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My celebrity life

My celebrity life

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Celebrity life is the life of a of a rich young girl that’s lost her best friend/boyfriend at a very young age, and fell into great depression and made bad decisions, till her family decided to help her out by Sending her to South Korea, where she became a celebrity, and a big Global-star. But everything is not as smooth sailing as you think.

Chapter 1 The pain

The thing about pain is that nobody really understands it except you that is feeling it. I understood that my family is worried about me right now, but alcohol and smoking is the only thing that gets me going, I’m not proud of it, but for now it is the only option I have to keep me a live


Yes, mom

What are you doing?

Nothing I’m just here.

Your grandmother is on the phone for you.


Hello halmeoni

Hello darling “so your mom told me that you are not doing anything in America right now so I want you to come down to South Korea so we can figure out something for you and Bonus for me to see you because I miss you” Nobody says no to my grandma because she’s like the elder in the family.

Let me go back to why Everybody is worried about me.

Growing up I never had a problem in getting what I want, I always get what I want because I’m the last kid and all my siblings have there own money, my family is very wealthy it has not always been like that. My dad struggled to be were he is today and my sister‘s work hard too Because they don’t want to disappoint my dad. I had a nanny named Janice. She had a son

named Jason. We became best friend at the age of 5, because whenever the mom is coming to work at my family home, Jason is always with her. growing up all I knew was Jason if I ever want to talk to anybody I call Jason, so Jason was my everything. at the age of 13 we decided to try out relationship, It was a little bit hard, because I don’t school in America. My dad shipped me off to a boarding school in UK. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a Problematic child I was super intelligent I have an IQ of 180. But my dad feels like boarding school is the rights call it, was my mom’s idea because she’s a Nigerian and she feels boarding school is the right stand for a child and she didn’t want me to Grow up in America were so many things are happening at the same time. My siblings didgo to Boarding school, but they grew up in South Korea which is a very responsible, and respective country, unlike me, I was born in Korea, but my family moved to America when I was just six months old.

Back to Jason, Jason and I started dating when we were 13 years old when we became 17, he died in a car crash. after his death, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. Nothing made sense because I knew him all my life and suddenly he’s gone, there was no way to handle it or to process it, even to believe it. It was just blank everything from my head to toe, that was When I turned to alcohol and smoking to fill it up. Everybody always say don’t use Jason as an excuse, but I wasn’t using him as an excuse to smoke or drink. I was just using it to not think about and I’m 19 now so you see how long that I’ve been going on.

So I decided to take my grandma’s offer to go to Korea and leave for a while.


Ooo my darling.

How was your flight?

Not bad.

I used dad’s private jet, so it was quite relaxing.

So what do you want to eat? I prepared so many things for you

Um, I miss your food grandma I’m eating everything you prepared lol.

So this is how I landed in South Korea I guess this is where my story began, and how I became a celebrity.

Hi everyone

that we will read my Story, I like making my story shot so that it’ll be less boring and tiring. I hope you enjoy it.♥️

I will be releasing two episodes every week

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