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img img Romance img The Mysterious Mr. Reynolds Falls Madly In Love
The Mysterious Mr. Reynolds Falls Madly In Love

The Mysterious Mr. Reynolds Falls Madly In Love

img Romance
img 403 Chapters
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Thea felt she would never be happy again after she was forced to marry the infamous and mysterious cripple, who went by the name, Mr. Reynolds. It was rumored that her new husband was ugly and very mean. As a result, Thea prepared herself to endure her unhappy marriage. But she received a big shocker soon after. Her husband showered her with all the love. He made her feel so special. Mr. Reynolds was her knight in shining armor. He defended her against all those who came for her. Even when her own father mistreated her, he destroyed the geezer's car. All her haters resented her to the bone. As they licked their wounds, they cussed her out in their hearts. What a heartless woman! Mr. Reynolds put his arms around Thea and declared, "She's the love of my life. I love her just the way she is. Does anyone have any objections?"

Chapter 1 Run Away After Having Sex

In the dimly lit corridor, Thea Russell, slightly tipsy, leaned against the cool wall, her eyes fixed on the approaching figure of a man.

Tall and lean, he had a narrow waist and a charming derriere.

Then she looked at his face...

The male escorts at this club were renowned for their looks, and he was no exception.

As a man in his thirties, he was incredibly handsome!

Thea couldn't resist herself and threw herself into his arms. She had been forced into an arranged marriage by her family, so why not spend money to enjoy the company of a handsome male escort?

"One thousand dollars," she boldly declared while gazing up at him.

Holding the man in front of her, Thea raised her head and made a price.

Colton Reynolds, initially searching for someone, was suddenly enveloped by the embrace of a young woman. Her warmth and the scent of alcohol on her breath made him furrow his brow. Just as he was about to push her away, he glanced at her and realized she looked oddly familiar.

A couple of weeks ago, Talia Reynolds, who was Colton's mother, had bombarded him with photos of potential brides from affluent families, demanding he choose one.

In the photo, this girl had a quiet and lovely charm, catching his eye immediately.

After making his choice, he had returned to Akarough on urgent business, dispatching someone to the Russell family to formalize the arrangement. What he didn't expect was to encounter the very girl he had chosen at this club upon his return.

Seeing that the man remained silent, Thea gathered her courage and raised her offer. "One thousand five hundred dollars!"

Colton continued to observe the girl in his arms. Her flushed face and bewilderment in her eyes suggested she had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.

"Let me take you home..."

Before Colton could finish his sentence, Thea took the initiative, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his lips.

The kiss was soft and sweet, catching Colton by surprise.

Thea couldn't contain herself any longer. After the kiss, she pushed him against a wall, lunging in for another kiss.

"Two thousand dollars! That's my final offer!"

She couldn't afford any more than that.

Before Colton could react, Thea descended on him once more, her lips finding his in an eager kiss.

Her passionate embrace, fueled by alcohol, proved to be quite a temptation. Colton, who had remained celibate for years, found himself unable to resist her advances. Thinking that she was now his chosen wife, he lowered his head and asked in a husky voice, "Do you know what you're doing?"

"Yes," Thea affirmed.

She knew exactly what she wanted.

Before marrying Mr. Reynolds, she found a male escort to sleep with. In order not to let such a handsome man run away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Sir, don't worry. I will be responsible for you."

Before she could lean over to kiss him again, Colton bent over and kissed her.

Afterward, with her head spinning from alcohol, Thea awoke with a throbbing headache. She couldn't recall what had transpired the previous night. All she knew was that when she tried to get out of bed, her body ached, and her legs wobbled, nearly causing her to fall.

Before departing, she glanced at the man still asleep in bed. Checking her pockets, she found a mere hundred dollars.

It wasn't until then that she remembered that she had recently used most of her money to cover her mother's medical expenses. This was all she had left. Blushing with embarrassment, she left a note and hurriedly fled the scene.

"Handsome stranger, I apologize. I didn't bring enough money with me. I'll pay you in installments."

As Colton awoke and read the note, he spotted a meager sum of money on the bedside table, a stark reminder of their encounter.

Had she given him money for their night together and then simply run off? Was that what she considered taking responsibility?

"Mr. Reynolds!"

Greyson Brooks entered the room and saw his boss scowling at a note. Greyson hastily took a step back in alarm before noticing the hickeys on Colton's neck. After a brief pause, he couldn't contain his excitement.

Finally, his boss had lost his celibacy!

"Make arrangements," Colton instructed, crumpling the note and placing it in his pocket. He retrieved a cigarette, lit it, and exhaled a cloud of smoke. "Go to the Russell family's house and bring her back."

He had a lesson to teach her!

"Whom are you going to retrieve?" Greyson inquired, still a bit puzzled. It suddenly dawned on him that Colton had been forced to select a bride by Talia, and he must have chosen one of the Russell family's daughters.

"Maggie Russell!"

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