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The kingdoms of Oregon with each kingdoms in the shape of a cross pointing at each cardinal direction. In the middle of this kingdom is an evil domain with his vampire ruler Dracula. He wages merciless Attacks on four kingdoms in other to turn them into creatures of the night of his own image however an unknown hero name Oregon fought and in a decisive strike. He seals Dracula's soul driving the evil creature further into the domain with a promise to return. The story revolves around the mc Arslan Wigglesworth's an hybrid Werewolf and his adopted sister Alessia Bumi- a vampire whose parents were abducted by werewolves, his village attacked and burn down. In search of his abducted parents, he joins the hunter corps. A Force created by four kingdoms to fight and hunt creatures of the night werewolves and vampires. In a battle to save his comrade, he discovers that he was a werewolf and not just any kind of werewolf. A true son of a true Alpha with his fated mate wolf calling for help to save her in his dreams. Arslan meets his fated however she is to be killed in seven days framed for killing the king for a crime she never committed. To save her he has to Fight in a tournament plan by an evil Vampire to gather souls in one place to ressurrect dracula'. To save his mate and find his parents. Arslan soon discovers his true nature as a prince and his fated enemy who was the world's number biggest enemy vampire on the quest to a demon who turned dracula which happens to be his grandmother. Arslan saves his parents after taking down the alpha on the throne and together his vampire father and his Werewolf mother and hybrid Arslan joins hands to defeat his vampire grandmother and Dracula


In the great sea of earth named after Oregon lay five kingdoms in a shape of a cross. Four is pointing each cardinal direction in a rounder centre island to form a place called the forest of an evil domain. These kingdoms protected by the Gods. All who lived in the Evil domain and the kingdoms outside the territories of Evil domain knew of Dracula, ruler of demons and it's band of vampires.

Its very name was synonymous with the terror or cruelty that ruled the demon realm as well as the creatures of the night that strive in his deprivatly. Dracula was an ambitious ruler. He sought to crush the Humans and convert Demi humans to a vamp of savages to their world, there by creating a land of peace and prosperity for all night creatures. Four trusted generals serve Dracula. Vermilion the dark spell caster, Frankenstein vampire alchemist scientist, Arnold the right hand and Anaconda the serpent snake. These four great demonic Vampire generals lunch merciless Attack on the four continents however an unknown hero whose name was Oregon created a coalition army and rose up against them with a sacred sword in his hand along with a band of comrades.

It was recorded in the book of memorabilia of four kingdoms that the sword of old Camelot was found when king Oregon conquered the dragon guardian of a dungeon and when that sword is in used by the one true king. Enemies would retreat, diseases would be cured, rain would fall during droughts, the rainy season would end, the wind would stop and strong waves would subside, seeing it's powers. Oregon The hero king crushed Dracula armies to the West and they went on defeating Anaconda in the north and Arnold in the south then the federation of knight lead by this hero invaded the matching army of Dracula invading his teleportation castle and even Dracula and his army could not stand a chance against humans who continuously rosed up and raised a standard against them.

In a decisive battle between Oregon the dragon king and Dracula. A decisive strike and Dracula was killed and his soul sealed to an eternal sleep of damnation and the armies retreated farther into the evil domain with a promise to return with the undead that is when Dracula has been re- awakened. Part of the island was taken and King Oregon ushered in the era known as century of light or century of reasons. In this era, philosophers and scholar's dreamed of a brighter age and that dreamed slowly turned into reality with steam punk industrial revolution of 1701 of the 17th century were some carriages was powered with steam engine propeller, introduction of steam rifle guns to battle the Werewolves and the creatures of the night and the Vampiry tradegy of Oregon began when he built a kingdom uniting all demi humans, creatures and humans to defend the kingdom when the need arises and he named the kingdom Qing in the island and King Oregon seal the sacred sword in the kings of seal before his death and thus Oregon the heroic king became a legend.



In the middle of the night in a dark forest, three men running jumping over falling branches with much agility and energy they could muster.

"Alpha Ray? Run I will protect you" A voice ranged out. His beta Allan spoke running swiftly behind them. Allan suddenly shapeshifting into a gigantic brown wolf and he picks his Alpha Ray covered in blood atop his back. The other wolf behind them shape shifts into a gray wolf running along. They jump over a large falling branches of tree wood when suddenly, a giant black wolf with scar in his face jumps out from no where with much agility and strength roaring like some tiger ready to eat his prey and bites the neck of the gamma with power crashing his face violent against the earth floor. Alpha Ray looks back and grunted his teeth in pain and anger as his pack has been either captured or wipe out. His memory flashes through the corner of his mind. The puppy wine was poison, his elder brother the banished rogue returned and plot a deal with Vampires. Vampires that are hated enemies of Werewolves. They are like cat and rat. What kind of deal did his rogue brother Desmond made with Vampires that have been fighting with Werewolves close to twenty years now to join hands to bring him down. The hurting Ground that suppose to bring all Werewolves on a special day and their alphas of different pack in unity in other to find their fated mate among them as suddenly turned a bloody hurting Ground for murder.

