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img img Romance img The relinquished Luna
The relinquished Luna

The relinquished Luna

img Romance
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Emily was known as an unfortunate maid and a Packless orphan in the whole of Red Moon Pack. She was treated with hatred by the ruthless Alpha, Alpha Ralph and his girlfriend, Gia especially because they knew she didn't have her wolf yet. Emily had no choice but to cry to the moon goddess every night for not just a wolf, but a strong one that was capable of protecting her. Just when Emily thought she would never be an important she-wolf in her existence, the moon goddess appeared in her favor and her life changed... What will happen when Alpha Ralph and Gia discover Emily's importance? Would the ruthless Alpha be willing to let her go? How would Alpha Logan influence her? Find out!

Chapter 1 Moon goddess

Chapter 1: Moon Goddess

"Alpha Ralph, please. Don't do this to me, please." Emily said with tears in her eyes as she pleaded and struggled with him simultaneously.

There was no way she would let him succeed in touching her. She had to display her stubborn nature else she would not be able to save herself.

He then threw a punch to her face, causing her to scream in pain. She fell straight on her bed and stood up with force as she watched him leave. After he left, she bowed down and started crying.

At the thought of this, Emily came back to her senses.

"I can't wait to be one of your strongest she-wolf," Emily whispered, looking at the giant moon through her window as she thought through everything she was going through.

Tears slipped from her eyes as she oversaw the moon. Emily then stood up and walked towards the door; she closed it right and returned to her bed. After some time, she managed to close her eyes.

The following day, she stood up and hurried to the kitchen to start her daily chores.

While she watched the plates, she felt someone coming closer to her. Emily's heart stopped as she wondered who it was and their intentions. Pausing for some time, she turned and saw that it was Gia.

Emily's heartbeat grew as she wondered what Gia wanted from her.

"Good morning, ma'am." she greeted immediately.

"I'm glad you know your place," Gia replied disgustingly as she walked towards the fridge and grabbed a glass of chilled water.

"This glass looks messy. Why didn't you clean it up, knowing it's my favourite?" Gia asked. She could not leave the kitchen that morning without dealing with Emily.

Shocked, Emily looked at the glass and saw that it was a glass she had just cleaned.

"I am so sorry, ma'am, but this is a clean glass. I cleaned it myself just now." Emily said respectfully as she bowed to Gia.

Lifting the glass of water up, Gia splashed it on Emily's face and walked away.

In shock, Emily ran back, causing her waist to hit the freezer at the other end. The water was so cold. Emily never expected that early that morning. She then had to deal with the cold water and her waist, which was hurting.

Gia didn't leave the kitchen area. She felt dissatisfied with Emily's reaction. She only wanted to do this that would hurt Emily to the core and not just a mere punishment. Pissed that she was not satisfied, she then decided to hide in the kitchen area.

Just as expected, Emily walked out of the kitchen.

Emily felt like crying out, but who would she cry to? She then changed her clothes since it was drenched with cold water.

Immediately, Emily walked out of the kitchen. Gia walked in and brought out a bag from the back of the kitchen door.

She took it close to where Emily once stood washing the dishes and unzipped the bag.

Carefully handling it, she poured the broken plates all over the kitchen ground, held the bag and walked out of the kitchen.

Not long after, a tall, light-skinned man walked passed the kitchen with a face squeezed in disgust. He then stopped as he scrutinised the kitchen floor with one hand in his pocket.

Looking at the broken plates on the floor made him super upset. "Emily," he growled in anger.

Emily had just finished changing into dried clothes when she heard the growl. Tensed, she ran into the kitchen.

"Alpha Ralph! Here I am," she said calmly, looking down. It was at that moment that she looked down and noticed the broken plates all over.

Emily froze in shock.

"What happened?" she said loud, almost screaming in her state of mind.

"Clean it up now." Alpha Ralph shouted, making her almost jump in shock due to the tone of voice used.

Immediately, she went to the cupboard and brought out hand gloves. She then went to bring some other equipment to clear things up, but before she could take care of the floor, Alpha Ralph pushed her away and dragged the equipment from her.

"You are going to pick even the tiniest bottle with your bare hands for being so careless with my kitchen. Didn't you know that even the tiniest cup is more important than you? What makes you think you are special? Get to work now!" he commanded.

Emily never expected the sudden outburst. Her life had always been like that, and it had never been that bad.

Squatting down, she started picking the glasses on the floor. She picked it up, and soon, she started bleeding, but she couldn't stop because Alpha Ralph was there, and she dared not hiss in pain.

When Emily finally thought that it was. Over for her, and Alpha Ralph would not leave; he spat on her hair and walked out of the kitchen.

Immediately he left, tears streamed down Emily's face as she rushed to the kitchen water sink and started raising her injured fingers. She had gotten severe cuts already, but how was she going to get treated? She had no access to the mansion's first-aid treatment box, and it really weighed down on her.

That night, after the day's drama, Emily sat on her bed as she gazed outside the window. It was such a beautiful sight as she admired the moon far ahead of her room.

Soon, she heard a knock on her room door. Looking at her door, Emily shivered as she wondered what was coming for her. She remembered she had locked the door tight earlier when she entered the room.

"Open this door, Emily, else I will make you hate your guts." a mean voice sounded from outside.

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