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Mr. CEO's Priceless Lover

Mr. CEO's Priceless Lover

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With a contract, they got married in a flash. He doted on her, loved her, and made her the envy of all women in the world. When she took the pregnancy test sheet and stood happily in front of him, he handed over the divorce papers. She didn't ask him for an astronomical compensation,and left without any property. Five years later, when she and her fiancé were choosing the wedding dress arm in arm, he suddenly showed up. He dragged her to his side and said possessively, "Baby, my son said, he doesn't want a stepfather."

Chapter 1 Tonight, I am Yours

Royal City Hotel.

The most luxurious high-end private club in A city.

Alice Oliver was very dizzy after drinking. She stood at the end off the corridor on the 22nd floor and looked at the room number in front of her. She laughed.



This was the exact room number she bore in mind.

Pushing open the unlocked door, she stumbled into the room.

There was no light in the room, and it was dark. Alice scanned the room, and her eyes finally fell in the direction near the window, where there was a flickering light.

It was the man who was smoking.

Alice managed to stabilize her shaking body and she grinned, "I... I'm here."

She got a burp of wine the moment she spoke, and it came from her throat out of her control.

She quickly covered her mouth, pinched her little finger and stroked, "I only... had a little wine, hah."

Alice couldn't see the man's face clearly, but she obviously felt that his cold and gloomy air was coming right to her. She took a step back unconsciously, and suddenly sobered up a little.

But after that, the effects of drink came back to her. She didn't keep her balance and fell hard against the wall. Her back was hurt, so she couldn't help making a "hiss" sound.

The man stared at the little girl who had intruded into the room. She stood in the yellow light at the door. The black swallow-tail dress was swaying behind her, showing her beautiful legs, absolutely charming. The heavy make-up on her face was like the gorgeous coat wrapping a snow-white rose, giving people a desire to peel it off and explore the unexpected.

The man suppressed his instinctive curiosity and asked calmly.

"How did you get in?" The 22nd floor of the hotel was not a place for a drunken mad woman to walk around.

The man's voice was very magnetic, and seemed to be able to absorb the souls of people. Alice had to admit that he had a nice voice.

"The waiter has a good taste. When he saw this necklace, he thought that I was a VIP guest who could come in and out of the 22nd floor." Alice pointed to the necklace on her neck. The diamond ring on the necklace was of great value.

Just then, the man's cell phone rang.

It was a short message.

The man picked up his phone at once, and the light of the screen shone on his face. He lowered his head, and Alice could only see his manly outline strongly defined under the bright light.

Although she couldn't see clearly, she still could tell that this man had a gorgeous face.

She didn't expect that she would be dealing with a handsome young man.

A man who had the dirty idea to deal with bodies was definitely a scum of bad character and behavior.

Alice jumped to a conclusion in her heart.

The man was staring at the screen of his cell phone, and the message on it read --Carlos, I am sorry.

Sender, Jane Smith.

The man's hand shook slightly. The next moment, he blacklisted the person who sent the text message decisively.

When Alice saw the man hadn't said anything after a long while, she supported her drowsy head and asked in a very low voice, "We... Can we start now?"

The man sneered, "I'm not interested in a woman with an overpowering smell of alcohol."

Alice became nervous. She was just drinking to boost her courage. It took her forever to organize her words and then she said, "Please wait a minute. I'll wash it off."

Alice staggered into the bathroom, hunched over the toilet, and forced herself to vomit. And then she washed her body as fast as possible.

Wrapped in a bath towel, she looked at the mirror and saw herself with the heavy makeup off. She suddenly became silent.

She was about to give away her precious virginity in this way.

She stroked her own cheek. Although this face could not be called a perfect beauty, it could be called sweet and cute.

Dad said that normally a man had no resistance to a sweet-looking girl.

Then, she would succeed, right?

She tried to pull a smile from the corner of her lips. Then she turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

The man had already stood up and walked to the door.

Alice hurried to grab his arm. His arms were so strong that she could still feel his powerful muscles through the shirt, and it felt really good to touch.

"I have taken a shower." Her cautious voice made the man stop uncontrollably.

Taking advantage of his proud height, the man looked down at this young girl, who was clearly timid and unwilling but still pretended to be indifferent.

Alice was overpowered by shame because of the man's oppressive look. She could not help but step back. On second thought, she simply stripped the towel off her body and presented her naked body in front of this man. Then she lifted her beautiful face up and stared at this man.

The light was so dim that she could hardly see his face, but she could see his bright eyes which were like cold stars, with cool and striking lights hidden inside.

"I promise, I'm clean." Alice spoke in a quiet voice. If you didn't listen carefully, you could hardly hear her.

The man laughed. It seemed that the little girl was not very annoying when she washed away the smell of alcohol and looked a little tipsy.

"You want to sleep with me so badly?" He quipped.

"Didn't you guys agree to let me come here?" Alice held back her sadness and tried hard to keep her voice lilting.

"Agreed?" The man murmured. Was it Jane?

"Please give me a chance." Alice plucked up her courage and asked him again.

"Even if you have to dedicate your body, you don't care?" The man stared at her, and the mockery in his eyes became more obvious.

Alice could not say anything, and she just looked up at him with her eyes fixed.

The man laughed. He reached out his long arm and put it around Alice's slender waist. The man's breathing was so close that Alice's heart suddenly skipped a beat. Her breathing was also out of order, and her cheeks blushed.

He had a light smell of tobacco, and a smell of highly prized Cologne. These two mixed together, showing the man's full charm. She admitted that he smelled very good.

"What did she give you to make you so desperate? " The man's voice was repressed with anger.

"Of course, it is something I am satisfied with." Alice leaned in his arms, just like a baby cat, letting his arms tighten suddenly.

"Girls nowadays are not worth a cent in front of money!" He spoke ironically and his hand wantonly wandered about her.

Alice tried hard to hold back the impulse to push him away. Her body was shaking faintly because she was fearful of what would happen next.

Suddenly he lifted her up, threw her on the bed without tenderness, and then his body pressed down.

"It is quite a surprise to me." His big hands hung over her thin shoulders, and his body was so heavy that she could hardly breathe. His big hands, slipping slowly from her shoulders to her chest...

Alice bit her lips and closed her eyes. In the darkness where the man could not see, she hung a crystal tear on her long eyelash, but her voice was smiling.

"Tonight, I am yours. You can do whatever you want."

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