Rich CEO And His Poor Wife
img img Rich CEO And His Poor Wife img Chapter 1 Mom, Aren't You Afraid of Retribution
Chapter 6 Who Is This Woman img
Chapter 7 And I Was Banged by You img
Chapter 8 Her Look Ensured Her Safety img
Chapter 9 You Don't Like Women Now img
Chapter 10 Fancy you I'm Not that Hardcore img
Chapter 11 Handsome Man and Ugly Woman img
Chapter 12 Madam Is Here img
Chapter 13 You Must Marry Her img
Chapter 14 You Really Want to Compensate Me img
Chapter 15 Where the Hell Are You, Bitch img
Chapter 16 I Would Kill Her. img
Chapter 17 Are you satisfied with the compensation to marry her img
Chapter 18 Let's Get Married img
Chapter 19 Perfectly, I didn’t like you either. img
Chapter 20 That Man Was Poor. img
Chapter 21 Tyrone, Come Save Me img
Chapter 22 That man might not save her. img
Chapter 23 Husband, come and save me img
Chapter 24 She is the daughter of a poor man img
Chapter 25 If You Feel Shameful, You Can Devote Yourself to me img
Chapter 26 Princess Dream img
Chapter 27 Your doll is buried in it img
Chapter 28 Why did you make me lose my job img
Chapter 29 to get the marriage certificate img
Chapter 30 I told you I was very poor img
Chapter 31 I seemed to find a Dad img
Chapter 32 Give Me Money Every Month img
Chapter 33 Tyrone Was really A Good Man img
Chapter 34 Call her Mom img
Chapter 35 Bathing together img
Chapter 36 I Was Really a Beauty img
Chapter 37 Throw yourself on me img
Chapter 38 This Woman Is So Silly img
Chapter 39 Watch out your Mouth img
Chapter 40 Hurry Up img
Chapter 41 An Invisible Killer img
Chapter 42 Making Tyrone Disappointing img
Chapter 43 Freak Look img
Chapter 44 Were You Going to Let Men Be Crazy for You img
Chapter 45 Give him a green hat img
Chapter 46 This Time I Think You Are Dirty img
Chapter 47 Tyrone, You Were a Bad Guy img
Chapter 48 If the Apology Worked, Why Did We Need the Policemen img
Chapter 49 Your Husband Was So Handsome img
Chapter 50 Tyrone's Face Turned Blue img
Chapter 51 I've Watched Some Pornographic Books img
Chapter 52 A Clear Stream among the Presidents img
Chapter 53 The Foolish Girl Sends Text Messages to Mr. White img
Chapter 54 We Are Infertile img
Chapter 55 You Are Seducing Me img
Chapter 56 You Look Like A Fox img
Chapter 57 Deliberate Words Were More Attractive. img
Chapter 58 You Were Almost My Dad img
Chapter 59 To Be Your Wife Would Be Happy Enough. img
Chapter 60 You Don't Deserve Me img
Chapter 61 What scandal did this woman have img
Chapter 62 Kill Her Family img
Chapter 63 Ugly to the extreme img
Chapter 64 I Won't Take Advantage of You img
Chapter 65 Saving Nancy img
Chapter 66 This Girl Has A Strange Taste img
Chapter 67 Really Pregnant img
Chapter 68 A Fairy Tale img
Chapter 69 Abortion img
Chapter 70 Kiss On The Operating Table img
Chapter 71 I'm Not Even Shy In Bed img
Chapter 72 I Lied To You, You Bit Me img
Chapter 73 The War Between Two Women img
Chapter 74 A Perfect Match img
Chapter 75 A Couple Of Adulterers img
Chapter 76 Use All Means To Seduce Tyrone img
Chapter 77 Do You Really Want To Go To Prison img
Chapter 78 A Picture You Cuckolded Me img
Chapter 79 Ascetic Male Idol img
Chapter 80 You Want to Pursue Me img
Chapter 81 Dismiss Nancy img
Chapter 82 The Most Worshipped Idol img
Chapter 83 You Really Didn't Look Like A Woman img
Chapter 84 The Best Way to Revenge img
Chapter 85 Can't Help Longing for Love img
Chapter 86 Let Queenie Experience the Same Trick img
Chapter 87 Why Did You Develop So Well img
Chapter 88 Nancy, You Meet The Rich. img
Chapter 89 How Beautiful Your Little Wife Is! img
Chapter 90 A Definite Lovelace img
Chapter 91 Seduce Tyrone img
Chapter 92 Crisis img
Chapter 93 The Drunk Man Didn't Forget To Press Her Down. img
Chapter 94 Clothes Torn Apart img
Chapter 95 It Was Right to Marry You for Tyrone. img
Chapter 96 Nancy Is Indeed Qualified img
Chapter 97 What Will Your Father Think Of You, This Good Daughter img
Chapter 98 Fierce People Were Afraid Of Those Who Were Not Afraid Of Death img
Chapter 99 Hold You As Your Husband img
Chapter 100 I Wanted To Kill Her When She Hit Me! img
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Rich CEO And His Poor Wife

