When Love Goes Wrong
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Chapter 41 Drug Trafficking Accusation img
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Chapter 43 The Cat's Out Of The Bag img
Chapter 44 I Don't Deserve To Be The Father img
Chapter 45 I'm Famished img
Chapter 46 A Way Out For Melissa img
Chapter 47 Saving Melissa img
Chapter 48 Missing Daughter img
Chapter 49 Persistent Chaser img
Chapter 50 No Arousal img
Chapter 51 At A Crossroads img
Chapter 52 Melissa Went On A Vocation img
Chapter 53 I Couldn't Prevent Him From Rushing To His Beloved's Side. img
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Chapter 55 What Kind Of Woman I Am img
Chapter 56 Memories img
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Chapter 65 Jerrold's Threat img
Chapter 66 Attending Vicky's Birthday Party img
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Chapter 69 Why Don't I Deserve Him img
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Chapter 75 You Can Wipe Me Dry img
Chapter 76 He Cared About Olivia img
Chapter 77 Do You Need Me To Sleep With You img
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Chapter 79 A Good Life Together img
Chapter 80 Come And Accompany Me, Okay img
Chapter 81 Wait And See img
Chapter 82 You're His Wife img
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Chapter 84 Olivia Was Taken Away By The Police img
Chapter 85 We Are A Couple img
Chapter 86 Don't Send Me Away img
Chapter 87 Cleaner img
Chapter 88 Isn't This Why You Irritated Me img
Chapter 89 Malignancy Of Jerrold img
Chapter 90 When Did You Get To Know Each Other img
Chapter 91 I Won't Do It Again img
Chapter 92 Be Yourself img
Chapter 93 Did You And Melissa Have Sex That Night img
Chapter 94 Five Months img
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Chapter 97 Something Happened To Elliott img
Chapter 98 Problems img
Chapter 99 Going Back To Crawford Group img
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When Love Goes Wrong

Lorry Putnam
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Chapter 1 She Is Pregnant

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable right now. Please try your call later."

I, Gianna Crawford, sat on a chair in the consultation room of the hospital. The doctor sat opposite me, patiently waiting for me.

Since my first attempt couldn't get through, I hung up and tried calling my husband, Elliott Crawford, again.

After a few rings, the phone was finally answered. I was about to say something when a familiar female voice came through from the other end of the line. "Hello? Who's this?"

I immediately hung up and heaved a deep sigh. I couldn't be mistaken. That was Olivia Tucker's voice. Was she back?

"How is it?" asked the doctor.

His voice brought me back to my senses. I forced a smile and answered with some difficulty, "No one's answering."

The doctor felt helpless. He had no choice but to give up and leave the ward.

I put down my phone, letting my sadness drown me. I wished my call was not answered. I never wanted to hear that woman's voice on Elliott's phone.

Two years ago, Elliott's grandfather, Lorenzo Crawford, suffered from myocardial infarction. While he was in the hospital bed, he forced Elliott to marry me. Elliott was unwilling to do it but still married me for his sake. He just ignored me in the past two years. But now that Lorenzo was gone, I knew I should already expect the worst.

At this moment, I heard the voices of several nurses outside, and it interrupted my thoughts.

"Is her husband here?"

"Not yet. Actually, she has been waiting for a long time."

"I feel sorry for her. She got into a car accident, but no one came."

"She is pregnant and got into a car accident, but her husband doesn't show up. Doesn't he even care about the baby?"

When I heard this, I was sure they were talking about me.

I lowered my head and caressed my belly. I was six weeks pregnant with Elliott's child. We had sex only once a month ago.

The first time I discovered I was pregnant, I wanted to have an abortion. How could I let my child grow up in an environment with no love?

But the doctor told me that with my physical condition, I shouldn't have an abortion. My life would be in danger.

I touched my belly gently. At the thought that there was a life inside me, I figured out something.

This was my child. I didn't get care and love from the father, but it didn't mean I couldn't love my child. I swore that I would love my child more, even if it was very likely my child wouldn't be loved by the father.

I looked down at my injured leg caused by the car accident. Somehow, I felt a little lucky. Fortunately, my child was safe after the accident. Otherwise, I would be very sad.

Elliott still didn't show up. It only proved that he didn't love me at all. But should I be surprised? After all, he loved someone else and was forced to marry me. She was the one he loved deeply. And she was the reason why he was indifferent to me.

If Elliott found I was pregnant, he would definitely force me to have an abortion. After all, my existence was an obstacle to him. How would he care about me and our child?

I couldn't lose my child, so I couldn't let Elliott know I was pregnant.

My wound was not serious, so I was discharged from the hospital on the same day. The doctor even sent me to the gate.

"Is your husband coming to pick you up?" He looked at me with a complicated expression.

I smiled and answered, "I can take a taxi. Thank you for sending me out."

The doctor felt helpless. "Okay, take care of yourself."

I was about to say goodbye when my eyes suddenly stopped at a place outside the hospital building. Elliott was here.

His tall figure, handsome face, and superior appearance attracted many passers-by. He strode toward us.

The doctor turned to me and asked, "Is he your husband?"

I looked at him sideways and replied, "Yes."

As soon as Elliott approached me, he frowned slightly and said, "Your leg looks fine."

When he didn't answer my call just now, I sent him a message. He must have read it, but he refused to show up earlier.

The doctor looked at Elliott and asked, "Are you her husband?"

Elliott didn't answer.

Maybe his indifferent attitude irritated the doctor. He said angrily, "What's wrong with you? She had a car accident. Why didn't you care at all? Do you know that your wife is..."

I suddenly realized that the doctor was about to tell Elliott I was pregnant. I panicked, not knowing what to do.