Torrid Night: Love With Arrogant Boss
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Chapter 41 The Conflict img
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Chapter 43 Put On A Romantic Show img
Chapter 44 Take Her Away img
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Chapter 47 Gone Viral img
Chapter 48 Passing Out img
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Chapter 50 Regret img
Chapter 51 Absent-minded img
Chapter 52 Stop You From Going Out For The Rest Of Your Life img
Chapter 53 I Am Not A Beast img
Chapter 54 This Is The Super Rich img
Chapter 55 Humber Yet With Dignity img
Chapter 56 Being Considerate img
Chapter 57 Glaring Eyes img
Chapter 58 Ex-girlfriend img
Chapter 59 Panic img
Chapter 60 The Person I Married To Is Not You img
Chapter 61 Tears Falling img
Chapter 62 Cold img
Chapter 63 Why Treating Me Like This img
Chapter 64 Are You Trying To Embarrass Me img
Chapter 65 Why Don't You Divorce Me img
Chapter 66 Don't Try My Patience img
Chapter 67 Come Back img
Chapter 68 You Are Punishing Me img
Chapter 69 You Are A Bastard img
Chapter 70 I Want A Divorce img
Chapter 71 Came Here Prepared img
Chapter 72 Conspiracy img
Chapter 73 Threatening img
Chapter 74 Emergency img
Chapter 75 Harmful Thing img
Chapter 76 Save The Mother img
Chapter 77 Why Don't You Understand My Heart img
Chapter 78 Pretentious Woman img
Chapter 79 Tacit img
Chapter 80 Against Her Will img
Chapter 81 Teach That Slut A Lesson img
Chapter 82 Meet Me At The Civil Affairs Bureau img
Chapter 83 Please Stop Pestering Me In The Future img
Chapter 84 This Man Was Abandoned By Me img
Chapter 85 Disappear from His Life img
Chapter 86 Getting Knocked Up img
Chapter 87 You Hit Me img
Chapter 88 Don't Mention Him Anymore img
Chapter 89 A High Profile Job img
Chapter 90 Keep Falling img
Chapter 91 Take The Opportunity img
Chapter 92 Pretending img
Chapter 93 Passing By Hurriedly img
Chapter 94 Take The Opportunity img
Chapter 95 Misunderstanding img
Chapter 96 Break Into Tears img
Chapter 97 I Don't Have A Husband img
Chapter 98 Coincident img
Chapter 99 Taunting img
Chapter 100 We Are Even img
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Torrid Night: Love With Arrogant Boss

Elizabeth Alcott
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Chapter 1 You Are Bad In Bed

The sound of running water beside her ears woke up Chandler Su, who was sleeping soundly. She opened her sleepy eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of her.

It was a deluxe room. The morning sun was shining on the messy sheets. The clothes and shoes of a man and a woman were scattered on the carpet. The room was filled with the smell of lovemaking.

As she looked down at her naked body under the blanket, she felt discomfort down there, Chandler grabbed her long hair hard. The scattered memory of last night came alive like slides.

Her boyfriend, who had been in love with her for three years, said that she was not gentle, considerate, and had no charm. He then went abroad to study for a doctor's degree with a girl from a rich family.

Chandler, who looked tough on the outside and was in fact vulnerable on the inside, was drunk as a fiddler last night. Impulsively, she grabbed a man randomly at the bar and took him to the room.

At this moment, Chandler was sitting on the bed, her legs trembling. She had always respected and loved herself. How on earth could she do something that she wouldn't even dare to think of doing normally? It seemed that it was an absolute truth that alcohol does make a cowardly man strong.

She put on her clothes in a panic, grabbed her bag, and wanted to sneak out without being noticed. She didn't expect the bathroom door to open with a loud bang!

Chandler instinctively turned around and saw a super handsome man walking out of the bathroom.

He had thick hair, a firm face, distinctive facial features, a fit body figure, and behind that loose robe was his half-hidden sexy and strong chest muscles.

This man was a knockout. It was by far much better than her ex-boyfriend.

Chandler instantly felt a sense of satisfaction in her heart. She would rather give her virginity to this stranger than to that unfaithful man.

Thinking back on everything that had happened last night, Chandler's face blushed immediately.

Last night, he was at times gentle and at times rough. At the age of 25, she tasted the feeling of being a woman for the first time.

Of course, right now standing in front of him, Chandler was ashamed, but she still pretended to be calm.

In contrast to Chandler, who was at a loss, he appeared to be very natural. He looked at her from her head to toe with his deep eyes. He curled his lips and showed a disdainful expression, which made Chandler very uncomfortable.

Then he suddenly walked to the bedside and reached out to pick up his Gucci wallet.

Chandler understood immediately as she saw a stack of cash in his wallet.

Did he take her as that kind of woman and wants to pay her for last night?

No, she couldn't be insulted like this by a man!

Chandler immediately took out the only remaining 150 dollars from her bag and threw it on the wrinkled sheets in front of him.

He raised his eyebrows and stared at her in confusion.

Chandler pretended to be calm and held her hands in front of her chest. She looked up at him and said in a critical tone, "Although you are good-looking, you are outwardly strong and inwardly weak, and you are poor of skills. So you only worth this much!"

"What did you say?" Obviously Chandler's words had irritated him. She saw that he was frowning and he put on a long face.

In order to pretend to be more real, Chandler stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder. She said in an earnest tone, "I suggest that you offer some discount first and accumulate some experience. When your skills get better, you can charge more naturally. Women nowadays are not easy to serve!"

"You're asking for trouble..." He frowned and uttered a few words through his teeth.

Chandler saw that his hands were clenched into fists. She didn't want to practice with him. She chose to escape quickly from the scene before things got out of control.

When she walked out of the Hilton Hotel, his stiff long face was still in her head. Chandler felt her fast heartbeat on her chest and felt lucky that she had run fast enough.