My Mr Handsome
img img My Mr Handsome img Chapter 1 Prologue Introduction
Chapter 6 Punches img
Chapter 7 Who did it img
Chapter 8 The VP’s office img
Chapter 9 Belinda img
Chapter 10 Holiday img
Chapter 11 Lucky Belinda img
Chapter 12 At the party 1 img
Chapter 13 At the party 2 img
Chapter 14 At the party 3 img
Chapter 15 Why are you in my room img
Chapter 16 Female best friend img
Chapter 17 Andrea’s new boyfriend 1 img
Chapter 18 Andrea’s new boyfriend 2 img
Chapter 19 Andrea’s new boyfriend 3 img
Chapter 20 Idiot img
Chapter 21 Female lead img
Chapter 22 Are you avoiding me img
Chapter 23 An argument with Andrea 1 img
Chapter 24 An argument with Andrea 2 img
Chapter 25 What did you say img
Chapter 26 Do you guys plan on killing me img
Chapter 27 Three Options img
Chapter 28 The Laundry shop img
Chapter 29 Who’s she to you img
Chapter 30 You have just 40 minutes img
Chapter 31 Kissing childhood friend img
Chapter 32 Who’s calling you img
Chapter 33 Is this the new toilet img
Chapter 34 Let’s go img
Chapter 35 His parrot brother img
Chapter 36 How dare you call me little img
Chapter 37 Friends img
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My Mr Handsome

Big Nini
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Chapter 1 Prologue Introduction

Belinda Parker is a sixteen years ago teenage girl, she is the last child of Mr and Mrs Parker, Belinda has a senior sister, Andrea Parker who is a year older than her.

Belinda has been in the Philippines for sometime now due to the finical state of her father, she left to stay with her uncle to lessen the bills on her farther.

What happens when Belinda's father finally gets a nice job and she comes back to American to continue her high school studies in ASIAN TADO HIGH SCHOOL, where her sister has been schooling until now she’s in her final year, Belinda has one more year till her final year.

Belinda begin's a new school where she will make friends and enemies .

Meet Diego Dubae, a young seventeen years old tennage boy, you can call him the king of Asian Tado, he is the first son of Mr and Mrs Dubae, Diego has a little brother who is much more younger than him.. What happens when Belinda meet's the arrogant king of Asian Tado. Is she going to have a tough or a great time?? Is she going to make more friends than enemies?? We will get to know as we proceed .