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Mr. Beautiful (Billionaire #2)

Mr. Beautiful (Billionaire #2)

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Audrey was sixteen when we were supposed to run away and leave everything behind—her family who resented and the extravagant lifestyle she had always known since she was born. But before I could claim her body, I decided to bring her back, and that was when death came after me. Nonetheless, I survived and reclaimed myself. I become a man above anyone else. I became a billionaire. After eight years, I saw Audrey again. She came into my company for an interview—an executive assistant interview. But no matter how I tell myself that I should move on from the agony she caused me, and make her pay and suffer for what she did, I still fucking want her, own her, and claim her.

Chapter 1 One


I couldn't fucking believe I lost my mind again!

I woke up in an unfamiliar bed the next morning with a pounding head, and according to my memory, I had sex with this woman whose legs curled around my stomach. The last time I woke up in a stranger's bed, I found my face plastered across every front page of a tabloid and the web with the most outrageous title.

CEO of Stark Apparel Inc. Gabriel Stark Spotted in A Hotel with A Senator's Daughter Having a Scandalous Affair!

Clearly, they only target me because of my reputation and my popularity in the corporate world. The woman in the tabloid wasn't even a Senator's daughter, she was a Mayor's daughter. This was why I don't fucking believe in the news. They obviously just wanted to sell out papers. The past few years had been chaotic enough as if I was some kind of a celebrity. I was a businessman, not a fucking Hollywood actor.

I carefully moved her leg aside. I slowly crawled out of the bed, trying not to make any sound. I quickly get dressed, picked up a sheet of tissue paper and a pen from my suit jacket.

Thank you for letting me devour your pussy last night, even though I couldn't remember much — G

Before I managed to exit, I pulled out my phone and checked the messages from an unknown number. It was Wednesday today, so it was Cate. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Megan days. I opened one of the messages.

See you tonight, handsome.

I texted a reply, Can't wait. See you, Cate.

She replied a heart.


Ten minutes after ten, I still couldn't get a sight of my executive assistant. She was supposed to be in my office at nine. What the hell was she doing on her desk? I was finished talking with people she was supposed to contact. I already made my coffee and set a meeting with my designers. Given the fact that she was late again this morning, she literally just lived across the street. She never ceased to amaze me with her unacceptable excuses as to why she couldn't be on time.

I wanted to give her a chance because her she was recommended by a friend. I began to wonder if my thoughts of her being an incompetent employee were true. Another twenty minutes of impatiently waiting, I called her desk.

"Mr. Stark, how may I help you?" she answered right away.

"I told you to be here in my office at nine. It's almost eleven."

"Oh, I am so, so sorry, Mr. Stark. I'm on my way."

She hung up, and within a minute, she stepped into my office carrying a portfolio. She put it on my desk and sat across me.

"Mr. Stark?"


"Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it, Ms. Will?"

She leaned closer. "I saw you last night, " she whispered.

I frowned. "Last night? Last night where?"

"At the Carlyle with a redhead. Seeing you there made me think that what they are saying about you is true. I mean, how do you do it? Sleeping with so many women when I see you here every day?"

I stared back at her.

"I just wanted to know what kind of a boss you are." She leaned back in the chair, "At least tell me the details in case people ask me about you. I mean, I can create a so-so story about you just to wrap the truth, right?"

"Can we not talk about this, Ms. Will?"

"Wait." She held up her hand. "I just really want to know about your sex life, " her voice lowered down, "I can look past the non-fraternization policy in case you want to try me in your bedroom. I can do everything that might please you. I don't mind if you leave me in a hotel room since we're going to meet again in the office anyway. Sounds fun, yeah?"

What the fuck!

"Ms. Wills, if you love your job, you might want to shut your mouth and let's start working." I rolled my eyes. "I need you to explain to me these designs so ask them to do their next step, can we do that?"

"Then after that, I can go?"

I clenched my fist. Can I just fire this woman?

"Yes." I opened the portfolio. "What do you think about this? These shirts for the valentine collection, right? Do you think it has too much black? I don't like the print."

"Black what?"

"Black fabrics, " I pointed out the cut and sew design shirt in the first page.

"Ah yes, yes. It has too much black." She stared at the picture. "But I think black is good. It's very catchy in the eye."

"Be specific."

"I just like the color black." She smiled.


"I mean, it's for the valentines, right? It doesn't mean we should put red everywhere and I agree with the print. The fonts used can be copied by the other brands."

I nodded, at least she still had some sense in her. I turned the page to the next design. It was a long sleeve tee with a striped body fabric, with a broken heart print in front. I turned the next page, it was a regular shirt with a quote about depression.

I sighed sharply.

"We're not making a fucking emo apparel here. Can l ask you something?" I closed the portfolio.

"Yes, Mr. Stark?"

"What did you tell the designers?"

"To make a design for the Valentine collection, but I told them to put a little twist since I don't believe in pure romance. I asked them to put heartbreaking designs."

"Valentines is supposed to be for romance, Layla. What the fuck are you thinking?" I stared at her, clenching my jaw. "Did you even see this portfolio?"

"No, I didn't know I needed to see it since you said they just needed to be reviewed. You didn't tell me that you needed me to personally review it."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, I am saying that I hired someone to see it. I paid her a hundred bucks to check them. I heard she's a graphic artist. Oh, and I sent some of the designs on Facebook to ask their opinion. Can you believe they actually liked the designs? That's it! I guess they are all lovely!"

"You uploaded it online?"

She nodded.

I massaged my temples with my fingers. I felt my blood pressure rising, "Let me tell you this, Layla…" I breathed, trying to calm myself. "I hired you and actually hired other people to do your job?"

"Not everything, just some stuff I can't do."

"And you put the designs online, and you bothered being copied?"

"Oh come on, Mr. Stark, you only gave me a few weeks to review the designs. Fashion is my thing, but reviewing design isn't."

I gritted my teeth. "This is a fucking—" I paused, "this is an apparel company. We create designs for clothing and we produce clothing to the market. Are you are saying this isn't your thing? This is exactly what we talked about in your interview."

"My dad didn't tell me the whole detail. I accepted the job because I heard that you're going to be my boss. I came here for you."

"Layla…" I didn't want to waste my time talking nonsense anymore. "Get the hell out of here. Now."

Her eyes brightened up. "Oh, sure! I was actually waiting for you to say that. I have an appointment with my friends for an hour. I can't believe I can actually leave early, " she stood and headed to the door. "See you tomorrow, Mr. Stark!"

The moment she left my office, I sent an email to the HR.


Subject: Fire My Executive Assistant


Gabriel H. Stark, CEO, Stark Apparel Inc.

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