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img img Fantasy img CHOSEN ONE (Reunion Of Human and Creatures)
 CHOSEN ONE (Reunion Of Human and Creatures)

CHOSEN ONE (Reunion Of Human and Creatures)

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After a thousand years of the death of King Damon, Noah was born with the dragon gene making him next in line to be in control of the dragon. The rebirth of the dragon gene also caused the awaken of a great evil and dark wizard called Marcelos. After the waking of Marcelos, Marcelos seek out to continue is unfinished business with his dark army and to retrieve what was stolen from him. The only thing powerful enough to stop Marcelos is the crystal of light and only one the worthy will be able to wield the power of the stone.


Once upon a time in a world called Earth, a world where magic and magical beings, and creatures exist. A world where peace and harmony existed before the whole world was covered in darkness and evil prevailed.

The world was ruled by four evils and they used humans as slaves and food. The reign of the four evils lasted for a very long time before some group of people that consisted of wizards joined hands together to formed a resistance group that stood up against the evils.

The resistance group fought as long as they could against the four evils but that wasn't enough to put an end to the reign of the four evils. So they pray unto their gods to give them the power to help destroy the evils, the gods answered their prayers and blessed them with a male child that possessed magical power.

A child being born with a magical power was the first time such a thing as ever happened in their world, so they did everything in their power and sacrifice a lot to protect the child from the hands of the evils and called him HOPE, seeing the child as their last hope to conquer the reign of the evils.

When Hope comes of age, he was taught how to use his power by the wizards. The wizards also found out he possessed a tremendous power, a power they have never seen or come across.

As soon as Hope turn an adult, he was made the leader of the resistance. Together Hope and the wizards wage war on the four evils.

Hope and the wizards were able to conquer the reign of the four evils but they couldn't kill the four evils because they were part of what was used to create the world they lived in. If they ever try to destroy the evils it will mean destroying their world, so the four evil was sealed from the outer world.

After the war and the defeat of the evils, Hope, the wizards, and the people came together and built five kingdoms named Axrax, Domitrus, Lythridite, Samuzia, and Micapus.

Axrax was made the head of all the other kingdoms and Hope was crowned the king of Axrax, then peace reigned.

Before King Hope died, he and the wizards came together and combined their powers to create a powerful and magical stone then sealed the stone inside a crystal.

The purpose of creating the powerful and magical stone is for the stone to be used to stop any evil that ever threatens the five kingdoms and the power of the stone can only be wielded by someone worthy of the stone. The crystal that possessed the stone was called the light crystal.

Hope and the wizards also created an army from the power of the stone and called them the light army, so they can be powerful enough to fight against the evil force and link the light army's soul to a ring.

Many years after the death of Hope, a new king from the bloodline of Hope was born and he was called Damon. King Damon was made the king of Axrax after the death of his father, and during his reign, an evil and powerful dark wizard called Marcelos rose against the five kingdoms to conquer and rule them.

Marcelos possessed five great powers which made every living soul fear him. Marcelos five great powers were, he could manipulate humans and control dark creatures, he possessed a great power far greater than that of the late king Hope, he has control over death, he could control nature itself, and last, he has the power of immortality.

With his five great powers, Marcelos was halfway to succeeding in conquering the five kingdoms before King Damon and the light army with the wizards of the five kingdoms and some others joined hands together and defeated Marcelos after King Damon failed to wield the power of the light crystal.

After Marcelos was defeated, King Damon and the five wizards tried to kill him but couldn't. Seeing that Marcelos couldn't be killed, King Damon and the five wizards made Marcelos fall into an eternal sleep and absorbed Marcelos' five powers into five crystals. Marcelo's body was buried in a tomb and sealed with magic.

The five crystals which Marcelo's power was absorbed into were given to each kingdom to protect. The dark crystal was given to Axrax, the mind crystal was given to Lythridite, the death crystal was given to Samuzia, the nature crystal was given to Domitrus, and the immortal crystal was given to Micapus.

They all kept the crystals safe in a hall called the sacred hall and they were guarded by the light army.


The reigning king of Axrax, king Raynold lost his wife immediately after she gave birth to his second son.

King Raynold was heartbroken when his wife died but he decided to move on so he could be able to take care of his two sons.

King Raynold took care of his two sons (Ramsay and Noah) himself, he made sure they never lack anything and when they come to teenage he began to teach them how to fight and the tactics of war.

Ramsay is now 20 years old, while Noah is 18 years old and they are both on their way to meet their father because he summoned them.


A man was sited on an old throne (in a dark castle), and in front of the man was an old man standing (holding a staff) and some group of guys standing around.

The man sited on the throne said to the old man ''for how long will we be staying here Zussorader''.

''Philip my future king, you have to exercise patience, but we shall leave very soon'' said Zussorader.

''That's what you have been saying for a very long time. I think we are just hiding ourselves here instead of us to go out there and take the world'' said Philip with confidence and courage.

''We can't go out like this Philip, we have to be patient'' said Zussorader.

