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The Seven Hells

The Seven Hells

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In the city of Ornifal, young Baili witnesses the brutal attack and massacre of the devil army, losing his parents. Fueled by anger, he vows revenge. Discovering his extraordinary bloodline, coupled with hard work, he embarks on a journey to annihilate the devil's army and destroy hell. As he ascends through hells and heavens, Baili faces adversaries, uncovers hidden truths, and confronts the true monarch of hell—the devil king. Will he climb to the highest heavens, fight against the devil king, and defeat him, or will he be swept away by the storms, tribulations, and troubles that follow every ascension?

Chapter 1 Army of hell

"Baili spare him, don't beat him till his mom can't recognize him," a kid called out to another red haired kid.

"I guess this one is enough Dai ko, the next time you dare to call me a bastard again I Will Make sure your mom doesn't recognize you,"

Baili walked down the road with a basket on his head. He and some other children of the clan had gone to pluck herbs and were just returning. The silhouette of Ornifal could be seen in the distance. The city is very beautiful with tall and magnificent buildings, yet it was not considered among the top cities in the West Lu Empire of the Cang Continent.

The city is controlled by the Dai family. From the way the city was built, one could tell that it used to be very prosperous in the past. But now, the Dai family has slightly declined. The city of Ornifal is a mixture of fey beasts, humans, Elves, and other races.

The most dominant race is the fey, of which the Dai main family are werewolf fey beasts. Their bloodline is the most pure in Ornifal. Fey beasts are a combination of humans and ferocious beasts. They have an initial appearance of a human, but their main appearance is that of a fey beast. While fighting, they will transform into fey beasts, allowing them to show their full combat capabilities.

Today is the spring festival of Ornifal, and the whole city is in a festive period.

"Baili, slow down. Stop walking faster. We aren't as strong as you," the fey beasts always considered humans to be weak and having a very weak body. They always looked at humans in disdain. Baili is an exception; his strength is very inhuman, and he easily dominated the younger generation of the Dai family with his body strength alone.

The Dai family members normally looked at the humans in disdain and normally would not allow them to be members of the prestigious Dai family. But Baili is an exception; he is the adopted child of a Dai family couple, Dai Luoshang and Dai Xin, coupled with his strength, he has an exceptional status in the Dai family.

The children soon returned to the family manor, carrying their baskets. Miss Dai Xin, Baili's adopted mother, caught sight of Baili and pulled him to herself.

"Why did you follow the servants again to gather herbs? How many times have I told you to stop going to the wild? It's very dangerous," she reprimanded him, with love in her eyes.

Baili hugged his mother. "Mom, I won't do it again, I promise."

"Hmph! Who will believe you? Didn't you say so the last time? I will have to convince your father to find a guard for you," Dai Xin said, pulling Baili with her down to the inner compound.

"Dai Xin, it couldn't be that you want the boy to simply freeload. Isn't it right that he does something for the clan?" A woman's unpleasant voice rang.

Dai Xin's mood changed. She turned to the woman, Dai Luo. She is an important member of the Dai family, but her status and that of her husband didn't reach the status of Dai Xin and her husband. She has been harboring resentment over the way Baili was being treated in the clan.

"Dai Luo, if you repeat what you just said now, I will make sure you don't sit for this spring festival this season. Dare me if you have the guts."

Dai Luo was shocked. She didn't expect that Dai Xin would act like this. Wasn't she overreacting? There are some other members of the family around. If she concedes and doesn't say a word, she will be losing face.

But if she insisted, this mad woman, Dai Luo, might really go through with her threat and make her unable to attend the festival. She is clearly no match for Dai Xin, who has reached the fifth layer of the Origin Realm.

After contemplating for a while, she decided to let the sleeping dog lie. So she turned and left without saying a word, her face burning red from the stares the other members of the family gave her.

But this didn't change her conviction. What a joke. Even her husband, who is only at the third level of the Origin Realm, isn't a match for her, let alone her, who is only in the second realm. Even though they are both important members of the same family, the power contrast between them is very huge.

Dai Xin took her son to the inner courtyard. The clan is very bustling and busy at that moment, so she left him to attend to other matters.

In the distance, a man is busily training with his sword. It seems like all the commotions in the manor don't have a thing to do with him. His swordplay is beautiful as he performs a graceful sword dance.

"Uncle Javis's sword stance is still as beautiful as ever. I really wish I could learn the ways of the sword one day," Baili praised.

Javis was elated on hearing the praise. "Ah, yes, I am sure you can learn it one day and might even do better," he said, waving his hand animatedly. Baili pulled out a wooden sword from the side.

"I might as well learn it now," Baili said, holding the wooden sword.

Javis smiled bitterly. "I will teach you, but not today. Today is the clan spring festival. If your mother finds out that I am teaching you sword fighting on a special day like this, I can't imagine what she will do to me."

Baili didn't look convinced, yet he would not make things difficult for his uncle Javis.

"Okay then, let me go and prepare for the festival," he said as he ran off. He didn't head for his quarters as expected but instead headed straight for the clan tower. Standing on the roof of the tower, he brought out his sword and started training the Seven Sword Mantra.

He is currently in the eighth level of body tempering, so he could only cultivate up to the third level. The other levels can only be cultivated once he reaches the Spirit Gathering Realm. In the clan, his talent is easily the best. He is still ten years old, yet he is already in the eighth level of body tempering, while others would be considered geniuses if they can reach it at twelve years of age.

He had trained the sword mantra to the peak of the third level. Swinging his sword, he was lost in the sword art, when all of a sudden, the sky darkened. The sky became a bloody hue with a thick scarlet color. The air smelled of blood, and the wind roared as it blew everything in sight. There was a huge torrent. Baili was scared out of his wits.

"What the hell is happening?" he couldn't help but ask himself. The Dai clan experts were alerted, and the silhouette of Dai Luoshang, Baili's adopted father, could be seen among the experts. In the whole clan, Dai Luoshang could be considered to rank third in strength and everything. Aside from the clan leader and grand elder, he is the most powerful in the clan. Leading a group of experts, he rushed to the city gate to see what is happening.

They were shocked by what they saw: a large army of imps running from the deserted road to the city gate. They were all red-colored, making it look like a turbulent red tide swarming towards the city gate. The imps were all wielding short spears. They had two horns on their heads and short tails with the tips shaped like a spear, containing a very dangerous poison.

The silhouette of other beings could be seen. The imps looked a little bit like cows and looked fat. Although they were two meters tall, they actually looked like dwarves if you looked at them from afar. But these beings looked like humans; they had one horn each on their heads, resembling the horn of a unicorn. Their skin was red like the imps, and they also possessed a tail like the imps, albeit a much taller one. They were the Devil's race.

They were riding red beasts that looked like horses but had heads resembling that of ferocious beasts. The beasts had long and very thick tails, and the power they showcased while running was very scary and frightening. The hearts of the experts of Ornifal tightened. The city was in total chaos, and there was great fear and terror in their eyes.

"The Devil's army from hell." That was the sentence that came to the experts' hearts. What is the Devil's army doing here? Weren't they supposed to be in hell, torturing the dead souls? How come they are now here, attacking the small city of Ornifal? To talk more of Ornifal, even the strongest factions in the Cang Continent wouldn't be able to withstand the Devil's army. The Guidance of Hell. Even though they knew this must be a small part of the Devil's army, they knew that Ornifal would be destroyed today. Fear was written all over their eyes.

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