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The Dark Alpha At My Service

The Dark Alpha At My Service

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Rielle, a popular web-novel writer, got caught up in a scandal that ruined her life and everything she ever worked for. Jumping down the tower was all she thought about as she walked down the street leading to the tall building. What gain would it be if she dies and allow her enemies live to enjoy staring at her down beneath the ground? She shunned ending her life and decided to move on but then, seeing the created image of her female lead character displayed on the screen, she felt so jealous of her perfect life. Her character got everything she ever wanted. A perfect life, a perfect world, a position that commands power, her perfect mate, and a powerful villain obsessed with her. Such a perfect, pathetic life! Rielle thought in disgust. She did the unthinkable........ She ended her perfect female lead character. Killing her for no reason. The next morning when she opened her eyes, she was in her own web-novel world and was brought in by the villain. He vowed to be her protector if only she does one thing. "You killed my lover Keisha, and now, you are going to bring her back, or I kill you." he declared, staring at her menacingly. She shivered at the sight of his eyes and knew at that moment that he is the DARK WOLF. The villain of her novel. Not the kind of protector who threatens her, she wanted. But then, she was ready to make him be at her service when she calls. Is danger and destruction lurking with her in her novel world and her with the villain? How far would he go to protect her when everyone would want to take her?

Chapter 1 Unfortunate state


"Miss Rielle, there is nothing I can do right now. This is from the higher ups. We can't do anything to help you," the tired voice of the tall, meany looking man before her said, rubbing his neck. He looked at Rielle and just as he expected, the girl wasn't taking the news well.

Rielle sighed loudly and looked down. Her eyes were glistering with tears but she wasn't ready to let it drop. She wasn't going to show any one her weakness and make them think they got her. She swallowed the lumps in her throat and nodded slightly. Is this the end for her? Have her rival finally gotten what she wanted? Of course, who was she kidding, her rival did get what she wanted.

She sighed and looked at the Mr. Clinton, the man standing before her. He didn't have any pity for her but she wasn't ready to back down. Even though, he wouldn't help her, she will have to do whatever it takes to get help elsewhere.

She adjusted her glasses and picked her purse. "Since there is no other way else, I will take my leave. Anyway, thank you for listening to me." she bowed her head slightly and let the office with a heavy heart.

She was so angry, frustrated and tried of living. Just a day and everything was destroyed before her eyes. How bad could her life be? She has no one to turn to or run to for help.

She is an orphan who grew up moving from one foster home to another. She never stays in a foster home for more than three years because they will always send her back to the orphanage tagging her as an evil child bringing them bad luck. She was always maltreated and bullied by orphans in the orphanage. That drove her to work harder until she could take care of herself.

Going into the main world outside the four walls of the orphanage, she knew life was more than what she imagined. She wanted to express herself. She wanted to have her own fairytale that she always end up imagining when she is alone. She picked up her pen and wrote it all in a book. Her fairytale. The life she imagined and her stories got her into the top ten best writer, giving her quite a comfortable life. She got a boyfriend even though it wasn't like her fairytale romance, he was her first love. He gave her the shoulders she longed for.

When she thought everything were working out for her and she was finally becoming like she dreamt, the unfortunate happened. She got a news that she was accused of plagiarism. One of her hit story was stolen by her. Her life have been a mess for three days now, both in the social media and her surrounding. Her emotional state have been dealt with. Just how unfortunate.....

"Rielle! Rielle wait up." a familiar voice called, walking towards her in a hurry creating a loud, heels sound in the large hallway.

Her perfume filled the whole area making Rielle to scrunch her nose. Not who she wanted to see that moment. Not who she wanted to see in her state.

The woman walked to her front and stood before her with that smile Rielle wished she could scratch out of her face.

"Rielle, is the rumor I am hearing true?" she asked and gasped. "Are you really leaving the company? That is bad you know. You worked so hard for this. You worked so hard to get to where you are now. I am so sorry for your unfortunate state." she said, feigning sadness.

Rielle rolled her eyes seeing how well she was playing the good girl. Good girl? Really? May Thatcher, the good girl? She was far from being a good girl. She is worst than a b!tch. If there was any other word to describe her that is more than a b!tch.

"Get out of my way May, I have other things to do right now."

May gasped again, "Are you pushing me away? You look like someone who will need some comfort right now and you are pushing me away? This is why everyone hates you. You are so mean."

A slap will be enough to shut her up but Rielle wasn't ready for that. "May, you can stop pretending to be the good girl and get out of my way."

"Well I am a good girl and not like someone who stole a book and made it hers."

"That book is mine." she raised her voice. That was the height of it. The book was hers. The person who lied that it's hers, forged every evidence against her. It was all a lie.

"Well, you can't avoid what is there already."

Rielle sighed loudly, trying to calm herself for saying anything else as she wasn't ready for her taunt at all. She had other things to handle like taking care of her problem and finding a solution before the company finally terminate her contract.

She ignored May and walked passed her, leaving her behind.

May who still had her sad face, watched as she left the hallway. Immediately she was out of sight, she bursted out laughing.

"Finally, I can get what I wanted. Rielle is finally out of my way." she said and entered the office by her right.

Rielle brought out her phone and dialled a number which she saved as 'Mr mine' with two heart. She just wanted to hear his voice and get comforted. She dialed his number more than three times but he wasn't picking up which got her worried.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked herself, walking slowly towards the parking lot. She was so worried about him and quickly, she entered her car and drove out of the parking lot.

It was a ten minutes drive to her boyfriend's apartment. She wanted to check up on him as her heart suddenly started beating fast. So fast that she thought it would burst open her chest.

She parked her car and ran up to his apartment which was at the second floor. She stopped when she was in front of his door and wanted to knock but the door opened itself. That was so unlike Steve, he always makes sure to lock his door even though he was inside.

She opened the door and walked in. The living room was quiet and disorganized. His clothes were on the floor.

"Was there something that happened?" she wondered. Her eyes widened thinking of the possibility that he must have been attacked and that was why his clothes were on the floor. Steve was involved with a gang last year and he always tell her that he was scared. Could it be they came for him?

Tears fell from her eyes as she thought of that. Not her Steve, nothing can happen to her. She hurriedly went to his room and opened the door. Rielle gasped loudly seeing the sight before her.

"Steve!!!" she called out loudly.

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