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Ice scorpion

Ice scorpion

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Luke, a high school student in his last semester with the aim of becoming a pilot until a tragic incident occurred, after discovering he was a ware wolf as he got exposed more into the supernatural realm and thrive to protect is family from the supernatural being hunters known as the ice scorpions

Chapter 1 Secret

The weather was bleak as stormy winds howled, rattling the windows. Luke, drenched from head to toe, ascended the stairs and called out, "Hi mom, I'm back!" Jessica nodded in response, her attention focused on the kitchen. The aroma of her cooking filled the air as she moved rhythmically, guided by her favorite song.

Suddenly , a knock echoed through the house. Startled, Jessica exclaimed, "Who is there?" Thunder crashed, followed by a blinding flash of lightning. The lights went out, plunging the house into darkness. Jessica reached for a flashlight and cautiously approached the door, demanding to know the person's identity. But all she heard in response was the relentless pounding on the door. Summoning her courage, she opened it, revealing Kelvin, his suit drenched. "What took you so long?" he asked, making his way inside. Relieved, Jessica closed the door and retrieved a backup light from the store room .

Returning to the kitchen, Jessica asked, "How was work today, honey?" Kelvin replied, "It was good, dear," as he slowly removed his soaked shoes. "Sandra! Luke! Food is ready!" Jessica called out, arranging the dinner on the dining table. The family gathered, their hunger piqued by the tantalizing aromas and the warmth of their home

After everyone had finished their meal, Kelvin and Jessica retired to their room, leaving Sandra and Luke to tackle the dishes. It was then that Kelvin's phone rang, and he answered, putting it on speaker. "Hi, Mom," he greeted, his voice filled with warmth.

"I hope all is well, my son," his mother's voice came through the phone. "How is work and the family?"

Kelvin responded with a positive tone, assuring his mother that everything was going smoothly. But then, his mother brought up a topic that caught him off guard. "So, son, have you exposed Luke to the real world?" she asked, her voice filled with concern.

Confused, Kelvin asked, "What do you mean, Mom?"

His mother paused for a moment before continuing. "Have you told him about the curse of the ware wolf?"

Kelvin fell silent, memories flooding his mind. He hesitated before responding, "No, Mom. He's still young, and I'm not sure he's ready."

His mother's voice grew serious. "Remember, you were just his age when you activated your curse. That happened because we didn't tell you about it."

Kelvin's frustration began to surface. He didn't want to be reminded of that painful incident, and he had tried countless times to bury it deep within his mind. It was a memory he wished to forget.

"Mom, you know I don't like to be reminded of that incident," he said, his anger seeping into his words.

His mother's voice softened, filled with understanding. "I know, my son. But I don't want history to repeat itself."

Taking a deep breath, Kelvin replied, trying to remain calm. "I understand your point, Mom. But don't worry about it. History won't repeat itself."

With that, he ended the call, hoping to put the conversation behind him and focus on the present.

As the night grew darker, Kelvin and Jessica found themselves interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. Surprised, they exchanged glances, their curiosity piqued. "Who could it be at this hour?" Kelvin wondered aloud.

With cautious anticipation, they called out, "Who's there?"

A familiar voice echoed from beyond the door, putting their worries to rest. "It's me, Luke, and Sandra," Luke's voice rang out, accompanied by the soft tones of Sandra's voice.

Relieved, Kelvin opened the door, welcoming his children into the room. "Come in, my dear ones," he said, his voice filled with warmth and affection.

Luke and Sandra stepped inside, their presence adding a spark of energy to the room. Sensing their parents' curiosity, Luke spoke up, his words laced with excitement. "Dad, Mom, there's a party being hosted by one of my friends. It seems like all my classmates will be attending. Can I go as well?"

Jessica, always the responsible one, set some ground rules. "Of course, my dear, but you must promise to be back before the clock strikes ten."

Luke nodded eagerly, his eyes shining with anticipation. "Yes, ma'am, I promise!"

Turning her attention to Sandra, Jessica hesitated for a moment before addressing her youngest. "And what about you, my darling? Do you wish to join the festivities too?"

Sandra's eyes gleamed with hope as she made her request. "Dad, can I also attend the party?"

Jessica hesitated, her motherly instincts urging caution. "Sweetheart, you're still quite young for late-night parties. It might be best if you stayed home."

Kelvin, always the mediator, interjected, seeking a compromise. "Let her go, my love. Sandra is growing up, and with Luke by her side, we can trust them to look out for each other."

Jessica pondered for a moment, her gaze shifting between her husband and daughter. Finally, she relented, albeit reluctantly. "Very well, Sandra. You may go, but you must return home by eight o'clock. And promise me, you'll take a taxi back."

Sandra's face lit up with joy, a smile spreading across her lips. "Thank you, Mom! I promise I'll be responsible!"

With their plans set, Luke and Sandra retreated to there rooms

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