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Strong luna

Strong luna

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“I, Ivan Dales, Alpha of Scarlet pack, reject you, Monna Parker of crescent moon pack as my mate and Luna.” Monna, a princess who lost her parents during a rouge attack was made a slave by her uncle, Monna stayed strong despite the cruelty bearing the hope that one day she’ll meet her mate and he would take her away from the pain and misery. She finally met him and he rejected her immediately. What will then be the fate of Monna..?

Chapter 1 Monna

“Monna!!!!” I closed my eyes and signed knowing that Bella was going to scream my name long before her high-pitched voice echoed out from the corridor to the kitchen where I was preparing her coffee, I wonder what I have done this time to make her angry, well when it comes to me Bella was always upset. It was her heartburn goal to make my life a living hell. No stranger can even think that we were related at all, I was a handmaid to my cousin whom my existence irritated so much, well I got used to her harsh words and treatment through my eleven years of being a slave in my pack. “Monna!!!” Her voice brought me out of my thoughts and turned to her immediately. “You bitch” she said as she landed a slap on my check, “Exactly how long does it take you to make a cup of coffee?” I bowed my head slightly to avoid her getting more annoyed, thankfully she decided to spare me and took the coffee from that table before walking away. She stopped just by the kitchen door and sipped her coffee. “Get your lazy self to my room and clean it up,” she said without looking back, she started walking again swaying her hips arrogantly. Bella was a beautiful blonde, she was tall and slim and had beautiful curves but her arrogance spilled dirt on her physical appearance, many of the park members never liked her personality but no one ever dared show it or she would deal with them. She always portrayed herself as the most beautiful lady in Crescent Moon. She believed that the whole park agreed too which was laughable because even her so-called friends that complemented and simpered her face were bad-mouthing and gossiping about her behind her back. I finished up in the kitchen and quickly went to the she-devil's room to clean it up so I wouldn’t end up in some deep trouble. As usual, the whole wardrobe was scattered and her clothes were on the floor, the couch, the bed, and even the coffee table at the centers of the room, it was a daily ritual. I signed tired and started arranging the clothes back into the wardrobe, my eyes went to some crayon-scribed words inside the right corner of the wardrobe, I brushed my hand through it feeling the memories come at me again. This used to be my room when I was much younger, and this used to be my wardrobe, I would hide in the wardrobe so my mom wouldn’t sing me to sleep, I write words on the wardrobe when I get bored which my mom always frown at and funnily sometimes I would fall asleep inside this very wardrobe. But now I was I am to clean this room up for my cruel cousin while I sleep on the cold marble floor at the slave quarters. That had been my fate for eleven whole years, the cruelty of the same people that were supposed to be my family broke me. Tears I didn’t know were forming fell on my cheeks and I wiped them off with my sack-made dress as I continued to clean the room.

Somehow I feel happy cleaning this room because it soothes me and I feel like I haven’t lost everything, I still held into the hope that one day I’ll meet my mate and he’ll take me away from this dark place, I don’t why but something tells me my mate wasn’t here at crescent Moon park. “Who are you?” a thick male voice sounded behind me bringing me out of my thoughts. I flinched and Turned around to see a guy walking out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. I stared at him surprised until he spoke again. “Who are you?” It took me a few moments to finally register the situation, she has once again brought a man into the pack house. “Who are you?” I fired back knowing fully well that I was going to be punished if Bella caught me. “ you look like a slave around here,” he said and I glared at him. “So slaves are allowed to treat their masters guest that way now?” I took a step back and he smirked then started walking towards me, gosh this one is a pervert. “What will be Alpha’s reaction if he found out there's a naked guy in here,” I asked. He stopped in his track immediately, “Aren't you curious?” I said with furrowed eyebrows. We both knew that he would be killed immediately if his presence is known. His eyes widened and I think he was a little bit shocked, he didn't expect me to talk back. I stared at him but he obviously had nothing to say, my eyes flicked to a scar on his left arm, it is large and whatever happen to there was something serious, he looked different, I have never seen him before although Bella doesn't bring in a guy twice but the ones I've met usually looked familiar around the pack, maybe I've just never came across him since all my life revolved around the pack house. “ What's going on here?” Bella's voice echoed in the room I turned around and started cleaning immediately hoping that this guy wouldn't tell her what I said. Thankfully she just hissed and walked past me, “Erie why are you still here?” she asked the guy “Well I didn't get enough of my princess,” he said as he walked closer to her, closing the distance between them. He place his hand on her shoulder and began to pull at her dress. Bella doesn't entertain her flings in the morning, so I knew she would yell at him in the next second. “Erie someone might spot you?” she said in a shaky voice, why was her voice shaky? Bella was never kind to anyone including the guys she fucked, I saw her face through my peripheral view and was surprised. She looked scared and anxious. “Let's take this off princess…” Erie said as he unzipped her dress. “ I need to bend you over that couch and fuck you senseless again” he was pulling her to the couch, gosh did I become invisible that they didn't see I was in the room? “ Erie..?” Bella whimpered “You really should go” she finished but he pushed he down the couch and raised her dress. “Get out” Bella yelled at me. Of course, I don't need to be told twice. Who is this guy? And what does he have on Bella? I wondered as I walked down the stairs slowly. I was about to go into the kitchen when Bella yelled my name angrily. I rushed back in and was shocked by the sight in front of me.

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