risbon, she received a phone call from her subordinate, which she didn't like as she was on a vacation.

Therefore, Alina didn't sound nice.

"It'd better be about something important!"

"Boss, someone wants to buy the G agent we just developed at a very, very high price."

An excited and nervous voice came out of the Bluetooth earphone. Alina slightly narrowed her eyes under the black sunglasses, one of her hands in her pocket and the other holding the suitcase. Her tone was cold, making it hard to tell how she was feeling.


"That person contacted us through a middleman from the Dark Net. He didn't give us his true identity. We only know that he's from Risbon."

When Alina heard the word "Risbon", a cold light flashed across her eyes. Then, she smiled coldly and said.

"Tell him we won't sell."

She hated everything about Risbon.

After more than ten years, Alina finally returned to the land that she was familiar with.

However, all she was feeling was contempt.

All of her subordinates knew Alina well enough to follow her instruction without asking for a reason. Therefore, the person on the phone did not try to persuade her.


After hanging up the phone, Alina took out a black mask from her pocket and put it on so that she wouldn't continue to attract so much attention of the passers-by.

Alina was beautiful, in an aggressive way. Her nose was tall, and her pupils pitch black and bright. She was wearing petal makeup on her lips, which made her look sexy and exquisite. Her charming features and outstanding temperament always made her the center of attention.

It was her marriage arrangement that brought her back to this land, where she had been away for over a decade. What an irony. She had been sent to Country L when she was a little kid and left there on her own because her "eight characters", according to some superstitious nonsense, was not compatible with her mother's. Now, they asked her to come back and marry someone they had fixed her up with.

Screw them! She didn't' want to marry nobody!

However, she happened to have something important to handle in Risbon, so she did not mind meeting her so-called family.

Alina checked the time on her phone and figured that her friend Tina Finch must have been waiting for her.

Thinking of this, Alina sped up and walked out of the airport.

While Alina pushing open the glass door and walking out of the airport, a man pushed open another glass door and walked into the airport.

"Mr. Kian, Base S has replied. They're not selling G agent to us." The assistant knew this antibiotic compound was important to Kian. His voice trembled when he said, which sounded distinct from the microphone.

Kian Harford looked at the sparse people at the airport. Today was neither a weekend nor a holiday, so there were not many people.

He had already seen this coming.

Otherwise, he would not have personally come to the airport to wait for the owner of Base S. He was resolute to get G agent at any cost.

"Increase the offer."

As soon as Kian hung up the phone, it rang again.

He had thought it was about G agent again, but the moment he answered the phone, he heard the terrifying and anxious voice of the assistant.

"Mr. Kian, Jacob has been kidnapped!"