The Vampires calculated me and shot me with wolfsbane. If not for my strength as an alpha. I would be dead by now. Vampires under the leadership of the noble Vampire alchemist blood line called Frankenstein. I heard rumors of plans to turn Werewolves to half Vampire and half Werewolves that would become an army along Vampire and ghouls under their control to take over the world, I can't let this happen.

They slide through sloppy mountain and suddenly crash falling down from a mountain top. Mid air the duo free falling mid air got separated landing in different locations. Alpha Ray falls crashing violently on a towering tree branches. A large black wolf walking out with a scar on the left side of his face atop the mountain and behind him are thousands of Werewolves walking out looking down at the sloppy mountain and he speaks.

"Today, Alpha Ray is no more but I Desmond your new alpha. The only one that can stop me is Raymond's daughter Elena. Search for her. He commanded.

Ray falling from a mountain top and is beta lost in the forest manages to get up with several bones fractured. He saw two feets standing in front of him. He lifts his head to look and standing in front of him was a man on a top hat and rounded dark glasses. He has Blondie hair and his pale skinned on a top black Aristocratic top suit coat and dark pants tugging into a black boot.

"Frankenstein" Alpha Ray called out in anger. His body shapeshifting into a white wolf and claws jolting out of his hand however Frankenstein appears in supersonic speed in front of him. His teeth switly bites into the artillery vein of soft flesh by the shoulders of the alpha. The alpha screams falling down on his knees. He claws his right hand however it swings into an empty air as Frankenstein vanishes and appears behind him and he spoke out.

"You are weak! My experiment must be working perfectly to weaken you to this state. it is time to sleep" alpha Ray tries to get up however a swing from Frankenstein and torrents of blood splatters into the air and he passed out.




The crisom blood moon shinning brightly on a scary gloomy dark towering castle with a different twin black towers towered up as if they were challenging the God's in middle of a dark dense forest. The castle walls are made of rocks, sandstone and has statues of scary demons with fangs in their mouth about it the castle. One look from the castle, one will feel the urge to repel their movement into the castle. Three persons stood in front of a gigantic door with demons statues decorating the door. One was a vampire, the other an hybrid wolf and the third a shapeshifting wolf .

The three humanoid persons looking like tiny creatures before it's massiveness. The door swings open with mist smoke smoking out of it. They begin to walk in and the lady by the left glaring with her red eyes and anger decorating her pale face. She twists her red hair into a ponytail with a red twine and she speaks.

"Arslan are you ready?"

"Yes, mother" Arslan replies.

"Elena, Don't worry darling" the voice of a man spoke, "I got our sons back and besides with all he has been through. He should be ready to kick some butt," The man laughs and two sharp fangs begins to grow out jotting out swiftly in his teeth. He has a full long Blondie hair reaching his shoulders. He glares dangerously with a gleaming red eye. He draws out his long sword out of sheath.

"I know werewolves get their power from the moon but now that she has turn the bright moon to red. Are you ok mother." Arslan turns his pale face looking at his mother. His red ruby eyes gleaming brightly.

"You should know better since you have wolf blood running through your veins besides my mother was a witch and her magic components enhanced my abilities and you should feel it as well," Elena replies.

In the dark scary ten story castle, humanoid shadows slunk swiftly within the castle and suddenly comes out men in a long black top coat with intricate pattern colors of red. Their fangs in their teeth begin to jolt out in their mouth. Few of them begin to draw their sword and others their nails grows out into sharp claws.

"Mun, Father, I am going ahead" Instantly, Arslan's white hair begins to glow brightly. A gust of a whirlwind surrounds him as he walks swiftly. His eyes gleaming bright red as he shapes shifts into a Colossal white blue wolf. He runs swifty swinging his hands clawing out the Vampires in front of him. A vampire jumps out at him from the dark. Sharp ice shards thrust into the vampire. He burns in blue flames. Arslan turns his face.

"I told you to be careful. Don't worry, my ice shards is miss with holy water" his mother stretches her arm and several ice shards in shape of a giant gun bullet forms in her palm. She shoots thrusting the bullet into the air accompanied by sheer amount of force and cool whirlwind about it. Several vampires were hit and burn in blue flames instantly. Arslan father Magically thrusting his sword teleporting it in the air thrusting it into the hearts of the enemies. He vanishes swiftly and appears slicing several heads. Arslan runs swiftly in his wolf form slicing any one in his ways and instantly shape shifting into his human form.

"Hi am Arslan wigglesworths and am here to end the tyranny of an evil peasant vampire queen mother. The worlds number one greatest threat and villain on the quest to revive Dracula and she happens to be my grandmother." Arslan thrust his claw hands into the h

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