Her Love, Her Destiny
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Chapter 21 Eye for an eye img
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Chapter 24 I will lose something img
Chapter 25 What was her fault img
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Chapter 27 Finally, I got you img
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Chapter 30 She is suicidal img
Chapter 31 Good for nothing child img
Chapter 32 Mysterious business tycoon img
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Chapter 34 Promise img
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Chapter 36 Known touch img
Chapter 37 Rape victim img
Chapter 38 Is it her fault img
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Chapter 40 Angel img
Chapter 41 Is she dead img
Chapter 42 Low EQ img
Chapter 43 Will you be my sister-in-law img
Chapter 44 Ice-cream img
Chapter 45 Brother’s room mate img
Chapter 46 Fun time with bestie img
Chapter 47 Followed the devil img
Chapter 48 Devil lover img
Chapter 49 Another girl img
Chapter 50 An idea img
Chapter 51 Trick img
Chapter 52 Best thing img
Chapter 53 Trauma img
Chapter 54 Defense Mechanism img
Chapter 55 Detective mode img
Chapter 56 Idiot Friend img
Chapter 57 I am happy img
Chapter 58 I am ugly img
Chapter 59 Nothing should go wrong img
Chapter 60 Baby img
Chapter 61 What happened last night img
Chapter 62 62. My wife img
Chapter 63 Pregnant img
Chapter 64 Thank you gift img
Chapter 65 I am possessive img
Chapter 66 66. Settle the Score img
Chapter 67 Love can do magic img
Chapter 68 Be independent img
Chapter 69 Lost his control img
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Her Love, Her Destiny

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Chapter 1 Alora

Author's POV

Today Alora is very happy because tomorrow is her birthday and she will move to the city with her brother. Yes, it sounds weird that she will move with her brother when she is turning eighteen tomorrow.

At an age where people move out of their family, she is going to stay with her family.

So the thing is when she was born she was sick for a long time and the doctor could not cure her, her mother was a little superstitious and a fortune-teller told her that she should be kept away from the city, from the glamorous life of the city, from fame, from rich people, etc.

He also mentioned that she should be kept hidden till she turns twenty or twenty-one, otherwise she would see hell on earth.

If his instructions are not followed her beauty will become her biggest curse.

Alora and her brother August who is five years older than her never believed in these things but her parents were rigid so they shifted her to her grandmother’s village.

Her grandma loves her so much although she is so old still she cooks for Alora, she never allows any maid to touch Alora’s food.

Grandmother’s village is very small and it is just at the beginning of the dense forest, so there is no chance of having a glamorous life here.

People say that there is a tribe inside this forest who are magicians, they can bring dead people back to life without even touching them, and they are called angels on earth.

Although no one has ever found them, some believe it is just a rumor, some say they are the guardians of the forest, some say they are ancestors of hybrids and werewolves, some say they have great knowledge of herbs that can cure any disease.

But no one succeeded in finding their tribe to date.

Alora was a topper of her school but she wanted to be self-dependent from an early age but her parents and brother didn’t allow so she somehow managed to persuade her grandma to allow her to do the job in the hotel.

The shining star is the costliest hotel in this area. It's not a very luxurious hotel but you know something is better than nothing. Many people come here who are a fan of trekking as they have easy access to the jungle from here.

At first, her grandma didn’t allow her. Later she could not resist Alora’s puppy eyes and agreed but she agreed only with a condition that Alora should be back home before sunset and should have a driver with her wherever she goes.

Alora agreed but things started turning down in her life when one year ago her parents died in a car accident and just in the next six months her grandma also died.

Alora and her brother were in so much pain, it took some time for her brother to cope with the things as he had to look after their business after their Dad.

Alora also started spending more time at her workplace Shining star, everyone in this hotel loves her, as they are all from the same small village and more like one family.

After Alora and her brother August were able to hold back from the loss of their parents and grandma, August said that he wants Alora to move to Miami with him as they are the only family members left in their family.

So tomorrow is her birthday and August is coming to pick her. She is very excited to see the city for the first time in her life.

Alora just finished her shift as it was around 5 pm. Mrs. Rosario came running and said worriedly, “Alora, dear I need your help”

Mrs. Rosario works with Alora in the same hotel, she is thirty years old and she had a baby boy a year back.

She tried to calm her down and asked. “Mrs. Rosario Please tell me what happened?”

She works on the night shift she replied immediately, “My baby is having fever my husband just informed me”

Alora said frowning, “So why are you here? You should rush back”

She said sighing, “I want to, but I don’t want to leave Mr. Michael alone like this you know there are very few people at work because of Christmas vacations and we have very prestigious guests in our hotel today”