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img img Modern img When The Bossy CEO Awakens
When The Bossy CEO Awakens

When The Bossy CEO Awakens

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img Eirena Khalil
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Freya sacrificed her happiness and youth just to save her sick mother's life and her family's hospital. She was forced to marry Brennan, a man who was in a three-month coma after having an accident. It was a contractual marriage, but it still bonded them together. Freya already resigned herself to never seeing her vegetative husband awake, but she was in for a surprise. On their wedding night, her vegetative husband suddenly stirred and opened his eyes. Freya almost had a heart attack! What did the future hold for them now that Brennan unexpectedly woke up? Were they going to stay married? Or would Brennan throw her out?

Chapter 1 A Terrible Marriage Deal

"Hot... It's so hot..."

Everything in front of Freya Walton became blurry, and she felt hot all over. Her entire body itched unbearably as if countless ants were crawling.

This feeling was so abnormal. She had never experienced this before. She didn't eat anything today since she was in a bad mood. Freya's eyes suddenly widened.

The orange juice! There must be something wrong with the orange juice that the butler of the Hayes family handed her just now.

She slumped on the luxurious cashmere carpet and looked at the unconscious man in the bed, trying her best to suppress the strange desire surging in her. At the same time, she felt incomparably sad.

After all, she couldn't leave this place.

When she returned to Leryport three days ago, she learned that her mother was seriously ill. And Healthbridge Hospital, which her mother built with painstaking efforts, was on the verge of bankruptcy.

These sudden changes almost made Freya break down.

She was left with no choice.

The Hayes family was willing to invest three hundred million dollars to save the hospital from decline.

But they had a condition—Freya had to marry Brennan Hayes, who was in a vegetative state.

Freya was forced to agree for the sake of her mother. Her father even signed an absurd contract on her behalf. It was stipulated in that contract that she had to fulfill her duties as a wife, including giving birth to a child for Brennan.

When Frey first heard about it, she thought it amusing.

Brennan was a vegetable. How could they have sex? How could she get pregnant and give birth to a baby?

It was only now that she realized that the Hayes family wanted her to have sex with Brennan this way.

Freya felt humiliated. But the effect of the drug was so strong that it quickly drowned her rationality.

She couldn't control her urge anymore. She got up and climbed onto the big and soft bed.

Brennan's face was handsome but expressionless. Looking at him, Freya felt her body softening. She touched his skin, and the numb feeling ran through her body like an electric current.

The heat inside her intensified.

There seemed to be a voice in her head that kept telling her it was not enough.

What she needed now was a man. No one else except a man could help her.

But should she really have sex with a man in a vegetative state?

Waves after waves of lust overwhelmed her, making her involuntarily bend down and kiss Brennan's pale but attractive lips. Her heart skipped a beat.

His scent filled her entire lungs.

The faint mint fragrance mixed with his hormones intoxicated her.

Before Freya knew it, her red lips ran through his chin, down to his neck and collarbone. She was getting out of control.

She took off her dress, revealing a huge part of her smooth and delicate skin. Then she pressed her body tightly against Brennan's and let out uncontrollable and coquettish groans in his ear, trying to get a response from him.

Brennan had a good figure, and his muscles were well-defined and strong. Every time Freya touched them, she trembled with pleasure.

But this moment of pleasure was far from enough. She felt like a giant fireball was burning inside her, and every cell in her body was shouting for more.

She wrapped her arms around Brennan's neck, sat on his body, and lifted his clothes. She whispered, "Help me..."

At this moment, something happened.

Unexpectedly, a pair of hands stretched out and pushed her hard.

Freya fell back to the carpet.

She blurted out a cry of pain. But because of the effect of the drug, it turned into a charming groan.

She lay prone on the floor and sobered up a little. But she was still unaware of what had happened.

Brennan was in a vegetative state. How could he push her away?

Freya opened her eyes wide and looked in his direction.

Under the dim light, a tall and strong figure slowly sat up. As the rays of light shone on his muscular shoulders and chest, his charming figure with strong hormones looked more attractive.

Brennan stared at Freya with sharp eyes.

His gaze was as cold as ice.

Staring at him, Freya suddenly realized something.

Brennan was awake.

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