Hearing that made Philip get angry, then Philip hit Zussorader away with his magic, Zussorader hit his back against the wall and fell on the ground with his staff.

Zussorader stood up, picked up his staff and he walked up to him.

''Please don't do that again Philip so you won't piss me off.

When I found you Philip I promise to give you the world and that I will do. But I and you with a bunch of mercenaries can't go out there to conquer the world.

The world is much more than what you think of, even our powers are nothing. If we will want to conquer the world we need an army and a powerful ally'' said Zussorader as he got in front of Philip.

''A powerful ally? who is going to stand with us? You said it yourself the whole world is trying to kill us'' said Philip annoyed.

''There is someone who wants the same thing as we do, and that will be our powerful ally'' said Zussorader.

''And who is that?'' asked Philip in disbelief.

''Marcelos'' said Zussorader.

''You mean the dark wizard you told me about (Zussorader nodded his head). I thought it was just a story'' said Philip.

''It's not. Marcelos has the great power you could ever think of'' said Zussorader.

Philip stood up from the throne and asked ''where do we find Marcelos and how do we wake him up?".

''Finding Marcelos won't be hard but waking him up is. To be able to wake Marcelos, we need the blood of King Damon's bloodline'' said Zussorader.

''Which means we need the blood of King Raynold or that of one of his sons'' said Philip.

''Yes'' said Zussorader.

''Getting that will be truly hard because King Raynold is very powerful and infiltrating Axrax can be impossible because of the light army'' said Philip.

''Yes, that is why I have planned everything before today. We shall visit Lythridite first and steal the mind crystal'' said Zussorader.

''Why are we stealing the mind crystal?'' asked Philip.

''That will help us in getting one of the prince's blood'' said Zussorader with a smile.


Ramsay and Noah entered the palace hall and saw their father sited on the throne, they walked up to him and stood in front of him.

King Raynold said (with a smile) to his sons ''welcome my lovely sons, am so proud to see the both of you grown up into a young and fine handsome man, and for always making me proud''.

''Thank you father'' said Ramsay and Noah (in union).

''Am sure your mother will be so proud and happy if she was alive'' said King Raynold with a little bit of sadness.

''We are also proud of you father, for raising us to be a young handsome man'' said Ramsay with a smile.

''You are the best father we could ever wish for'' said Noah with a smile.

''Sons, I called you both here to tell you it is time to learn how to control and use your magical power. Your master will soon be here to take you'' said King Raynold.

''Yes father'' said the both of them (in union).

Just then the palace hall door opened and an old man with white hair (holding a staff) walked into the hall.

The old man (with white hair) bowed his head immediately he got in front of King Raynold with the word ''your royal majesty''.

''Welcome Zussorender'' said King Raynold to the old man.

''How have you been your royal majesty?'' asked Zussorender.

''Have been great as you can see. How are you and your family too?'' asked King Raynold.

''We are good'' said Zussorender.

''Sons, am sure you must have seen him in the palace but might not know him...'' said King Raynold to Ramsay and Noah.

King Raynold was cut short of words as Noah cut in ''I do know him, everyone called him the weird old man'' said Noah with a smile.

Ramsay smiled while King Raynold smirked.

''Um.. people may address him like that but he is not what they called him.

He is Zussorender the supreme wizard, he is the leader of all wizards and the wizard of Axrax'' said King Raynold to his two sons.

Ramsay and Noah stop smiling and they both bowed their heads to show their respect.

Ramsay said to Zussorender ''we are sorry''.

''Sons, Zussorender will be in charge of your training, he will be the one to teach you how to use and control your magic, he shall be your master'' said King Raynold to his sons.

''It nice meeting you master'' said Ramsay to Zussorender as he and Noah bowed their head to Zussorender again.

At the same time, Zussorender also bowed his head to them as he said to them ''It's nice meeting you too, your royal highnesses''.

''Now that you have all known each other, you can take them with you Zussorender'' said King Raynold.

''Aren't we going to learn how to use our magic in the palace Father?'' Noah asked King Raynold.

''No, you will be with Zussorender till you master your powers'' said King Raynold.

Ramsay and Noah felt sad, king Raynold noticed them, stood up from his throne, and walked to Ramsay and Noah.

King Raynold stood in front of them and said to them ''it's okay sons, I know you are going to make me proud once again''.

Then King Raynold hugged his sons.

Ramsay and Noah packed their belonging and together with Zussorender, they all walked to the palace gate.

The two princes saw a dirty wagon on getting to the palace gate.

''Wizard is this going to be our ride?'' Noah asked Zussorender.

''Yes'' said Zussorender.

''How are we going to be riding this dirty thing'' said Ramsay surprised, same with Noah.

''Riding this dirty thing is the only way you will be able to get to my house, if not stay in the palace'' said Zussorender to the both of them.

''Can't you just request for a better wagon, I mean you are the wizard of Axrax, you should be riding something better than this'' said Ramsay.

''Get in now, or I will leave without you'' said Zussorender to the both of them.

The princes looked at him and saw he wasn't joking, they had no choice but to enter into the wagon, then they began their journey.

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