Trapped with Daniel
img img Trapped with Daniel img Chapter 1 No Silly Trying, No Billy Dying
Chapter 16 Why Do You Always Refuse to Help Me Get Out of Trouble img
Chapter 17 Now Behave Yourself And Go Back Home img
Chapter 18 You Want Me to Spend the Night Here img
Chapter 19 Can You do that img
Chapter 20 Both His Lover and His Neighbor img
Chapter 21 He Got A Nosebleed img
Chapter 22 Why am I Sleeping in Daniel's Arms img
Chapter 23 What Did You Do Yesterday img
Chapter 24 A Soldier Is Looking For You Downstairs img
Chapter 25 You Have Already Slept with Jane img
Chapter 26 I Came to Take Back My Hair img
Chapter 27 You were Asking For It img
Chapter 28 Did You Seduce My Jane img
Chapter 29 How Could You Fall in Love with My Girl img
Chapter 30 You're Just A Spoiled Child img
Chapter 31 Watson's Family is a Military Family img
Chapter 32 She is More Like a Sister to Me img
Chapter 33 Jane Was At the SL Group img
Chapter 34 From Now On We are Rivals in Love img
Chapter 35 Shut Up img
Chapter 36 Janet Again Sought Personal Privileges img
Chapter 37 Would You Like to be My Girlfriend img
Chapter 38 Why is There One Person Missing img
Chapter 39 Come and Tell it to Me Face to Face img
Chapter 40 Could You Not be Such a Bully For a Moment img
Chapter 41 I'll Beat You Up Every Time I See You img
Chapter 42 Since You Are Pregnant img
Chapter 43 You'd Best Put Me to Death img
Chapter 44 Track Down and Arrest Janet img
Chapter 45 Wasn't That Daniel's Car img
Chapter 46 I Accept the Punishment img
Chapter 47 This Time She Must Break up All Relations with Daniel img
Chapter 48 It was Daniel Who Begged Me to Come Over Here img
Chapter 49 I'm Going To Sleep With Him img
Chapter 50 You Won't be Allowed to Get Close to Me Anymore img
Chapter 51 Janet, Are You Pregnant img
Chapter 52 Marriage Between Two Rich and Powerful Families img
Chapter 53 We Weren't at all Like Brother and Sister img
Chapter 54 Mr. Lewis Actually Showing His Affection in Public img
Chapter 55 You're My Boyfriend img
Chapter 56 How Could Two Good Friends Ever Get Married img
Chapter 57 Who's the Owner of the Samoyed Outside in the Garden img
Chapter 58 I Never Expected That You Could Be So Heartless and Unreasonable img
Chapter 59 It's Exclusively for Luring Men img
Chapter 60 Now, Explain Yourself to Brian img
Chapter 61 My Brother is Coming Back Home img
Chapter 62 Add Me as Friend on WeChat Without Even Me Knowing img
Chapter 63 My Family Even Has One Hundred Billions img
Chapter 64 Tonight We'll be Drunk with No Return img
Chapter 65 How is It That I Run Into Your Brother Everywhere I Go img
Chapter 66 She Really Hated Daniel img
Chapter 67 Can't Get in Touch with Daniel img
Chapter 68 Take Your Ring Back and Get Out of My House img
Chapter 69 First One to be Cracked in an Anti-pornography Campaign img
Chapter 70 Come Back to Me img
Chapter 71 Damn! This Man is Luring Me Again img
Chapter 72 How are You and Your Baby Doing img
Chapter 73 He's Got A Girlfriend img
Chapter 74 Can You Afford It img
Chapter 75 She Couldn't Stand Idle img
Chapter 76 What A Chinese Beauty img
Chapter 77 I Will Marry You Tomorrow img
Chapter 78 Won't You be Eaten by Him to the Bone img
Chapter 79 I Won't Be Coming to See You Anymore img
Chapter 80 Indulging in the Company of Other Women img
Chapter 81 Janet Had Become Even More Morose img
Chapter 82 You're His So-called Sister img
Chapter 83 Never Stepping a Foot in the Kitchen img
Chapter 84 You Really are A One Thousand Year Old Scumbag img
Chapter 85 You are Really Good at Making Trouble out of Nothing Now img
Chapter 86 Someone Has Bullied My Daughter img
Chapter 87 If You Hate Me, Just Get Away from Me img
Chapter 88 Have You Ever Thought Of My Integrity img
Chapter 89 Why Didn't You Tie Your Hair Up img
Chapter 90 You are Quite Good at Making the Bed img
Chapter 91 Buy Some Tonics to Strengthen Yourself img
Chapter 92 Sneak Through the Window img
Chapter 93 She Was Screwed img
Chapter 94 What Do You Think I Am! img
Chapter 95 From Now On You Can't Meet With Brian Anymore img
Chapter 96 We'll be Together Until Tomorrow Morning img
Chapter 97 Janet, You're Really Gonna be the Death of Me img
Chapter 98 I'll Find a House of My Own and Move Out These Days img
Chapter 99 Nothing Will Ever Separate Us img
Chapter 100 Because I Love My Childhood Playmate img
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Trapped with Daniel

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Chapter 1 No Silly Trying, No Billy Dying

Sixteen years later.

In Fort St. University.

It was a private university which ran neck and neck with Harvard University, which offered nearly 1000 majors. Students were lectured by professors or top leaders in the business field.

Apart from impoverished students who did well in their study, the rest of the students were mainly rich second generation kids.

Including Janet. She had failed all her exams.

It was a splendid, sunny day, and it was the student's graduation day. They were taking photos in their school uniforms.

During this time, a few "wows" were heard coming from the School Building.

