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Despite her reluctance, Anna James agrees to work with her friend Ridley to prepare a prestigious bachelor party in the Caribbean since she needs the cash. After meeting the wealthy, attractive billionaire who hired them, Jason Stryker, she finds herself attempting to deny her attraction to the self-described playboy. Jason Stryker, a star baseball pitcher who was pushed into early retirement, uses his recent inheritance to hold a bachelor party on his million-dollar boat. In the meanwhile, he discovers that he wants to sample more than just Anna James' cuisine, and things between the two start to heat up rapidly. The weekend looks to be everything, Until his whole world starts to collapses around him. Find out what happened in this steamy suspenseful Romance between Anna and Jason.

Chapter 1 The Conversation

Anna's POV


Are you calling Ridley on the other end and asking him a question??

Yes, I clenched my teeth and answered. "Why didn't you tell me that we were providing services for a singles party?"

She replied matter-of-factly, "Because I knew you'd answer 'no'.

Because you knew I'd exclaim, "God forbid, Ridley, what were you thinking?!" I lost it, boiling within. You of all people should be aware that the last thing I want to do is spend a week alone on a boat with inebriated scumbags.

"First, it's a yacht," she said. Second, they are extraordinarily wealthy a$$holes who will tip us well. Third, we only need to interact with them for a short period of time, and fourth, Jason Stryker is the boat's owner.

"Yeah, so?" you reply. Not knowing the man's name and not caring a rat's ass if he was the president of the United States, I replied. My skin crawled at the notion of being stranded in the middle of the ocean with a group of horny, undeserving males. I was hurt if anything. Hurt because one of my closest friends in the world, Ridley, had to be aware of how painful this would be. especially considering that less than a year before, my ex had cheated on me during his own bachelor celebration.

He is the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, as you would know if you watched baseball.

I said, pacing back and forth in my living room, "I don't care who this Jason person is. You see why I don't want to do this, Ridley, really, don't you?

"Anna, I'm sorry. I had hoped that you would have moved over the event with John by now. Furthermore, because they are all strangers, we may assume that they will behave themselves.

I replied pathetically, "I'm trying to get over it, but this certainly won't help."

Walking inside our just-constructed home the morning after his stag party still made my heart hurt. I had gone out of town with Ridley for a catering conference, and we had returned earlier than expected. He was not alone when I discovered him in bed, nude and unconscious. He apparently got two rides home—one in her posh new Corvette and the other in our bed—from one of the strippers at his party. John pleaded for my pardon when I woke him up with a bucket of ice water and said he couldn't remember anything. But I could tell he was full of it by the sneer on the stripper's face and the sheer volume of condom wrappers on the ground.

I apologize for not telling you. In actuality, we need this job. We risk losing the food truck if we don't act soon since I'm late on several payments, said Ridley.

I sighed. "Seriously?"


I was aware that we ought to have attended the Bar Mitzvah celebration last weekend.

The flu struck me. We were unable.

I said, "Maybe I could have tried doing it myself.

The guest list was too enormous, and organizing it would have been a nightmare.

I said glumly, "At least we'd have been paid."

If we accept this job, we will be paid well.

I remained silent.

She begged Anna, "Come on. You even said that you were having trouble paying your rent for the next month. We get enough money from Jason Stryker to cover our expenses for the next six months.

I moaned.

We only need to make the dishes and give them to the servers, you see. Most of the time, we'll be in the kitchen and most likely be away from the visitors.

That didn't seem entirely awful, to be honest.

The size of Jason's boat, according to my brother, is absurdly large. Sincerely, I'm certain that none of the inebriated fools will ever cause us any trouble.

Sports agent Anna's brother had a lot of contacts. He organized our performance with Jason Stryker. I was thrilled to discover that we will be sailing for a whole week close to the Virgin Islands. Worry was the only feeling I had right now.

Is your brother planning to attend?

I had faith in Michael to maintain order since he was a nice man.

"No," she said. Even he doesn't know who is going to be on the guest list since it's a highly secretive party. Most likely a group of well-known athletes. You know, this may genuinely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they like our meal, it may even increase our sales.

provided it was the only thing they tasted. I couldn't speak for myself, but Ridley was stunning and had a lot of interest from guys. She wasn't the cheating kind, but she did have a boyfriend. even with a wealthy, attractive, or well-known person.

I bowed to pressure and responded, "I guess it does sound like a great opportunity." And, as you said, we do not need to be in the vicinity of these men during the bachelor party.

"Exactly. All we have to do is make sure their tummies are full. We'll leave the strippers, or prostitutes, to worry about the rest of their bodies.

I said, "Yuck," in response. Do you truly believe that there could be prostitutes present at this event?

"I'm not sure. They undoubtedly have the resources to purchase whatever it is they want. A bachelor party would be incomplete without some kind of nude entertainment, in my opinion.

I had hoped it might stop at a pornographic establishment, but I didn't think we'd be that fortunate.

"So? How do you feel? Do you have access?

I grimaced as I looked out of the window in my living room. I must be out of my mind for accepting this, ". Said the speaker

But you're going to carry it out?

"Sure. We don't have any other choice. Of course, we both need the funds.

She shrieked. "This employment will alter our way of life. It's something my bones are telling me.

I just had a sharp knot in the center of my stomach. I had a feeling she was correct, but at what cost?

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