The Princess And The Paupers
img img The Princess And The Paupers img Chapter 1 Sisterhood Betrayed
Chapter 6 The Unlikely Alliance img
Chapter 7 The Unexpected Visitor img
Chapter 8 The Aftermath of Success img
Chapter 9 The Art of Healing and Fistfights img
Chapter 10 Homecoming Revelations img
Chapter 11 Whispers of the Heart img
Chapter 12 A Symphony of Surprises img
Chapter 13 Unexpected Sisterly Intrigue img
Chapter 14 The Unveiling of Arabella img
Chapter 15 Revealing Ties: The Unraveling Bond img
Chapter 16 Entangled Fates: A Grandfather's Ultimatum img
Chapter 17 Medical Misjudgments and Professional Consequences img
Chapter 18 Academic Ambitions and Unspoken Rivalry img
Chapter 19 Gifts and Jealousy Unveiled img
Chapter 20 Manipulative Whispers and Smoldering Pasts img
Chapter 21 Underground Auctions and Hidden Agendas img
Chapter 22 Bidding Wars and Medical Emergencies img
Chapter 23 Bumpy Roads and Unspoken Feelings img
Chapter 24 Unexpected Connections and Aromas of the Past img
Chapter 25 Race Against Time: A Doctor's Decisive Moment img
Chapter 26 Needles of Wisdom: A Healing Touch img
Chapter 27 Family Dynamics: A Billion-Dollar Dilemma img
Chapter 28 Bitter Truths and Sweet Gestures img
Chapter 29 Hidden Agendas and Unmasked Intentions img
Chapter 30 Familial Bonds and Unseen Struggles img
Chapter 31 Midnight Shadows: A Tearful Confession img
Chapter 32 Unveiling Intentions: Breaking Ties and New Beginnings img
Chapter 33 Unraveling Ties: The McMillian's Decree img
Chapter 34 Revelations and Resonance: The McMillian's Visit img
Chapter 35 Fateful Encounters: Unveiling Engagements and Entanglements img
Chapter 36 Unexpected Engagements: A Visit to Grandpa's Heart img
Chapter 37 The Chessboard Unveiled: A Fiance's Call img
Chapter 38 The Midnight Design Rush: Outshining Romeo's Fortune img
Chapter 39 The Tensions Rise: Arabella vs Serena Showdown img
Chapter 40 Family Ties and Fiancée's Visits img
Chapter 41 Heartfelt Encounters: Grandfather's Delight img
Chapter 42 Sweet Medicine of Family Bonds img
Chapter 43 The Bitter Truth and Sweet Lies img
Chapter 44 Gems of the Past, Hopes for the Future img
Chapter 45 Sweet Elixir of Longevity img
Chapter 46 Protective Intervention img
Chapter 47 Unveiled Gratitude img
Chapter 48 Dinner Decided img
Chapter 49 Dinner at La Belle Vie img
Chapter 50 Uninvited Guest at La Belle Vie img
Chapter 51 Starry Night with Romeo img
Chapter 52 Fires in the Night Sky img
Chapter 53 Beneath the Starry Mirage img
Chapter 54 Designs and Distrust img
Chapter 55 Whirlwind of Emotions img
Chapter 56 Whispers of Envy img
Chapter 57 Falling Checks and Surgical Risks img
Chapter 58 Whispers of Announcements and Desserts img
Chapter 59 Business Blues and Betrayals img
Chapter 60 Ventures Unraveled: The Allbara Affair img
Chapter 61 New Beginnings at Collins Fashion img
Chapter 62 Unveiling Collins Fashion img
Chapter 63 Awakening at Collins Fashion img
Chapter 64 Transformation at Collins Fashion img
Chapter 65 Reunion and Ring of Promise img
Chapter 66 The Ties That Bind img
Chapter 67 A Shared Meal, Silent Ties img
Chapter 68 Jealous Whispers and Unspoken Desires img
Chapter 69 Unexpected Attachments and Business Ventures img
Chapter 70 Gifts and Unwanted Pests img
Chapter 71 Mysteries Unveiled img
Chapter 72 A Winning Note img
Chapter 73 A Dinner Proposition img
Chapter 74 Gifts and Grudges img
Chapter 75 Encounter Unveiled img
Chapter 76 Twists and Turns img
Chapter 77 Strategies and Connections img
Chapter 78 Grandpa's Sanctuary img
Chapter 79 The Gifted Gamble img
Chapter 80 Arabella's Ascendance img
Chapter 81 Unveiling Secrets: Arabella's Mysterious Connections img
Chapter 82 Unexpected Bonds: Arabella and Phillip's Surprising Connection img
Chapter 83 The Grandpa's Act: Phillip's Theatrics and Dinner Plans img
Chapter 84 Oscar's Inquisitive Arrival: Unveiling the New Manager img
Chapter 85 Topiary and Tea: Preparing for an Unexpected Visitor img
Chapter 86 Musical Notes and Unsettled Feelings img
Chapter 87 Heartfelt Reunion and Dinner Preparations img
Chapter 88 A Dinner of Surprises and a Grandfather's Musings img
Chapter 89 Unexpected Obstacles and a Grandfather's Matchmaking img
Chapter 90 Grandpa's Not-So-Subtle Matchmaking Scheme img
Chapter 91 The Dark Night and Unexpected Intimacies img
Chapter 92 Steamy Night and Unexpected Encounters img
Chapter 93 Unspoken Night and Morning Surprises img
Chapter 94 Fashion Aspirations and Queen Abby's Influence img
Chapter 95 The Unwelcome Visitor img
Chapter 96 Office Showdown img
Chapter 97 Exposed Schemes img
Chapter 98 Fallen from Grace img
Chapter 99 Unmasking Deceit img
Chapter 100 Family Concerns img
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The Princess And The Paupers

