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img img Modern img The Ex-convict Rises To Riches
The Ex-convict Rises To Riches

The Ex-convict Rises To Riches

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"Men are scum, but women are no saints!" Never in a million years did Alexander expect that the one woman he loved would betray him the way she did. He saved her from getting raped and ended up being sent to prison for four years. During his stay behind bars, he honed his skills in both martial arts and medicine. He thought he would marry his fiancée once he got out. But to his greatest surprise, she had moved on with the man who sent him to prison. The two backstabbers were about to get married. Consumed by rage, Alexander embarked on a journey to make them pay. He stripped them of their happiness one by one. In the end, his cheating fiancée fell to her knees and begged for forgiveness. Alexander thought he was done with love and anything that had to do with women. However, he soon learned that an heiress actually gave birth to his child while he was locked up. This realization changed his whole world all over again. He was confused, to say the least!

Chapter 1 The Ex-convict

"Whoa! I'm free at last!" Alexander Davies screamed excitedly with his face to the heavens. After taking a deep long breath, he turned around to look at the prison where he had been incarcerated for four long years. He backed up while vowing never to return to this place.

In a taxi on the way back to Nuledo, Alexander fiddled with the ring on his finger as he recalled Willard Edwards' last words to him before he was let out of prison.

"Make sure you keep the ring safe. Two months later, take it to Dragon Island."

Although Alexander had spent a lot of time with Willard while in prison and also learned a lot of things from him, he still didn't know much about the man.

Why was this ring so special that Willard gave it to him with such instructions? Where was Dragon Island? Willard hadn't sat him down to explain this clearly.

All that old man did was throw the ring and a medical book to him just when it was time for him to leave.

Several minutes later, the taxi came to a stop in front of a gated and beautifully decorated community. Alexander picked up his shabby backpack and got out.

Alexander's heart became heavier as he walked to the house that was ingrained in his memory. Mixed feelings surged inside him when he finally came to the door.

Over four years ago, at a graduation party, Sharon Wilson was drugged and almost raped.

Alexander had shown up just as the rapist was about to take advantage of her. Without thinking twice, he knocked out the man and saved Sharon.

Little did Alexander know that the man he knocked out was Victor Johnson, heir of the Johnson family.

The Johnson family was one of the third-tier families in Nuledo. Although Alexander's father also had a company, that didn't make him half as wealthy or powerful as the Johnsons.

Instead of getting rewarded for his good deed, Alexander was framed and sent to prison for four years. It was pretty easy for the Johnson family to do that.

Sharon was not ungrateful, which brought much relief to Alexander.

When she learned that Alexandra was going to be sentenced to prison, she promised him amidst tears that she would wait for him to get out and marry him no matter how long it would take.

Thinking of his fiancee, whom he hadn't seen for four years, Alexander was extremely excited.

"Sharon! Not to worry, I'll make sure no one bullies us from now on," Alexander vowed silently with determination.

He was just about to knock on the door when a moan came from inside.

"Easy there, honey. Don't rub it so hard. Remember the wedding is tomorrow. If you ruin my dress, what will I wear? Be patient. You can fuck me while I'm still in this dress tomorrow night. How does that sound?"

Standing outside the door, Alexander couldn't believe his ears.

The coquettish voice sounded just like that of Sharon—the woman he had been thinking of day and night for the past four years.

"No, it can't be her!" Alexander kicked the door open, hoping that his fiancee wasn't in there.

The sight that greeted him the next second sent him staggering a little.

A woman was in a white full dress as she lay entangled in bed with a man.

The woman was none other than his fiancee, Sharon. And the man was the enemy who had sent him to jail, Victor.

These two were making out in his house.

At the sight of Alexander, Victor was a little taken aback. One would think that he would jump out of bed and run away before things escalated. But he did none of that. Instead, he squeezed Sharon's boobs tighter.

"Wow? Isn't this Alexander Davies? What was prison like for you? Was it like going on a vacation?"

As he spoke, Victor slapped Sharon's buttocks unscrupulously and then laughed complacently.

"You didn't see this coming, did you? What a pity! Sharon crawled into my bed once I sent you to jail. She has been my girl ever since."

Victor's statement was like a punch to Alexander's gut. Despite the sight in front of him, he couldn't believe what he just heard.

He yelled, "Sharon! He is lying, isn't he?"

Sharon blinked at Victor seductively and rubbed his chest as he remained on her. Then, she looked at Alexander with disdain.

"No lies told, Alexander. I came back to my senses right after you were sentenced. Why should I waste my youth waiting on a loser when a better man was available? Well, in case you haven't noticed, Victor and I are getting married tomorrow. Use your head. Get out of here. Don't bother me anymore. I want nothing to do with you!"

Victor echoed disdainfully, "Yes, our wedding is going to be at Majesty Hotel. It's going to be grand. Although you are an ex-con, I won't discriminate against you since you were once Sharon's fiance. You can come to our wedding."

He had barely finished speaking when he was kicked to the floor.

"You motherfucker! I should have killed you back then. How stupid of me!" Alexander withdrew his foot and sneered.

"Hey! How dare you hit my fiance!" Sharon immediately screamed in bed.

"Fiance? You call this pervert your fiance?" Alexander chuckled bitterly. His eyes turned cold again and he headed for Victor.

As soon as Sharon sensed he was going to beat Victor up, she said anxiously, "Let me tell you something you don't know, Alexander! Your parents sold their company, house, and everything they have got just to reduce your sentence. They even begged my fiance for a long time just so he could intervene at the appeal."

Alexander suddenly stopped and looked at Sharon in shock.

"What did you just say?"

"You heard me!" Sharon took delight in his stunned expression, so she added complacently, "As we speak, your parents are breaking their backs at the construction site of Southside Road just to pay off their debts. If you lay a finger on Victor now, your family will be doomed. You will all spend the rest of your miserable lives in jail!"

At this moment, Victor found his footing and grinned hideously. "You dared to attack me again? It seems you haven't learned a lesson. I'll finish off your entire family with just a snap of my fingers. Just wait and see!"

"Oh, stop daydreaming. I'll get my lick back when I have time for you," Alexander retorted with a sneer, turned around, and headed for the door.

With his hand on the doorknob, he turned to look at the woman who was still lying on the bed. His eyes were ice-cold.

"Sharon, if you had waited for me just as you had promised, I'd have made you the happiest woman alive. You have made a very big mistake. For breaking my heart and making a fool out of me, I'll make sure you regret it for the rest of your godforsaken life! Your wedding is tomorrow? And your fiance dares to invite me? Mark my words. That wedding will be a joke!"

After swearing zealously, Alexander pulled off the pendant Sharon had given him before he was sent to prison. He crushed it with his bare hand while staring at her. Afterward, he stormed out without a backward glance.

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