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The Billionaire's country girl bride

The Billionaire's country girl bride

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"Good morning, Greg. What would you like for breakfast?" "What? Did you just call me Greg? Are we mates? What gives you the right to call me that? Just because you're my wife? Listen, don't you ever call me Greg." "But... we're... married..." "So what? I only married you because of my grandmother. And let's face it, we're not on the same level, whether it's age, class, or status. You're just an eighteen-year-old country girl." "I'm 26, and you're only 18. An eight-year age gap isn't a joke. Just because we're married doesn't mean you can call me by my name. Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders?" "How should I address you then?" "Just call me sir. I don't ever want to hear 'Greg' from your mouth again," I said sternly "The Billionaire's Country Girl Bride" is an engaging novel about the marriage between Greg, a rich businessman, and Sophie, a young country girl. Greg insists on being called "sir" by Sophie due to their age gap, and sets strict rules that keep them apart. As Greg brings other women home and ignores Sophie's feelings, she finds support in her university roommate, Diana. The story follows Sophie's journey as she learns to stand up for herself and find her own strength. With Diana's help, Sophie discovers the power of love and resilience.

Chapter 1 First day as a married couple

"Greg, good morning? What would you like for breakfast?"

"What? Did you just call me Greg? Are we mates? What gives you the right to call me that name? Because you're my wife? Hey kid, listen, Don't you ever call me Greg."

"But… We're…married…"

"So what? I only married you because of my grandmother. And looking at it, we're not on the same level, be it age, class, or status! You're just an eighteen-year-old country girl."


"I'm 26 and you're just 18, eight years age gap isn't a joke. The fact that we're married doesn't give you the right to call me by my name. Didn't your parents teach you about respecting your elders?"

"How should I address you then?"

"Just call me sir. I don't ever want to hear Greg from that tiny mouth of yours."

" You just spoiled my mood this early morning."

I quickly went into my bedroom and changed into formal clothes. Took my briefcase and left. On my way to the door, I heard her say something stupid.

" Sir, where are you going to?"

This girl must be crazy.

"Where am I going to? Who are you to ask me such things? I think I have to set some rules in this house. Listen carefully to what I am about to tell you now, I don't mind you taking a paper and pen to jot them down since your brain isn't matured enough.

Number one, you must maintain your distance from me. At no point should you be any means whether mistakenly or intentionally touch me.

Number two, Don't ever see me as your husband, don't even think about it, just see me as your Brother taking care of you since you can't afford to do that!

Number three, I don't want to see you near my things, my clothes, shoes, bags, in fact, I don't ever want to see you in my bedroom.

There is an exception though, since we're having our honeymoon and grandma intentionally arranged a one-room apartment for us with only one bathroom, just take your bath whenever I'm no where in sight and leave the bathroom. I slept on the sofa last night, you will be sleeping on the sofa while I stay in the bedroom till our honeymoon is over. Once we go back to my house, I have different rooms, just pick one and stay in there. I don't want to see you near my bedroom, okay?"

… Ok..okay"

" Rule number three, whenever we happen to go out in public, which I know wouldn't happen often except for family gatherings, you can touch me but, Don't be too clingy.

" Anytime grandma comes visiting, that is the only time you're permitted to enter my bedroom."

"And also, my food is none of your concerns except I specifically request for it. That's all for now, I'd let you know about the rest later."

I said and walked out of the house.


Sophie and I got married yesterday. It was a very private wedding strictly for immediate family members only. The private wedding was my idea which my parents and grandmother readily agreed to since it was the only condition I gave for the wedding to happen between us. I have never seen my so-called "wife" before in my life. The first time I saw her was on the altar yesterday and I must say she's beautiful and so young but, she isn't my type. She's isn't up to the standard of women I like, she's below par. Immediately I saw her yesterday, I knew this wasn't going to work. I only did this out of the respect I have for my grandmother. Infact, I owe her my life. She's the only person I don't say no to anything she asks. When she approached me about the marriage matter, I didn't say no even though I knew I wasn't ready. My mother had set me up with countless women over the years which I turned everyone of them down. She was even surprised when she said I was getting married to whom grandma chose for me.

Sophie, yeah my wife's name. I heard she's a country girl from Gema village. I heard from my grandmother how her family saved her when she went to the village for a project few years back. The only way she thought she could repay them was her grandson marrying their daughter to change their status. I saw her parents and how they looked yesterday, I must say, they really looked poor. Even trying to push them for the wedding up still couldn't hide their status. They were really nice to me at the wedding and I acted like the best son-in-law yesterday.

Sophie wore a simple wedding gown that covered everywhere, I don't know who chose that kind of wedding gown for her. Yes, it was expensive but I didn't like it. I love my women showing some skin, sexy and slim with blonde hair. Well, she's the opposite of the women I liked.

After our vows, when we were asked to kiss the bride, I gave her a quick peck so as not to cause a scene. The way she was waiting for that kiss, you'd know that's her first kiss but I'm sure she didn't enjoy it.

My grandmother arranged a two-week honeymoon for us in Green island but I lied about a business I needed to work on the following week and she agreed to one week. The truth is, I don't even see her as a woman at all. I can't even take her out, a whole Billionaire like me, settling for that?

I looked at her throughout our wedding yesterday and my conclusion was to treat her like a sister.

The incident that happened this morning to me made me angry and it was funny at the same time. When she came asking what I'd like to eat, she really looked funny.

Imagine her calling me Greg?? Are we mates? My sister wouldn't try that with me and she's two years older than her.

And what was that dress? Why is she dressed like that? What did I get myself into? I can't even show her to my friends nor the outside world. Thank God it was a private wedding and the public still sees me as a bachelor because how am I going to tell them the hottest Billionaire bachelor settled for that?……

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