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img img Billionaires img The Billionaire's Babies Mother ( fated love )
The Billionaire's Babies Mother ( fated love )

The Billionaire's Babies Mother ( fated love )

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Getting married and starting a family has always been every girl's dream. Andrea Graham, a 23 year old young lady, found out a night before her wedding that her sister was pregnant for her fiance. With the truth unfolded right in front of her she felt her heart shattered and her whole world crumbling down. In that heated moment, she decided to get drunk and ended up spending a night with a total stranger. How will she take the twists and turns life throws at her? How will she take the twists and turns life throws at her? Will she be able to overcome all the obstacles in her way? Will she find her happy ever after?

Chapter 1 Break up

Chapter 1: break-up

In Australia, Simmer Down restaurant.

Andrea sat down with a smug smile on her face as she stared at her fiance who occupied the seat opposite her. He had called her over the phone that he had something important he wanted to speak to her about.

The air was filled with nothing but peace and tranquillity but Philip's silence had started having an effect on her. They had been staring at each other for over 10 minutes and none of them took the initiative to speak.

Her curiosity got to the peak, making her break the silence.

“ Darling, why did you suddenly call me over to our favourite restaurant? ” Andrea said as she flipped the menu lazily.

Philip pressed his lips together and she could tell from his expression that he was tense and put in some sort of pressure.

He grabbed hold of her hands making Andrea raise her head from the menu as her gaze returned to his well defined face that seemed like a jade carving.

How could someone look this good? That was exactly the thought running through her mind.

“ Boo relax, I know we are entering a new phase of our life tomorrow. You know getting married to you has always been my biggest……” before she could come to the end of her speech he cut her off.

“ I'm sorry I can't get through with the marriage” he broke the news instantly.

He couldn't watch her having forced hope over something that was now impossible.

Andrea burst into laughter “ boo you know how to make jokes now huh? you know this is not funny ” she said.

Philip remained silent for a while thinking on how to place his words he didn't want to sound harsh.

“ Andrea, I'm serious, I'm calling off the wedding, ” he said again with a straight face.

The smile on Andrea face slowly faded, tears were already welling up in her eyes.

“ Is this some kind of expensive joke, huh Philip? ” she said with a hoarse voice. She suddenly felt as if there was a lump stuck in her throat.

She couldn't be bothered by the people staring at her right now.

“ why? Tell me did I do something wrong? I promise to change, please just say something, ” she said, gripping his hand as if he was about to run away.

Philip yanked his hands from her grip, he turned his head slightly away from her.

“ I really need an explanation of what is going to happen to all the preparations we made. I mean the hall, the guests, the food……”

“ The wedding is going to take place but not with you, ” he announced.

Andrea froze, the tears she had been holding back began to fall on her cheeks.

“ not with me? Who and what are you talking about? ” she asked with a crushed voice.

She couldn't help but ask all the questions her brain could come up with,her mind was currently in anarchy.

Before Philip could speak they heard the sounds of a lady's heels beating the ground, the sounds of the footsteps approached them and slowly came to a halt.

“ I will answer all your questions dear Andrea ” she heard a familiar voice rang in her ear.

She abruptly raised her head and as she had thought it was her younger sister Lisa.

Andrea's gaze flickered in confusion. “ What's going on here? ” she said as she watched Lisa wrap her arm around Philip's neck.

Lisa turned to her with a smug smile “ Philip Myers and Lisa Graham are getting married tomorrow that's the latest news ” she said.

Andrea suddenly rose from her seat “ what nonsense are you talking about Lisa ” she said raising her voice.

Lisa turned to Philip as she pouted her lip like a kid that was wronged.

“ won't you say something ” she said coquettishly as she stroked his hair tenderly.

“ I'm getting married to Philip and that's it ” Lisa said again.

Andrea became infuriated; she abruptly raised her hand and hit Lisa on the face. “ smack! ”

“How could you betray your own sister? I have never done anything to offend you, have always treated you better than anyone and you stabbed me in the back “ Andrea yelled.

Philip's silence only made her more furious and she could feel her blood boiling already.

Andrea raised her hand to hit her for the second time but this time Philip grabbed her hand and swung a slap across her face.

”smack! “

Andrea widened her eyes from shock as she held her cheeks in disbelief.

Lisa gasped from shock she was astonished when Philip suddenly hit Andrea on the face truth be told she was quite delighted.

” Philip, do you know what you are doing? It's me, your Andrea, “ she said with a choked voice.

” Shut up, how dare you hit the mother of my unborn child “ he roared angrily like he was about to bring down the roof.

Andrea froze for a second. She felt like a bomb went off in her head. Her mind was in blondas as his words just now rang again in her ears.

Her gaze travelled to Lisa's stomach and she could feel her hands shaking, she was overwhelmed with sorrow and rage at the same time.

She glanced at the both of them standing next to each other with their hands interlocked.

She began to retract her steps as her tears kept sliding down her cheeks. She couldn't even notice the gaze of the onlookers in the restaurant.

The manager had come out when he heard loud noises a while ago. Knowing it was the Graham's and Myers he didn't dare go over or interfere in their affairs.

Andrea grabbed her bag and ran away. She didn't even have anywhere in mind; she just wanted to go far away from anything that would remind her of this incident. She ran as far as her legs could carry her.

After running for more than five minutes she stopped to catch her breath. She placed her hands on her chest that was thumping crazily, to her surprise she still had a heart, she had thought her heart had shattered a while ago.

She was in no mood to go home; she just wanted to drown herself in her sorrows. She flagged a taxi weakly.

” Magic bar ale house” she said with a hoarse voice.

The driver nodded, she got in and he took away.

Arriving at the bar, she walked over to the counter.

“ Give me a shot of tequila please, ” she said to the bar man.

He nodded and placed it on the counter,she took it in one go.

“ Another shot, ” she said.

He gave her and she gulped it down at once for the second time, wrinkling her face slightly from the strong taste.

“one more “

” again ”

“ again”

Soon she became drunk to stupor,she could hardly sit still. She had a poor alcohol tolerance and she wasn't the one who fancied these things but today she just wanted to.

A man in a black hoodie and casual black pants approached her and sat next to her.

He glanced at Andrea who was dancing to the beat of the song drunkenly with her cheeks all rosy.

He tapped her on the shoulder lightly. “ Can I have a drink with you? ” he asked politely.

His voice was deep and magnetic; it sounded so pleasing in the ear, making Andrea turn around to look at him.

She couldn't even see his face clearly. Her vision was already blurry, nevertheless she grinned foolishly “ uh-huh. Cheers! ” she clinked glasses with him.

She gulped down her drink in one go.

“ you know today I found out my own sister is pregnant with my fiance, that sucks right? ” she said pointing to her chest as she laughed bitterly.

The man didn't say a word, he was only listening to her silently. His black hoodie was covering half of his face no one could tell what he clearly looked like.

She abruptly grabbed the bottle he was drinking from and drank from it.

“ I'm sorry ” she said as she tittered.

She suddenly burst into tears “ how could the two people dear to me do something so vile” she said leaning her head on his chest in a languid manner.

The man lowered his head and his gaze travelled to her red cherry like lips that looked bewitching and alluring. The way she kept licking her lips once in a while only made it worse.

He raised her chin slightly and they engaged in a fiery kiss.

Andrea gave in to him willingly and she began to reciprocate his kisses as she wrapped her arm around his neck.

His kisses were very urgent, he kept kissing her till her lips turned hot and swollen but it only intensified the desire, his hands grabbed hold of her solid ass and he squeezed it tightly. While devouring her lips, he swept her off her feet and took her upstairs.

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