Zico the Wordsmith
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Chapter 1 Sisterhood Betrayed

As the nanny served the last dish, Attlee placed a slice of steak onto Arabella’s plate.

“This might be the last time we have dinner together… Can’t believe your biological parents are taking you back so soon…”

His voice was full of regret. He thought of his illness three months ago. He needed a blood transfusion urgently, and Arabella discovered, while giving him blood, that they weren’t related by blood.

The news shocked the entire family.

After recovering, Attlee managed to find his actual daughter-Yolanda Murphy, after much effort.

And Arabella… This child with no blood relation to him….

The Murphys posted information online about Arabella’s search for her birth parents. Yesterday, someone called saying they were Arabella’s real mother, and they were going to take her away today.

“The nanny made all your favorite dishes today…” Attlee said, feeling a knot in his stomach. “Eat up, you’re going to your biological parents’ place today, who knows what the situation will be like…”

From yesterday’s call, Attlee found out that Arabella’s real parents were currently unemployed, and they lived in Willow Creek.

That place was one of the most backward and poorest areas in the country! If she went there, she would never have the chance to enjoy the delicacies the Murphys cooked again!

Arabella, sitting at the table, her eyes clear as if seeing his worries, calmly put down her fork and knife, and simply said, “I’m full.”

She rose and left, her figure firm and nonchalant, as if she had no attachment to this home.

Attlee’s wife, Olga, was immediately upset upon hearing this, complaining, “Stop spoiling that child! She doesn’t appreciate all this food. Once she lives with her real parents, she’ll know how hard life can be and how good she had it here!”

“Mum, don’t get upset. I’m sure my sister doesn’t want to go back either. She must be feeling awful right now…”

The one speaking was Yolanda, who had returned to the Murphy family a month ago. Yesterday she overheard her parents’ conversation and found out that Arabella’s biological parents were extremely poor. They had no jobs, five unmarried sons at home, and even an old lady who was ill and needed care.

The burden they were under was unimaginable!

