My Stepbrother, My Bully
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My Stepbrother, My Bully

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Hope Evans

I never thought this day would come when I had to move half way across the country because of my parents divorce. I’m Hope Evans and I am almost sixteen and in my last year of highschool, my parents divorced almost two years ago. Since then my mother has been struggling to keep the house going, so she sold up and we moved to a two bedroom apartment in the city around an hour away from my old highschool. I had loads of friends there and I will miss them I don’t think that I will ever find friends like them ever again. My older brother is on tour. He is a Luitenant for the British army and I really miss him. He always kept me in touch and fit which I am failing missirabley at, when he returns in six months and no doubt he’ll be on my ass again. I hate exercise. And he knows it, so he makes me push myself to the limits god I hate it and he knows it too. He says if I don’t shape up he’s making sure mom gets me into boot camp next summer to put me through my paces and make me a better person and to show me what respect is all about. It won’t be no ordinary boot camp, but an army boot camp like one he went on before he decided wanted to go into the army full time.

Well mom found herself husband number two. God why this torture? She knew I was happy with just the two of us since dad left fucking alcoholic prick, all he cared about was drowning in booze and cigarettes maybe drugs. He got sent down two years ago for aggravated burglary that’s when mom finally decoded enough was enough and out in for a divorce. Jax had told her several times to get out of their toxic relationship but of course mom thought she could change him.

That was her mistake as you can never change a leopard's spots. He just got worse and he began lashing out in her then me. Jaxon put him in a coma for six months before he had to return to Afghanistan three years ago. He’s back there now pointless if you ask me, but it’s where they are based for the next six months until he returns home. He’ll be based here for awhile not sure how long for cause the army travels a lot. I miss him, he’s my rock, he’s the only one who understands me. He also wasn’t too pleased to know mom had met someone new and we were up and leaving our apartment to their home to live.

Their wedding is in a month what fun. Jaxon will return to give her away and return to Afghanistan to finish his year off before he returns. I miss him so much at least he listens unlike mom. She tells me that I have to take it in my stride and to try to get in with her fiancées son.

Yeah you heard me right he has a son Joshua Kingsley, he is the same age as me and I will be going to the same highschool as him, this did not please me at all. I wanted to stay where I was with my friends, but not thanks to this ridiculous relationship I have to up and leave and say goodbye to everyone I’ve know for my entire life and those friends I’ve made in the last five years to move to a school where I know no one just fucking great.

‘Hope it’s time to go.’

‘Coming mom.’ I shouted.

Fucking great now I’ve got to go and smile and be polite welcome my new family welcome my hell!

I walk out of my room with my last bag in my hand. No fucker is touching this bag. It holds all my memories okay I have facebook so I can keep in contact with my friends but it’s not the same. I met mom downstairs.

‘Well this is it darling we’re finally saying goodbye.’


‘Come on sweetie, you can still talk to your friends on what you call it?’

‘Facebook mom.’

She smiled. And we walked out of the house. She closed the door locking it behind us before we got into the car, my bag once back seat. She started the engine.

‘You’ll like them honey, they're really nice.’


‘Try and be nice and make friends.’


‘I mean it Hope this is a new beginning for the both of us.’

‘For you maybe.’ Not so much for me. I thought I really didn’t want this.