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img img Fantasy img VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage
VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage

VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage

img Fantasy
img 7 Chapters
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The central continent is occupied by the vicious blood clan, led by King Kozak; the light mages(ergomancers) who occupy the Eastern continent come together with the terramancers of the northern continent and the pyromancers of the southern continent. The water mages of the Western continent were still loyal to the blood King Kozak; the war began, the vampire tribe was wiped out and the water mages were almost extinct. Before the war began King Kozak gave his devil's heart to his Last wife Mia, a human, to bury it with her only son, VLADIMIR, in the western continent, the only safe place for the blood mage, after Mia leaves for the western continent, Palace is invaded and king kozak is killed as well as his many sons. The blood clan is extinguished, the ergomancers take over. Meanwhile, before Mia carried out her assignment, she was wrongly ambushed by nightcrawlers and killed. Vladimir is left alone with the devil's heart nowhere to be found, Vladimir is later found by an old woman who came into the forest to get herbs for her dying husband, who eventually dies//. I mean her husband. // As Vladimir grows, his attraction to the forest where the devil's heart was lost increases, one day he moves to the forest and finds the devil's heart, what will happen now?

Chapter 1 Meeting Lady Chelsea

I recall that day as if it were just yesterday...

The earth felt cold, hard, and damp beneath me. I ached all over, and my eyes remained shut.

Struggling to my feet, I forced my eyes open. My legs trembled unsteadily. Taking in my surroundings, I realized I was in the woods, with no memory of how I had arrived. The day hadn't yet faded into night, so I had decent visibility.

Surveying myself, I found no injuries, which filled me with relief. Nearby, I spotted a gleaming black sphere on the ground. Upon picking it up and examining it, I noticed a red heart engraved on the ball, almost as if it were pulsating.

In a sudden burst of light, the sphere quivered and shot out of my grasp, hovering in the air about 2 meters above the ground.

A white light streamed out from the hovering sphere, and an elderly man cloaked in a red-embroidered black robe materialized from within the light. He exuded an air of regality, with his black hair and striking red eyes.

"You have survived. Ah, there is hope," the man declared, his voice rough, ancient, and accompanied by a smile.

"What do you desire from me?" I inquired, attempting to maintain a tough demeanor. He responded with a smile.

"You will see."

With that, a brilliant, blinding light flashed, and suddenly, I felt a chilling breeze against my right chest. As I went to investigate, I felt stickiness on my fingers as they met my chest. When I looked at my hands, they were stained with blood. Glancing at the apparition of the man before me, I noticed a wicked smile adorning his face. It was at that moment that I realized I had made a grave mistake... I was finished.

Son, don't resist it," the man said as I slipped into unconsciousness.

I couldn't discern how much time had passed, but upon waking, the man remained, though the wound from the attack had inexplicably vanished.

"What have you done to me?" I seethed, struggling to contain my rising anger.

Calmly, he revealed, "I have replaced your heart with my devil's heart." He paused, grinning, and inquired, "How do you feel?"

Overwhelmed, I blurted out, "I feel... I feel... dead and yet alive, in ways I've never experienced before."

Chuckling, he responded, "Hahaha, good. But there's more. I have a task for you."

"Tell me," I demanded.

"Firstly, my name is Kozak. I am your birth father, and I used to lead the blood mage clan..."

Kozak detailed how he had arrived in the forest and found the ball, which was now within me, having replaced my heart. He promised to send letters to guide me and also divulged the fate of his clan.

Upon processing the surprising information from the man claiming to be my father, I inquired, "What would you like me to do?"

"The objective is for you to restore honor to the blood clan. I care not for the means—whether it involves killing, cheating, or stealing. By any and all methods, restore the glory to the blood clan. The more blood you consume, the stronger your blood essence and you yourself will become," Kozak declared with a grave expression.

Kozak urged, "Your first task is to leave this forest and head into the city, and don't forget to enjoy yourself," as he began to fade away.

After gathering my thoughts and regaining my composure, I pondered, "What should I do now? He mentioned having fun; let's see."

Feeling famished, I set out to find something to eat. I came across a tree with assorted fruits and hastily plucked and tasted them, experiencing a mix of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors all at once. Unable to tolerate it any longer, I spewed the fruits from my mouth. I then sought out a tree bearing crimson-colored fruits, only to encounter the same unpalatable outcome. This repeated with the third, fourth, and fifth trees, leaving me feeling tense, frustrated, worn out, and ravenous. As I scanned the surroundings, I found nothing else suitable to eat.

My transformation was swift. Soon, i felt a strange sensation, as if something inside me had shifted. my hair began to grow rapidly, my vision tinted with a crimson hue. my body underwent a series of startling changes: my chest expanded, my legs extended, and my heels reached up towards my thighs. Soon, my canines had grown into menacing fangs, and I had become a Ghoul.

As my surroundings blurred, I struggled to control my own movements.

When I eventually regained consciousness, I was plagued by a splitting headache, but I was relieved to find that I had returned to my normal state. As I rose from the ground, I noticed that it was already morning. Surveying the area, I was taken aback to see an unsettling sight—twenty dried-up rabbits scattered around me. "Could I have done this?"