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Chapter 1 Mom, Aren't You Afraid of Retribution

"Mom, aren't you afraid of retribution?" Nancy looked at the hideous middle-aged woman and said incredulously.

She was only 19 years old. Should her mother ask her to sleep with a retarded man for money!

Despite her protest, Mary tied Nancy up, sent her to the hotel, and forced her to sleep with that retarded man tonight!

She couldn't believe that this was her biological mother!

Mary fiercely pushed Nancy into a luxurious presidential suite. Inside the room, a man was biting his fingers, drooling and mumbling, "I see beauty, I want beauty..."

"Hey girl, stop gabbling." Mary said fiercely, "Parents make the final call. I ask you to marry Second Junior Master of Lake Family, and you do it. Tonight, you serve the master right, or face the consequences!"

Then her tone turned soft, and she threatened and coaxed, "Nancy, you know our family is poor. Although the Second Junior Master of Lake Family is retarded, he is born in a wealthy merchant family. If you sleep with him for one night and bear his seed, you will live a life free of care."

Nancy suddenly widened her beautiful eyes, "Mom is purchasing that great life. Lake Family must have given you a lot money so that you are willing to sell your daughter."

As her thought was seen through, Mary immediately pulled a long face.

Lake Family promised her 200 thousand yuan for sending Nancy there and another 300 thousand when the girl got pregnant!

A total of 500 thousand yuan! It was an enormous amount of money for a poor family. With the fortune, they could live a completely different life!

It was not a bad deal to marry Nancy to a retarded man in exchange for 500 thousand yuan!

All of a sudden, Mary raised her hand and slapped Nancy, "I'll say it one last time. Tonight, you serve the junior master of Lake Family right!"

Following her words, she slammed shut the door of the presidential suite.

In the room, five red fingerprints still lingered on the delicate cheek of the dazed woman, and a drop of crystal tear fell from her eye.

The mentally challenged man, around five feet in height, came up from behind and tugged at Nancy, "Beauty, sleep with me... sleep."

Despite her sadness, Nancy now only had one idea in her mind.


At that moment, that was all she wanted.

She pulled open the door and rushed out.

But it was not that easy. This five-star hotel was a property of Lake Family.

A towering bodyguard in black is guarding at the door.

"Miss Green, please go back." The voice of the bodyguard was indifferent and emotionless.

Nancy found an interstice and rushed past the man.

The bodyguard remained composed and followed her at a sedate pace. Probably because he was sure Nancy could not escape.

More people were guarding the entrance, so there was no escape.

Out of breath, Nancy rushed to the lobby. As expected, she saw bodyguards standing at the entrance of the hotel.

Her way ahead and back was both blocked. Was there no way out?

Nancy was overwhelmed by despair.

She was so young and hadn't dated yet. Was it her fate to marry a retarded man she had no feelings for?

Nancy's face turned ghastly pale.

At that moment, an Aston Martin steadily pulled off in front of the hotel.

The car door was opened.

From the car stuck out a long leg wrapped in a formal trouser. As his feet landed steadily on the ground, a tall and refined man got off.