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img img Romance img Winning Back The Heart Of My Cool Ex-wife
Winning Back The Heart Of My Cool Ex-wife

Winning Back The Heart Of My Cool Ex-wife

img Romance
img 634 Chapters
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img Maure Ganeshanandam
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During her three years of marriage with Brendan, Adeline had become as humble as dust itself. However, what she got in return wasn't love and affection, but endless indifference and disdain. Worse yet, when the woman in Brendan's heart suddenly showed up, he further distanced himself from her. Finally, Adeline couldn't stand it anymore and asked for a divorce. After all, why should she stay with such a cold, distant man? The next one would surely be better. Brendan watched as his ex-wife left with her luggage in tow. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he made a bet with his friends. "She'll definitely regret leaving and will come crawling back to me in no time." After hearing about this bet, Adeline sneered. "Dream on!" A few days later, Brendan ran into his ex-wife in a bar. It turned out she was celebrating her divorce. Not long after, he noticed that the damned woman seemed to have a new suitor. Brendan was starting to panic. The woman who had clung to him for three years suddenly didn't seem to give a damn about him. What was he going to do?

Chapter 1 How Dare You

Outside, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It had been raining the whole day.

Standing in front of the wardrobe, Adeline threw all her clothes into her suitcase, one after another.

The clock on the wall was ticking. It was past midnight already, but Brendan still hadn't come home.

Three years ago, Adeline married Brendan. However, Brendan had always been busy with work and went home very late every day. Adeline was always worried about him, so she'd stay up late, waiting for him to come home safely and then attending to his every need. In fact, she wouldn't go to bed until Brendan was asleep.

But today, things were different.

Just as Adeline zipped her suitcase shut, she heard heavy footsteps from behind her.

She slowly turned around and met Brendan's cold eyes, which were always calm and emotionless when he looked at her. She had a million things she wanted to say to him, but as she looked into his indifferent eyes, she found she could only say two words. "You're back."

Glancing at the packed luggage, Brendan snorted coldly. "Going on a trip? Where are you heading?"

Adeline didn't have the energy to explain. She just looked at him and said, "I've prepared some food for you. You can eat something first. After that, let's talk."

Earlier that afternoon, she had fainted and was sent to the hospital. The doctor gave her a check-up and ran some tests on her. Right after she got the examination report, she received the message from Tiffany.

So she went straight to Tiffany's apartment after leaving the hospital.

When she married into the Clemons family, Adeline knew that Tiffany, Brendan's sister-in-law, and Brendan went way back. She, Brendan, and Brendan's brother Lance practically grew up together and were childhood playmates.

Both Brendan and his brother ended up falling for Tiffany, but Tiffany chose Brendan's brother. Later, his brother got into an accident and was severely injured, which greatly affected his health. After he and Tiffany got married, they moved abroad.

A few days ago, Brendan's brother died from his poor health, so Brendan flew abroad to bring his brother's remains back. He also brought Tiffany back and even let her live in one of his apartments.

Of course, if anything happened to Tiffany, he'd be the first one to show up.

They always showed up in different places together, looking like a cozy couple, whereas Adeline, Brendan's actual wife, was like a stranger that had nothing to do with him.

Adeline always told herself that Tiffany was just Brendan's sister-in-law and that they wouldn't get into an inappropriate relationship.

However, she began to suspect that that wasn't the case when she received a photo from Tiffany. In the photo, Brendan was wearing an apron, cooking in the kitchen. Adeline and Brendan had been married for three years now, but he had never cooked for her.

With her heart in her throat, Adeline knocked on the door to Tiffany's apartment.

The door swung open, revealing a tall, cold man. "What're you doing here, Adeline?"

Brendan's tone was full of disgust, as if her sudden arrival had ruined his plan.

Behind him was Tiffany, who was wearing nothing but a bath towel, her wet hair draped around her shoulders.

Wide-eyed, Adeline looked at the scene in front of her in utter shock.

Why in the world would Tiffany show herself in front of a man in this way? Unless...

Tears welled up in Adeline's eyes as she raised her hand and slapped Brendan hard across the face.

"How dare you!"

Adeline thought she would be enraged, but to her surprise, she actually felt very calm.

Perhaps it was because she had expected to see something like this when she came here. Completely disappointed in him, she turned around and left. On her way home, she sent a message to Brendan.

"Come back home tonight. We need to talk."

Before Brendan came home, Adeline cooked a whole spread of dishes and then started packing her things.

When he arrived, Adeline walked out of the bedroom under his cold gaze.

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