I was dumbfounded by the implications of my surroundings. After collecting my thoughts, I glanced around and realized that I was still in the forest. At least that had not changed.

I, fearing that someone might discover the dead rabbits, frantically dug into the ground to bury their carcasses. After covering them up, I stood, I discovered that my body was drenched in blood, with my clothes torn from the transformation. Desperate for a way to cleanse myself, I wandered through the forest until I stumbled upon a small lake where I could finally wash away the stains. Emerging from the water, I felt refreshed, but upon retrieving my clothes, i realized they were beyond wearing. Feeling dejected, I scanned the area and spotted a black robe on the ground, with a note attached that read:

Hahaha, fruits are no good, I think you have noticed.

Vladimir, remember to consume more blood. You are my son, strive to be superior and wise. The town should be under your reign. King Kozak is ahead.

"This man again," I muttered to myself as I donned the robe and advanced towards the town.

At the edge of the forest, the city came into view. Although it wasn't too far from where I stood, an instinctive fear of the sunlight kept me from venturing closer. The scorching heat deterred me from entering the city, and returning to the forest was not an option. As I waited for nighttime, I found a suitable place to lay my head and rest.

I remained there until nighttime, unaware that my life was on the cusp of a profound change as soon as I entered the city. After the sun had set, the city's streets were illuminated by candlelight lanterns.

it didn't take long before I had awakened from my enforced sleep and was now making my way towards the city gate, which was guarded by two sentinels.

One of the guards, dressed in the humble yellow garb of a 6th rank soldier, stepped forward, attempting to exude authority. "Halt! Declare your reason for seeking entry to the city," he demanded. "I have come in search of employment to earn my keep," I replied, feigning a pitiable demeanor.

"Ah, pay the city's entry fee," the 4th rank guard drawled slowly from his lofty perch. I had to act quickly, as I was penniless.

"I have no money, my parents succumbed to a mysterious illness, and I'm left with nothing as my uncles seized everything from me, leaving only these clothes. I could part with my shoes; they might fetch something. I must enter the city."

"Your shoes seem rather valuable. They'll do. Take them off and enter the city."

Thankfully, my half-truth resonated, allowing me to enter the city barefoot. The stone pathway felt chilly, as if it had recently rained. 'This must be magic,' I mused, as there hadn't been any rain.

This part of the city must be the slums. It looked good but not beautiful, and it was poorly lit as there was a shortage of lanterns, from what I saw. Still looking around to choose my next step. Suddenly I heard the sounds of horses.

"Hey, get out of the way."

That was all I heard then my line of sight changed. I faced the dark sky; I was on the floor. I felt too weak to stand up from the cold hard ground. Surprisingly I felt no pain, so I had to think; to make the accident look real I closed my eyes. still lying on the ground, I heard some footsteps.

I didn't know who it was, but I had a feeling it was a man. It was as though I could sense his blood flow. And I was right because…

" Gilbert, is he still alive?".

The entrancing angelic voice I believe belonged to the owner of the carriage and the person by my side was her chauffeur. "Milady, I cannot ascertain".

This just dragged me out of my trance, his voice was the exact opposite, it was gruff and professional, void of emotions.

"Bring him into the carriage.

" Milady, I do not think it is wise. "

"Hmmm, Gilbert just do it."

"If you insist, milady". 'Gilbert' lifted me off the ground as though I was weightless, and I felt weak.

This man was strong. He took me to the carriage and placed me in the most uncomfortable position.

We started moving, I guess to the lady's residence. I decided to take a peek at the lady who helped me. I didn't keep my hopes up as I took a glimpse of the lady sitting opposite me. There she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had full blue locks of hair, amber-colored eyes, a small nose, and small pink lips. I moved my line of sight lower, and I almost vomited blood. She was heavenly. The lady before me was clad in a blue flowered dress, I could not see more of her beauty as the dress had covered it all, but truth be told she looked stunning in her dress. I closed my eyes to avoid any unwanted events.

The lady sitting opposite me was the daughter of the city lord, Lord Marshall Walter. Her name was Chelsea.

The ride went on for some time, then I heard the sounds of gates opening.

"Open the gates, lady Chelsea has arrived!"

'Seems she is important' I said to myself as the carriage came to a stop inside the manor. The carriage door was opened by a man who I guess was Gilbert.

"Gilbert, kindly escort him to the upstairs guest room and summon the family doctor to attend to him," Chelsea instructed as she disembarked from the carriage and entered the estate.

"Yes, milady," Gilbert responded. With that, he effortlessly lifted me from the carriage as if I weighed nothing at all. Carrying me into the mansion, I gazed around and could only think of one word: Magnificent. The mansion was fit for a king. Gilbert escorted me to the designated room where I was to remain.

Gilbert placed me on the bed and quickly left after a cursory glance. I lay there, feeling uncertain about what was in store for me. As time passed with no one in sight, I found myself drifting back to my days in the woods, pondering the purpose of the mysterious artifact and my inexplicable thirst for blood. What had I become, and why was it so difficult to comprehend? The rapid healing of my injuries, the strange blend of vitality and emptiness within me, and the creeping fear of sunlight left me utterly confounded... sigh.

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