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There's no one like you!

There's no one like you!

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While a beautiful young mother is all own her own, gets over looked until one day several gentlemen walk into her life and turn it upside down. Her only concern is for her daughter and her well being. Should she take a chance and try to give her daughter the family that she deserves or should she keep it just the two of them?

Chapter 1 The beginning.

I'm your normal girl that grew up in a small town in South Carolina. My life wasn't always the best growing up. My dreams and longing for better days have yet to come as I've grown older. I was raised in a very poor family. I just so happened to be the youngest of my siblings.

The horrible things I've saw growing up will always be engraved in my brain, no matter how much I wish they weren't there. My farther Bryan Berry loved his drugs more than anything in life as for my mother Jasmine Berry never cared for them. The eldest of us were my sister Sally Berry who is four years older than I am, then there is my brother the middle child Lawrence Berry who is only two years older than myself and then there's me last but not the least the youngest of the three of us Sadie Berry.

Being the youngest you would think that I had it easier but that was far cry from the truth of it all. If only being the youngest was as others had it growing up. I would like to welcome you all to this crap show of my life.

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