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img img Romance img My First One Night Stand with My Boss
My First One Night Stand with My Boss

My First One Night Stand with My Boss

img Romance
img 115 Chapters
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img Lindsay Lawrence
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Tessa Jones just graduated college. She was excited to get an interview with a top tech company. On a night of celebration of her new job, she was almost r***d by a creep in an alley. An unknown man saved her just before her life would have been changed forever. Tessa ended up having her first one night stand with this man. The next morning she started her new job as a third assistant to the CEO. When she met her new boss she was shocked......

Chapter 1 The Celebration

I just graduated college in California and moved back to Washington.

I had only been back home for 2 weeks and already went on over 45 interviews. Unfortunately, I was not offered any of the positions as I was fresh out of college and didn't have much experience.

I was able to secure an interview with a well known tech company as a third assistant to the CEO. Even though this role was not associated with my degree, it got my foot in the door.

It still would not be an easy application. I only got the interview because my best friend works for the company in human resources and was able to pull some strings. I am technically not even qualified for this position but at this point I am applying to anything.

I sat in the waiting room for my interview.

"Ms. Tessa Jones, they are ready for you in the conference room."

"Thank you" I said as I walked past her and into the room.

This room was quite large and somewhat fancy. I immediately noticed two people sitting at the desk with a video camera setup. I could tell they sensed my confusion.

"Hello Ms. Jones. My name is Charles, and this is Julia. The interview will be videotaped as Grayson, the CEO cannot be here for the interview process. Are you ok with this?”

I have been on lots of interviews, and this was the first, but I will do anything to get a job at this point.

"Absolutely” I said as I sat down.

It was to the point, and I felt it went a little quicker than my other interviews. I didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

"We will be making the decision by Friday at 5pm and you will start first thing Monday morning. Will this be an issue?" Charles asked.

"I can start any time you need me!" With that, I left the building.

I text my friend Alyssa who works in the building to see if she could meet me for lunch.

Me: {Hey, just finished my interview. Can you meet downstairs at the café for lunch?}

Alyssa: {I will be right down!}

I grabbed a seat at a table and waited for her.

She walked in and yelled loudly "Tessa! How was it? Are you excited? I really hope we get to work in the same building!”

"It was short, and they told me that they would let me know by Friday at 5pm." I told her.

"Oh, but it's only Wednesday. You have to wait that long?" she asked.

"They probably have so many people interested and that are probably more qualified. I am not keeping my hopes up." I said.

Just then, my phone rang. I did not know the number, but I quickly answered.

"Hello, this is Charles Johnson, is this Tessa jones?"

I quickly answered "Yes, it is.”

"Ms. Jones our CEO Grayson Foster was impressed with your interview, and he would like to offer you the position of his third assistant."

Before Charles could finish talking, I said "Yes, I would love to!”

"Great, please arrive at 7am sharp on Monday so we can get paperwork filled out before your normal shift of 8-5." he said.

Alyssa overheard me and grabbed my arm and whispered, "We are celebrating tonight!”

We finished lunch, Alyssa went back to work, and I decided to go shopping for some new work clothes. I got home around 5. Alyssa text me when she got off work.

Alyssa: {Let's meet at Crown bar tonight to celebrate!"}

Me: {ok!!} I agreed and started getting ready for the evening.

I arrived at the bar around 8pm. Alyssa was seated not far away with a few mutual friends. Jacob, who I have known since grade school and Cicely who I met freshman year of college.

Alyssa saw me and waved me over. They had already ordered me a drink to toast.

Alyssa spoke up "Congratulations to Tessa, she beat out the competition and she will move her way up quickly at Foster Technologies.”

We raised our glasses and drank.

Shortly thereafter I realized I did not have a significant dinner and was feeling quite drunk. I decided to go to the bar to get some water. I was waiting in line when I was bumped into by a drunk, sleazy guy.

"Excuse you!" I yelled at him.

He turned and looked at me. He had this dark lust in his eyes, and it made me nervous. I quickly turned around to avoid him. He then grabbed my arm to turn me around towards him.

He looked me up and down and said, "what is a sexy woman like you doing standing all alone?”

His eyes were looking at me as if he was undressing me in his mind and all I wanted was to go back to my table.

"Can I buy you a dri…?”

Before I let him finish the sentence, I turned around to leave and head back to my table. He quickly ran in front of me, and I slammed into him.

"My boyfriend is waiting for me, and he will not be happy that I am talking to you!" I yelled at him.

I pointed at the group I was with, and they waved at me. He let me by when he noticed that I was indeed not alone at the bar.

I purposefully sat next to our friend Jacob. I made it seem like he was my boyfriend to keep that creep from contacting me anymore. I glanced at him and noticed he was not paying me any attention anymore and felt at ease.

Alyssa asked me "What was with that guy just now? Do you know him?”

I explained that I did not know him, and he gave me really weird vibes and I just wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. I told him Jacob was my boyfriend in hopes that, that will end his pursuit for the evening.

Jacob laughed and said "Luckily my boyfriend isn't here tonight, or your plan could have been ruined."

Hours had passed and we had all drank quite a bit.

Jake and Cicely decided it was time to go home. They lived close by each other, so they shared an uber.

Me and Alyssa were the only ones left. We finished our drink and headed out. We both lived somewhat close to the bar, so we walked home.

We arrived at Alyssa's apartment. We hugged and said our goodbyes. I only lived a few blocks away and the streets were still pretty busy on a Friday night, so I felt safe walking the few blocks by myself.

As I was walking, someone grabbed me and pulled me into the darkness of the alley. He covered my mouth so I couldn't scream.

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