Anti-Magnetic World
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Anti-Magnetic World

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Chapter 1 Prologue


If you seek immediate action, this chapter is not for you kindly skip.

If you seek knowledge of this Novel's structure, welcome to the PROLOGUE

Welcome Message

Finally, dear readers…

I welcome you to world of magnetic action and attraction. Of laughter and affection, of adventure and of horror. Please ensure you're with a well chilled cocktail before you embark on this journey. Our characters await you…

Your Lazy author: Jaystarbliss_2023

Five years after the apocalypse.....

The structure of the world had changed and now the rule of the strong rules the weak was the only thing that mattered.

After the Magnetic eruption, the scattered remnants of power left banded together to form an organisation.

This organisation was named 'Seven Apex Alliance' or SAA for short.

The Seven Apex Alliance organised the rest of the world and divided the remaining living space left from the Magnetic eruption into 12 domains.

Each domain was ruled by a class C domain ruler and under each domain were the regions.

In short, the Seven Apex Alliance was comprised mostly of superhumans.

These were individuals who were vastly stronger than even the strongest world heavyweight champion. Their body structure was modified by magnetic energy and as a result, had super human abilities and the opportunity to awaken magnetic talents.

It was this small blessing in disguise that helped the surviving humans find their bearings and a way to survive among the chaos and darkness of this era.

Due to the pattern of magnetic eruption, which spread out in a radial form that is, from a point to 360 degrees outwards, Superhumans were created but the stronger ones were those who were close to the eruption at that time and could bear the changes in their body system.

The weaker Superhumans were scattered around the outer ring of the eruption that was why even the superhumans had ranks among themselves.

The lower tier superhumans were placed in three different classes.

These were the,

Class I: Shackle breakers

Class H: Magnetic manipulator

Class G: Ability generators

The middle class superhumans were also divided into three classes.

Class F: Ability welders.

Class E: Zone enforcer

Class D: Region protector

The Upper class was also divided into three.

Class C: Domain rulers

Class B: Legends

Class A: Emperor

There was also a speculated realm above the Emperor realm but no one had reached that height yet.

Although the superhumans were called Defenders, that was just a general term. They had specific classes which generated their due respect whenever they appear.

The rest of the world who unfortunately failed to pass the Energy's baptism and receive superhuman strength, but survived the ordeal were called scavengers.

The scavengers covered a total of 70% of the world's current population. They were many but weak. Many Superhumans wanted to split off instead of carrying burdensome humans that would instead of helping, drag them down.

This was where the Seven Apex Alliance stepped in. They made a law through brute force and superior numbers of superhumans that all superhumans were to protect every mortal and should there be violation, then there would be serious consequences.

It was they who came up with the term 'defenders' for they believed that each superhuman was carrying the hope of humanity and should strive to be united in this era of darkness until humanity steps out into the light again.

It was the duty of the Defenders to protect the weak from small scale magnetic eruptions and dangerous animals that had mutated during the magnetic eruption when they go out for scavenging especially outside the base.

Each superhuman had a role to play according to their class which signifies their ability.

The low tier defenders focused mostly on scavenging and improving themselves except from when there was an emergency that concerned the Dark Side superhumans or a mutated beasts tide.

The middle tier defenders focused on protecting and contributing. These were the main stays of each division. Every domain had a total of 33 divisions and were ranked according to the number of mid-tier superhumans present.

The Upper tier defenders were overlords and considered the top strength present in each domain. The number of upper tiers also determined the strength and size of a domain that is because, domains usually had wars on their borders and tried to take in more land so that they could discover more natural magnetic sources.

Especially when a magnetic source mine is found. It usually causes a large scale domain war. A magnetic source mine could contain materials for producing the current currency being used now.

Yes! The currency system had also changed, what was used were magnetic metals that were thoroughly purified and turned into Anti Magnetic objects.

These were the only universally accepted currency in the world now. The currency being used now was called 'Black Magnetic tokens'

And according to the purification level of a black Magnetic tokens, the higher it's corresponding value.

The black Magnetic token has a total of five grades.

There was the normal 'Black Magnetic token' which was the Lowest tier out there.

The second grade was the 'Crimson Magnetic token'

The third grade was the 'Golden Magnetic token'

The fourth grade was the 'Holy Magnetic token'

The fifth was the 'Royal Magnetic token'.

Each of these currency had their values as they were all with a gap of ten times.


The Crimson Magnetic tokens was 10 times that of the normal Magnetic tokens.

The Golden Magnetic tokens was also ten times which means 100 Crimson Magnetic tokens could be traded for one Golden Magnetic tokens.

But nobody was stupid enough to convert a golden black Magnetic token into a Crimson Magnetic token.

The Holy Magnetic token was very rare, and it was close to impossible to see it being traded. It's conversion rate was 1500 golden Magnetic tokens. It was a whooping 15 times! and yet no one wanted to spend such currency because they had a higher purchase power and were more of a symbol of respect for those of high status in the current society.

The Royal Magnetic token was the most expensive and rarest of all.

Some had never even seen a Royal Magnetic tokens before in their entire lives.

There were no more than a thousand royal Magnetic tokens that had been produced in the world and each of them were tokens that only Class A Emperors could use.

The Royal Magnetic tokens were a symbol of authority in the current world.

It was in this dark era that Blade a low tier superhuman with the lowest strength among low tiers, a Class I Shackle breaker, was struggling to earn enough money by scavenging desperately.