Feeling extremely lucky, Yolanda got up and said, “I’ll go check on her.”

At the dining table, Attlee shot Olga a reproachful look. “Why so much resentment? Bella is our child too!”

Olga scoffed, “Whenever I think about how we’ve been treating this child like a treasure all these years, while Yoli suffered outside, I feel heartbroken…”

Arabella walked into the living room, picked up her backpack from the couch, ready to leave this home.

Yolanda quickly followed, “Arabella, my wedding with Zachary is on the first of October, you’ll come, right?”

Her eyes were full of anticipation, but there was a hint of pride and bragging in her voice. Everyone knew that the children of the Murphys and the Panters were getting married. If Yolanda hadn’t been found by Attlee, Arabella would’ve been the one getting engaged to Zachary.

“Zachary is really a great guy, he’s been so good to me. If my parents hadn’t found me, you would have been the one getting engaged to him, sis! You’re not going to hold a grudge about this, are you?”

Arabella laughed lightly. “Thanks to you, that worthless man found where he belongs.”

Excuse me? What??

“I was planning to throw him out like trash, but I didn’t expect someone to have picked up that ‘garbage’ so soon.”

“You, you…” Yolanda was about to lose her temper, but when she saw a certain figure, she immediately turned into an injured bunny, her eyes red.

Olga walked into the living room and saw this scene, fuming, “Arabella! How could you talk to your sister like that? Are you out of your mind?”

“Out of my mind?” Arabella laughed. “I think the one who’s out of their mind is you. And not only that, you’re blind too. Maybe you should get your eyes checked?”

Arabella thought to herself, Olga had been living with this pretentious woman for a month and still hadn’t seen her true colors. What terrible judgment!

“You…” Olga was shaking with anger.

“Bella, I want to give you my favorite necklace that my parents gave me. After all, we’re sisters, and now that we’re parting, who knows when we’ll see each other again…” Yolanda decided to forget past grudges. She ran forwards to grab Arabella, but just as her hand touched Arabella’s backpack…

In the next second, something unexpected happened.

A ruby necklace actually fell out of Arabella’s backpack!

When everyone saw this, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Yolanda covered her mouth, “How is this possible…”

How could the ruby necklace she wanted to give her sister fall out of her sister’s backpack??

Arabella smiled lightly, seeing right away that she was trying to frame her for theft.

“How did Yoli’s necklace end up in your bag?” Olga couldn’t believe her eyes, she urgently called, “Attlee, come see this! Arabella is about to leave, but she seems to have stolen Yoli’s necklace! I can’t believe the daughter we raised for so many years is a thief!”

Attlee rushed over, looking dumbfounded, and asked, “What’s going on?”

“It’s cool…” Yolanda hurriedly smoothed things over and said understandingly, “I was going to give this necklace to my sister anyway. Whether I personally give it to her or she grabs it from me, it’s all the same!”

“How is that the same? She took your necklace without your permission – that’s stealing!” Olga was livid. “Arabella, how could you do something like this?!”

The surrounding nannies couldn’t help but chime in, “Miss, you’re too kindhearted! This necklace is worth ten grand!”

“This was designed specifically for you by your parents’ personal designer! It’s one of its kind in the whole world!”

“And it even has your name engraved on it!”

“This is your favorite piece of jewelry, and she nearly nicked it, yet you’re not even blaming her…”

Yolanda, hearing the praise around her, feigned a knowing look and explained, “She needs this necklace more than I do!” Those around her couldn’t help but sing her praises, and comparisons were made between her and Arabella. They all felt even more that Yolanda outshone Arabella in every aspect!

Apart from Arabella being a tad prettier, she really couldn’t hold a candle to Yolanda in other areas!

Olga took the necklace from Yolanda’s hand, her heart aching, and said, “You naive child, once she goes back to her family, they’ll be like a bottomless pit, sucking up all her wealth. Even if you gave her ten ruby necklaces, they still wouldn’t be satisfied!”