Soon, Janet, who was putting on her school uniform, was dragged out of her dorm room by her roommate Shirley.

"Shirley, wait, I haven't put on my uniform yet." Janet, who had a beautiful figure, was wearing a white camisole and dark blue shorts. She was dragged in a rush throughout the campus by Shirley, who had got A in every exam. This scene had drawn many people's attention.

Shirley was breathless. She spluttered her words out, "We... cannot... wait for you... to get... dressed... someone is dying."

Janet looked at Shirley even more confused. What was going on?

Three minutes later...

The School Building was now being surrounded by a big crowd of students in their school uniforms.

A voice shouted, "Janet is coming!"

Then the crowd gave way to Janet.

Shirley took Janet straight to the front of the building and then pointed up.

On the 15-story School Building hung a red banner which read: "Janet, I love you! Will you please marry me?"

The banner was girdled with pink roses which also happened to be Janet's favorite flowers. A man in white casual tops and pants, with yellow hair resembling the straws of a broom, was on the top of the building.

He was holding in his hands a large bouquet of the same pink roses in his left hand, and a megaphone in his right. When he saw Janet, he began shouting: "Janet, I love you! Marry me!"

The crowd hooted and cheered: "Say yes! Say yes!"

Janet covered her ears. She was almost deafened by the noises that came from all around her. She took out her phone and called Bill: "No silly trying, no Billy dying! Get down at once!"

Bill was, however, still shouting with the megaphone: "Janet, I'll jump if you say no to me! Then, you will never forget me!"

Hearing these words, the crowd started screaming hysterically.

"Janet, don't be silly. His grandfather is a general, and his father is a lieutenant general. Say yes to him, now."

Janet, of course, knew Bill's powerful family background. But she treated him only as a friend.

"Bill, get down now! Knock it off, or I won't talk to you for the rest of my life!"

How many times had Bill said "I love you" to Janet? Janet stretched out her left hand and started counting. It was more than 5 times.

"If you don't say yes to me, I swear I will jump!" Bill really meant it this time. Jane had turned him down for a thousand times, and if it wasn't working this time either, then there would be no point to continue living.

"Go ahead, jump! You'd better kill yourself now, or else your grandfather will beat you to death with his walking stick!" Janet gestured him coming down. Bill became more and more timid at the mentioning of his grandfather.

"Just say yes and I'll come down." Bill put the megaphone away and talked to Janet by the phone.

More and more students that were around the building took out their phones and started recording videos of the whole event. Janet rolled her eyes and spoke in the phone, " Bill, your grandfather will know what's going on if he watches these videos. Are you aware that you are being silly and making a fool of yourself?"

Bill opened his mouth and looked at Janet. His heart was broken and shattered in a thousand pieces. "Jane, do you know for how long I've been in love with you?"

How could she not have known that? Since he caught the very first sight of her in junior high school, Bill had fallen for her.

Almost ten years had passed.

"Bill, do you want me to get in trouble with my mother?" Janet's mother was utterly strict with her. If she found out what was happening, she would get a thousand beatings coming for Janet when they met.

"Your parents are having fun somewhere in the world. They have no time for you." They were the perfect couple as was well-known in all of Uthana. Samuel had resigned out of his job last year for Ella, and Jerry had taken over his position at the company.

And then Samuel and Ella left their sons and daughters at home and decided to live an idle and peaceful life in an unknown mountain somewhere.

Jane almost cried when she found out that she had to take care of her 20 year-old younger little brother.

How distressed she felt!

Janet snapped at him: "Bill, this is the last time and I mean it: if you don't come down right now, we'll be complete strangers!"

"OK, OK, Jane, I'm coming down. But please take my flowers and ring, will you, please? These flowers were brought here just for you. They're unique."

Bill stepped back, and entered the elevator with the roses in his hand.

Everyone now felt relieved. However, they all stayed to see what was going on next.

Janet was a little indifferent towards the flowers. "I'll keep the flowers, but you have to take the ring back. I don't want to embarrass you in front of the others."

Bill was now walking out of the School Building.

He got on his knee and raised the flowers and ring. "Jane, marry me, please!"

The crowd hooted, whistled, and whooped again at these words.

His friends shouted vigorously together: "Janet, say yes. Janet, say yes!"

Before she could say no, three strong men in dark sunglasses paved a way straight through the crowd and immediately held Bill up in the air: "Bill, your grandfather ordered us to send you to the the army at once."

"No…Ah, ah! Jane, please say yes, I don't want to go!"

Although he was struggling, Bill ended up being lifted up in the air by the bodyguards. Janet shouted in her cupped hands: "Bill, take care! Bye, bye."

That was the end of the farce for the day.

Janet went back to the dorm to get dressed in her school uniform, and afterwards took photos with her classmates.

In the middle of their photo shooting, her cellphone rang again. it was Sally. She smiled. "Sally!"

"Jane, what time is your flight? I've already landed and Sven also boarded on the plane. Only you and Bill remain."

Speaking of Bill, she recalled what just happened, "I will arrive in Uthana tomorrow. Bill was taken to the army by his grandfather. He even did not take photos. Forget him."

Sally was a little sorry to hear that. "All right, I'll see you soon. Let's hang out tomorrow evening when you arrive."

"OK, see you then!"

At the airport of Uthana.

At the VIP gate, a girl in a floppy azure shirt and denim shorts, wearing a pair of big sunglasses, held a suitcase in her left hand and took Shirley with her right hand. They left the airport together.

Janet was feeling in a good mood on seeing the bright blue sky and white clouds in her hometown.She looked at the time. Where was Sally anyway?